Newsletter Day!

Check out this month’s newsletter featuring Rob Walker and a great article on foam rolling.

Don’t know what a Floor Wiper is? Check out the new Exercise Demo page located under the More link.

Skill of the Week – Kipping Pullups

AMRAP in 12min of:
10 Floor Wipers
15 Double Unders
20 Squats

Compare to July 8/11

Going up

88 thoughts on “Newsletter Day!”

  1. AWESOME newsletter Rob. Couldn’t have explained CF better.
    Looks like an easy and good meatball recipe that I will try in the next few days. Nice newsletter.

  2. Love the article on Rob πŸ™‚ Thanks for the newsletter article on rolling (when are the best times to roll?) and the tasty looking meatball recipe Kevin!

    1. When? Depends on who you talk to. Some say before, some say after a workout. Others say on rest days.

      Only you can decide what’s best. Try each for a few weeks and see what yields the best results.

  3. Deadlift (5x)

    WOD @ 65#

    Total: 5 rounds (pr) Last time did 4 + 8 fw

    500m row: 1:56.8

    Great job 6am crew! It was nice working out with you guys πŸ™‚

    1. Glad to see you did the 500m row – I’ve been thinking that I should add a little cardio (not a New Year’s resolution just an idea πŸ™‚ ) and you’ve inspired me to get moving!! Nice time on the WOD too!

  4. Push press (x3)

    AMRAP 12 min
    10 Floor Wipers 95#
    15 DUs
    20 squats

    10 + 4 FW ( PR of almost 3 rounds in July ’11)

    I loved this workout in July and I loved it today!!! I was unable to do 5 unbroken DUs during the workout in July but today they flowed nicely. Thanks for pushing me Darrell and Shawn – felt the pressure the entire workout!
    Body feels nice and rested from having a week off from upperbody workouts. Trying to get in the pool 3-4x/week before ToughMudder – just 11 days away – crapp :S.
    Β Nice to see so many people at 7:00am!!! Wow!!!Β 

    1. And yes great Newsletter this Month – I want to make those meatballs so bad!!!! And Rob – loved the interview!!! Great read buddy!!

  5. WU 2×2
    Back Squat x3
    100 110 130 150 165 PR Reps

    WOD @ 85#
    8 Rounds + 6 floor wipers (2 floor wipers short of previous score)

    Great interview Rob!

  6. WOD at xfit Guelph

    WU X 2
    1 min skipping
    10 pashthru
    10 scap pushups

    Press 5-5-5

    Olympic lift. Hang power cleans 3-3-3

    5 rounds
    15 K2E
    20 OWL (#45)

    It was fun to WOD at another box, but there’s no place like like home!! Can’t wait to get back.. See you all Thursday night..!

  7. This is my FAVOURITE WOD!! Will have to do from home tonight, car is resting peacefully at Taylor Ford πŸ™

    Great article Rob, it’s a great share and a real testament to what is attainable with dedication, thanks for this!

    Going to make the meatballs tonight too πŸ™‚

    Happy New Year everyone.

  8. wu x 2

    push jerk singles: 70, 75, 80, 85 (pr), 90 (wobbly) – gotta get low

    WOD, 3rd time, love it

    4 rounds + 4 wipers, but my weight was 10 lbs. heavier πŸ˜‰

  9. great interview Rob! i really appreciated your openness, perspective, perseverance and dedication. humble at the same time as taking down names and numbers. nice work!

  10. Great interview Rob!

    Strength: Front Squat
    5x 70-80-85-100-110

    AMRAP in 12min of:
    10 Floor Wipers
    15 Double Unders
    20 Squats

    = 6 rounds – last squat was just as or after the clock ran out.

  11. Great Newsletter Rob!

    Strength: Push Jerk
    1x 50-55-65-75-85 PR

    AMRAP in 12min of:
    10 Floor Wipers
    15 Double Unders
    20 Squats

    Total= 4 rounds – 1 Squat

  12. New Years resolution……. post everyday. Nice newsletter Rob.
    Push Press
    45x 20 65×20 75×20
    9 RNDS 5 Double Unders

  13. wu x 2
    strength – push press x 5

    WOD ; AMRAP in 12 min
    10 floor wipers
    scale 45 singles
    20 squats

    Total rounds = 6 & 10 floor wipers
    cash out – foam roller x 5 min.
    practice skill of the week – kipping pull ups

  14. wu x 2
    strength – dead lifts x 3

    WOD ; AMRAP in 12 min
    10 floor wipers
    scale 45 singles
    20 squats

    Total rounds = 7 rounds
    cash out – foam roller x 5 min.

  15. CFWU x 2

    Strength – Push Press x 1

    WOD – AMRAP in 12 mins of
    10 Floor Wipers 135#
    15 Double Unders
    20 Squats

    5 Rounds and 8 Squats PR

  16. Wux2
    Strength power clean x 5
    95-105-115-125-135. Last time I did cleans x 5 was Oct 5th to 105lbs. PR of 30

    AMRAP in 12min of:
    10 Floor Wipers 100#
    15 Double Unders ( did 45 singles)
    20 Squats
    6 rds 1 wiper

  17. Kevin gave your 115 wod a try!

    Spealler mob
    Row 1000m 3:37
    STR 5rm back squat (legs are toast from yesterday lol)
    225X5 – 245X5 – 275X5 – 295X5

    WOD 3 rounds for time

    7 Bench press 115lb
    14 push press 115lb
    21 Back squat 115lb


    That hurt like a bitch. awesome workout Kev!

  18. wu x 2
    shoulder press x 1
    95-115-135-150-165 (failed 3 attempts for PR)

    AMRAP 12 min
    10 Floor Wipers 155#
    45 single unders
    20 squats

    6 + 3 FW (PR of 1 round + 3 FW with 20# more)

  19. OHS – 1RM
    95-105-115-125-135-145 (PR by 10#) πŸ™‚
    Excited about this! The last time I did 135# was July, 2010… a year and a half ago. I used a wide grip today too. My shoulder isn’t perfect yet but I may be back in business!

    10 Floor Wipers (135#)
    15 Double Unders
    20 Squats

    6 Rounds

    Floor wipers were tough! Did all FWs and DUs unbroken.
    Last time I used 115# and had 6 rounds + 13 Squats. 38 more reps.

  20. WU x 2
    Push jerk 5’s

    AMRAP 12 min
    10 Floor Wipers 65#
    15 double unders
    20 squats

    Total: 5 rounds

    DU’s as single-double unbroken in round 1 & 2, then kinda fell apart – but I still did them :)!

    Kipping pull up practice (Well that was sad…)

    500 meter row – 1:50.0

    Almost gave up about half way through when my time didn’t seem to be on track for the 1:50 so I’m really glad I kept going. I love rowing!

    (Ang – It took us longer to set the rowing machine than I actually spent rowing!)

  21. WU x 2

    OHS x 1
    45-55-65-75(F)-70-75-80 (PR…thanks again to Jeff for the technique coaching!)

    AMRAP 12 min:
    10 Floor Wipers 90#
    15 Double Unders
    20 Squats

    Even though my Double-Under PR was…4, I decided to do the WOD with the DUs to hopefully push myself a bit. It took a little longer, but at the end they were starting to come a bit easier.

    Total: 4 reps + 10 FW

    1. Great approach with the DU’s Blake – they`re horrible but you`re right, they get easier if you do them (at least that`s what I keep telling myself when the ropes wrapped around my feet :))

    2. I remember once when my DU PR was 4. Keep on doing them in the WODs, you’ll be able to stick a few more together! My PR is now 14 (it’s been there for a while). Even tho I’m often discouraged in the wods because I can only stick 4-5 in a row, I keep on doing them, cause one day I know I’ll be able to do more!

  22. WOD at the Y

    50-40-30-20-10 Double Under’s
    10-10-10-10-10 Burpees

    Time: 5:59

    A great warm up before my spin class. I was a little shy to be honest doing this WOD at the Y so I did not moan and groan like I do at Cross Fit because people were looking at me as if I were a crazy person! lol!!!

    1 hour spin class with Paul. He is one of my favourite spinning instructors. I could actually wring my shirt out tonight after his class.

    Nice work everyone on today’s WOD!

      1. Spinning is a one hour cardio biking class with music. You feel like you are dancing, but you are on a bike! lol!

  23. WUx2

    Strength – Push Press X3
    75-75-85-95 (stopped due to very sore right tricept – Stretching tricept)

    AMRAP 12 min:
    10 Floor Wipers 115#
    15 Double Unders
    20 Squats

    Not a PR this time but did the Floor Wipers with 20# more.
    DU’s really slowed me down but nothing new. I refuse to do singles. Practice, practice, practice.

    Great job 6:30 gang!

    Great newsletter. Way to go Rob!

  24. WUx2

    I practiced my kipping pullups during the warmup, I did my first 15 pullups without a band, though very broken

    Push Jerk x 1

    WOD: AMRAP 12 mins
    – 10 Floor wipers 85#
    – 45 Singles
    – 20 Squats

    Score: 5 rounds

  25. 2 sets of Back Extensions

    WOD: **Modified**
    ~ 20 double leg raises (used kettlebells along sides to assist)
    ~ 30 Single skips (Ooops… should have been 45) πŸ˜•
    ~ 20 Squats
    4 Rounds + 19 leg raises

    Will definitely feel that in the abs tomorrow.

    Great article Rob!!

  26. Great newsletter Kevin! Can’t wait to try those meatballs πŸ™‚

    Awesome article Rob! My favourite line: (regarding the Intro WOD) “I can remember being beside Dan Phillips and just asking him to hold me. I finished that day with 7 rds and would never have thought there would be a point where I’d be doing it in just under 14 and I’d be the one holding Dan.”

    It made me laugh out loud….

  27. Strength: back squat x 3 (up to 165lbs) not my best.

    Wod at 65#
    Du- all unbroken and quick

    7 rounds + 15 du
    Fun wod today. I liked it.

  28. WU x 2

    Strength – OHS x 3
    65-75-85 … stopped because of my wrists. I think you’re right Gabrielle, I need to work on strengthening my wrists.

    WOD as rx’d
    4 rounds + 6 floor wipers

    Cashout : foam roller on quads

    1. RX’d is 95# , and forgot to mention: great article Rob! Also, I can’t wait to try those curried meatballs!

  29. WU x 2

    Strength: Back squat (x3)
    135(5)-155-175-195-215 (PR reps)

    AMRAP 12 min
    10 floor wipers (sub 20 dbl leg lifts, touch toes to wall for bum shoulder)
    15 double unders
    20 squats
    Total = 6 rounds + 6 double unders

    Did this in July (with 85# for floor wipers) and had 6 rounds and 1/2 of a floor wiper but really cannot compare with tonights modified WOD.

    Great job 6:30 crew!

  30. WUx2

    Strength: Push Press x 5 – 30 40 50 60 and 60 again to try to get a better hold of it

    WOD: AMRAP 12 mins
    – 10 Floor wipers 55lbs
    – 45 Singles
    – 20 Squats

    4 rounds and 7 squats
    IM SO HAPPY TO BE BACK!!! Fun WOD today!!! πŸ˜€
    Great job 6:30 crew!!!

  31. CFWU x 2

    Deadlift (x3)


    AMRAP 12 min

    10 Floor Wipers 95#
    15 DUs (did 5 DU & 30 singles)
    20 squats

    Total: 4 rounds + 3 squats

  32. WU x 2

    Front Squats x 5:

    AMRAP 12 min

    10 Floor Wipers 65#
    15 DUs
    20 squats
    5 Rounds + 7 floor wipers

    Not a PR by a long shot. Compare to July, where I was just 3 squats shy of 6 rounds. Oh well, I’ll blame it on the festive season. On a positive note, my double unders are coming along, and I am actually able to string a few together. Lots of room for improvement, but I’ll take a small victory when I can.

    1. ….& just read the news letter. Some great theory on foam rolling. Really enjoyed your article Rob. Entertaining, as usual.

  33. WU x 2
    Push jerk 3RM: 90#

    WOD @ 75#: 6 rounds and 2 FW
    DU’s felt much easier today… all unbroken except for one round… feels like a breakthrough… focused on jumping higher instead of trying to skip faster…

    loved the WOD… amazing for core strenght

  34. WU x 1 + 500 m row (used a yellow band for strict pullups and they felt easier than ever so I tried no band and I was able to do two in a row πŸ™‚ ) – pulled something on the left side of my neck when I started my OHS squats on the second warm up set so I continued with only the exercises that wouldn’t bother my neck…

    Did no strength because my neck was hurting pretty bad…

    Modified the WOD – AMRAP 12 minutes
    20 leg raises – floor to touching the wall behind me
    16 lunges
    20 squats

    total 5 rounds and 15 squats

    Great job tonight everyone πŸ™‚ It’s always great to come in for a workout and to coach!

  35. WU x 2

    Cleans X 5


    AMRAP 12 min

    10 Floor Wipers 105lbs
    15 DUs/ 45 Singles
    20 squats

    5rds + 18 Singles. I did 15 DU’s in the first & second round including a PR of 5 in a row in the first round. I switched back to singles after the second round because I could not get any momentum going. Turns out the rope was hitting the bar on the floor behind me. lol Anyway, the light switch seems to have finally gone on with respect to double unders, so, I suspect by the end of January, I will be doing all double unders.

  36. WU X 2
    Dead Lift
    185×1, 225×1, 255×1, 270×1, 280x1PR

    10 Floor Wipers 105#
    45 Single Skips
    20 Squats

    Total 6 sets 7 Floor Wipers…PR of 10# and 12 reps

  37. WU x 2

    Strength: Shoulder press
    3 x 80,90,95,110,120

    AMRAP – 12min
    10 wipers #95
    15 DU (grrrrrrrrrrrr, need to practice because I lose so much time)
    20 squats

    Score = 6 + 3 DU
    Old score = 5 + 9 wipers

  38. WU x 2

    Strength: Back Squat 1’s
    95, 100, 115, 130, 145 (no time but felt pretty good to do more)
    AMRAP – 12min
    10 wipers #95
    15 DU
    20 squats

    5 rounds

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