Nice day for a run!


For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run.

Burpees are awesome!

29 thoughts on “Nice day for a run!”

  1. “Murph”


    That was f’n nuts! 54 minutes of hard work!
    I broke it up with 10 rounds of 10 pullups, 20 pushups and 30 squats. Each round of 10 pullups was unbroken. There was a 50 minutes time limit but there was no way I was stopping early. I took a stopwatch with me on my last run so I’d know my time for future a PR comparison. Great work everyone! Have a great sunny weekend! 8)

  2. Well, I am happy I went to the gym! I feel 200 times better than before I went to the gym!

    Did Murph with the 20# vest –> 48:55

    I partition the exercises like ”Cindy”:
    5 pushups
    10 situps
    15 squats

    I was taking 5 seconds break between exercises!

  3. I did partial Murph.
    Run 1 mile.
    70 pullups
    120 situps
    180 squats
    That’s it for 50 min.
    Great job Amanda on the intro.
    Happy Easter to all!

  4. ahhh, murph!

    partitioned like cindy (5-10-15)
    total 40:03

    (1 min 45 sec slower that last march – but still very happy with my result)
    excellent work by everyone!

  5. Murph – the workout we named our dog after.

    Partioned like Cindy
    Time: 40:22
    Thanks for the push Krista – you are too fast a runner.

    Pierre and kev – great stuff.

  6. Murph for the first time. Partitioned 10-20-30. Did it in 44:26
    Great workout. Good job everyone!

    Jane, je m’excuse pour mon erreur de grammaire, la prochaine fois je verefierai avec toi en premier hehehe!

  7. I’m jealous guys, I’d of liked to have attempted this one. Oh! Well I guess a run along the Charlottetown boardwalk will have to do. Happy Easter Everyone!

    1. Why only run? You could do squats and pushups for sure. As for pull-ups there must be a bar of some kind at one of the pavillions. Don’t be shy. Maybe you’ll draw a crowd and make a few dollars if they think you are a busker. 😀

  8. Oh mama!!

    “Murph” – DNF
    In 50 minutes:
    1 mile run
    5-10-15 Pull ups-Push ups(knees)-Squats – 18 rounds

    Ha ha!! Oh, ben là, je t’ai insulté! Je m’excuse! “vérifierai” Bah ha ha ha!!! 😉 I LOVE YOU!! I know you’ll get me back!! Well, for that matter, you have me beat every time we work out! Ha ha ha!

    1. oh crap… i didn’t even notice that one… I did know how to spell that one though, oops my bad (didn’t read what I wrote before submitting)!!! Pis oui, j’vais te reprendre en cheque temps (pis ca c’est du chiac, pas un erreur hehe)

  9. Holy muther!

    The weight vest was disgusting. I think I will not wear that again for a very long time. At least until my chafed nipples are back to normal.

    51:03 (pullups on rings)

    Tried to keep up with Pierre, but his pushups are too fast for my weak arms.

    Great job everyone! This workout is scary, no matter how you look at it or break it up. It’s all part of making you mentally tough by doing something that looks impossible.

    Johan, welcome back. What a way to start again 🙂

  10. “Murph” for the first time. Partioned 10-20-30 and finished in 48:55. Tough WOD, but I felt very proud of myself for finishing in under 50 min. I was freaked out when I read the WOD this morning.

  11. “Murph”
    Partitioned 10-20-30 (used red band for pull ups) and had 800 m left to go. Time was 50+ minutes.

  12. “Murph”nice name for a dog. A female dog of a wod!!
    Run 1 mile
    70 pullups(red 40 blue 30)
    130 pushups(knees)
    300 squats
    out of time!!!
    That must have earned me a easter bunny treat?
    Happy Easter!!!

  13. Modified warm up times 2

    Murphy 1 mile run
    100 pull ups (blue band)
    200 push ups (knees)
    300 squats
    1 mile run

    time 50:47 my PR is 49:36… I’ll get you next time Murphy!!!

    1. Forgot to say how I partitioned but it’s probably for the best… First two rounds were 10-20-30, then I thought the pushups were going to kill me so I started to break them up with my squats to give my arms a break… also my first two rounds of pull ups were on the red band – then I switched to blue.

  14. WOD: Murph
    (Subbed 200 straight leg situps for 200 pushups due to my chest injury)
    Time: 31:12

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