Newsletter Day!

“I especially love fist pumps, high fives and dance sessions with my nooner buddies” Check out what else Melanie Gallant had to say in October’s Newsletter.

Hang Power Clean x3

Wall Balls

Brian deadlift

36 thoughts on “Newsletter Day!”

  1. Great article Mel! Always a pleasure to have you in the gym!

    To answer the Crossfit Trivia on the newsletter:
    I’d definitely say Kalsu is the tougher WOD. The barbell workload alone is monstrous. I would repeat 15.5 any day before attempting Kalsu (as prescribed).

    Dare I ask… anyone else liked 15.5?

      1. I would attempt Kalsu, but with scaling of the weight and a solid pacing strategy. I don’t even know if I’ve ever done 100 thrusters in a WOD before. Open 14.5 may be the closest…

        1. Ummmm hello, death by thrusters with a twist?! Haha that was over 100 for you wasn’t it? It was for me and wrote me off for days.

    1. Just realizing that I did 21-15-12 for some reason…no idea how that number got into my head during the WOD

  2. Hang Power Cleans x 3

    Wod Rx- 2:36

    Thanks for the tips on the HPC Kevin. All my lifts probably need some tweaking, its been a while.
    Vsnaps went better than expected but started to bend knees a tad at end of the 15’s and 9’s

    Great Newsletter, way to go Melanie!

    15.5 over Kalsu. I’ve done Team Kalsu 3 times and that’s hard enough with a partner.

  3. Open gym
    Mobility + WU

    OHS x3

    Split jerk x3 (focused on form)

    Hang power clean x3


    Wallballs @10#/10′

    4:14 – V-snaps were ugly!

    Forgot to mention Carly the dog in the newsletter…she plays a big role on why I heart CFM so much!! 🙂

  4. Hang Power Clean 3x

    WOD @ 10#

    Was planning on using a 14# ball, but when Kevin said “unbroken” that was a total game changer! Fun WOD!

    time : 3:34

    Cash Out: Bent Arm Hang: 40 seconds

  5. Mob
    350m row
    WU x1

    Group WU & Mob

    Hang Power Clean x3

    Time: 4.01

    Cashout: Straight Arm Hang
    Time: 1.00

  6. Own gym with Cara and Marcel
    Wod-Deck of Death
    Had 3 situps left at time cap!
    Stupid clock!!!

  7. Mob + Crossover Symmetry
    WUx2 (Squat, Burpee-Pushup, GHD Rev Hyper, Str Pullup, Lunge, Situp, Bar Dips, RIng K2E)

    Couch Stretch 4min each leg
    Figure 4 Stretch 4min each leg
    Spiderman Lunge 4min each leg
    Calf Drop 4min each leg

    Warm-up 500m Row

    WOD Rx = 3:34

  8. MOB + WU + 350m row (sorry for running late Marcel, crazy day!!)

    Hang Power Clean x3
    55-65-75-85-85# (3 reps were a struggle for sure, needs lots of work)

    Wall Balls (8#)
    V-Snaps (scaled to sit ups)

    Time: 4:32.

    Great way to come back after being on the road for work over the last while – -> thanks Marcel for the class/tips/motivation!

  9. OG with Dan and Marcel
    Deck of death
    12 cards remaining at cap

    First time doing the real version and with pullups….so many pullups!
    *note to self: shuffle the cards better next time!

      1. I’m sure it sucks regardless, but I’d rather not do 40 pullups in a row and then 40 burpees in a row….I like the mix up

  10. Hang Power Clean 3x

    WOD @ 8#

    Was thinking of using the 10lb ball but im glad I didnt up it as it was unbroken and that was hard with the 8lb lol

    time : 5:08

    Cash Out: Arm Hang: 30 seconds

    1. Also the V snaps were brutal. I need to focus on coordination next time..they are deceiving they look easy but they sure as hell are not! Great class as usual! 🙂

  11. Love the news letter Mel. If I weren’t already a member, I would become one after reading this 🙂

  12. HPC x 3 reps


    Deck of Death with Cara & Dan

    At 25 minute cap 9 cards including one Joker (44 reps + row)

    Thanks for suggesting this Amanda, I needed this tonight.

  13. Hang Muscle Cleans (no re-dip) x 3 to 155#

    — Wall Balls (used small box for squatting)
    — V-Snaps
    TIME: 3:15

    Cash Out:
    Bent Arm Hang: 23 sec … not a strong showing

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