Pullup practice

AMRAP 20 min
Run 400m
Max Pullups

Compare to July 31/14

Conquering the box jump
Conquering the box jump

40 thoughts on “Nicole”

  1. Mobility and Wu x 1 @15 reps + 400m run
    Pullup practice!
    Wod Nicole
    Amrap in 20 min
    400m run
    Max Pullups
    Rx’d 107
    Way off my pr, but happy considering my shoulder is just starting to feel pretty good. I haven’t done any amount of kipping Pullups in a long time. Hard to get the technique back… Something to work on..
    Great class Kevin and great work 6 amer’s!!

    1. I’d love to be “way off my PR” and have 107 reps rx’d!!! Awesome job Shane 🙂

  2. Pullup practice

    AMRAP 20 min
    Run 400m

    Max Pullups =62 ring rows . middle of feet to posts

  3. WU X 1 (15 reps) + 400m run
    Pull up practice

    WOD: Nicole
    400 m run
    Max Pull ups (as ring rows – heels to closer mat so it makes it impossible to cheat when I fatigue!)

    Total: 62 reps (and 2.4k run 🙂 )

    Gotta love a wod where while you’re dong one movement you think the other one’s the break, but then you get to the other one and you’re “Nope this isn’t the break, must be the first movement…”

    On the other hand I loved the pull up practice. It’s easy to forget all of the important little things, so it’s great to have them altogether in one session.

    Great to see you Dave!

    1. Haha very true! I kept thinking during my runs..I don’t really want to go back in the gym 🙂 great job!

  4. WUx1 @ 15 reps
    Group mob

    Pullup practice

    “Nicole” as RX’d
    AMRAP 20 min
    Run 400m
    Max Pullups



    PR for Nicole of 5 reps from July 18th 2013
    Also PR for unbrolen Pull-ups of 29. Previous was 25

    Great work morning peeps!

    1. PR for pull ups and PR for Nicole? You my friend just keep getting more and more amazing!!

  5. Dominique is an awesome example of mind power and never give up! Box jump, ya I got this! Go girl!

  6. WOD: Nicole
    400 m run
    Max Pull ups (as ring rows)


    Total: 55 and 3.2km of running(all runs unbroken)

    Thanks for coaching, Kevin.

  7. WOD Rx’d


    total: 85

    Last time I did this was in 2013 and my score was 73, I noticed I did 20 in my first round at that time and my numbers dropped quite a bit on the next rounds. Thanks for the tips Kevin I’m happy I kept consistent for most of it. Fun nooner as always!

  8. WOD rx’d: 66 reps

    Next time I’ll be able to squeeze another round in, I almost had time for one more today.

    12 rep PR from last summer, I’m happy with that. I’m about 10lbs lighter than I was then, that makes a big difference! And I broke the pullups up better this time too….think I went to failure each round last time.

    Fun nooner 🙂

  9. WU X 1 (15 reps) + 400m row
    Pull up practice

    WOD: Nicole
    400 m run (scaled to 500m row)
    Max Pull ups (ring rows)

    Total: 55 reps (and 2.5k row)

    First time to row more than 1K!

  10. Mob
    WU x1(15)
    400m run

    group mob

    Pullup Practise
    -scap pullup
    -beat swing

    WOD: Nicole AMRAP 20 mins
    -400m run
    -max pullups (Ringrows)

    Total: 80 reps (and 5x 400m run)
    * was 2 pullups better than last year!

  11. Wu x 1 @15 reps + 400m run
    Pullup practice!

    Wod Nicole Rx
    Amrap in 20 min
    400m run
    Max Pullups

    total = 59 reps
    PR of 6 reps – did this WOD back in 2012

  12. Pullup practice

    AMRAP 20 min
    Run 500m row ( 5x)

    Max Pullups =49ring rows tried one step ahead, but kept feet even with my hips.

  13. mob wux1( 15 rep) = 400 m run
    pull up practice
    AMRAP in 20 min
    400 m run
    max pull up
    total 63 RX

  14. Nicole
    20 Min. AMRAP
    400 m run
    Max Pull Ups (I subbed ring rows with 2 1/2 foot lengths from rings)

    16/15/13/13/14 = 71 Reps
    Kept run at a steady even pace

    This was my first crack at Nicole. Not as bad as I thought.

  15. WU x 1 (15reps)r
    Pullup practice

    WOD “Nicole”
    Ring rows 1.5 feet out
    16, 11, 10, 10, 7
    Total – 54

    Some impressive pullups @ 6am! Thanks for coaching Kevin.

  16. Wod with ring rows (2 steps out)… Cause hands are still healing from last week’s pullups
    74 reps (2.8k run)

    Did this one last year bur didn’t right down my score:(

    Rode bike to cfm

  17. pull up practice

    another thing to work on for sure thanks coach Kevin i love being taught



    AMRAP in 20

    400 m run
    Max ring rows

    20-11-10-10 first 17 ring rows i was doing to far back …corrected and it got alot harder but good
    total 51

  18. Open Gym

    Split Snatch

    95-115 X 3 (2 sets of each)
    125-135 X 2 (2 sets of each)
    145 X 1 (3 sets – 1st – good, 2nd – failed, 3rd – sloppy)

    WOD – Nicole with ring rows

    Score – 45 (10-8-12-15)

    Back was tight after the runs which made the ring rows tougher than normal.

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