Newsletter Day!

Check out Shane Hayes in this month’s newsletter!

Overhead Squats x5

4 rounds
50 Double Unders
10 OHS (115/85/65%)

And look who made it to 500 class!!
And look who made it to 500 class!!

69 thoughts on “Newsletter Day!”

  1. Mobility
    50 no-show burpees
    100 unbroken Double Unders
    Group WU

    Overhead Squat x 5

    – 50 Double Unders
    – 10 OHS (75#)

    Time: 8:24

  2. Yay Shane!

    OHS 5 x 40,40,45,50,55

    WOD: 4 rounds
    50 double unders
    10 OHS 45#

    Time: 9:57
    Great coaching Kevin! Good work 6am crew!

  3. What a great newsletter article from Shane! And I love all the pictures of him!

    My favorite part: “First wod: met Pukie. Kept on running.” Little did we know at the time, that would be a sign of great things to come for us at CFM with Shane!

    And congrats on your 500 classes, I really feel honored to have you as a member at our gym! Always positive and helpful and encouraging.. and let’s not forget beastly in strength and skills! 🙂

    1. Thanks Amanda, that means alot to me!
      I truly do love this place and all its members! It’s like a motivational spa, where the relaxation comes from completely exhausting myself during the wod’s!

  4. mobility & wu x1 (15 reps)
    group wu
    strength – OHS x 5
    35, 40, 45, 50, 50

    WOD ; 4 rounds
    50 DU scale 100 singles
    10 OHS 30#

    Time = 7:53
    cash out – calf drop

  5. MOB + WU (15 reps) + 2 Mins Skipping

    Strength: OHS x 5

    4 Rounds
    100 Singles (happy b.c got my first 100 unbroken, what a difference).
    10 OHS 30#

    Time = 8:25

    Thanks Kevin

  6. M+ WU(15 reps)+ skipping for 2 mins
    Group stuff

    OHS x5

    WOD: 4 rounds
    100 singles
    10 OHS (65%) 35lb

    Time: 8:17

    Calf drop

  7. “Nobody said it would be easy. They just said it would be worth it.” Dr. Seuss

    It’s official…I am going to go for it and do 15.1 this evening. 🙂

    Thanks Coach Kevin. (This one is for you Heidi).

  8. Great newsletter! Superb work Shane! As well the 500 for you!

    WUx1 – 2min skipping

    OHS x 5

    WOD @ 95#
    4 rounds
    50 double Unders
    10 OHS 95#


  9. Haha @ the picture! Love it! Congratulations Shane. and love the article! So fun having you around – I know I’m very very far from comparing myself to you, but you push me to work harder every time 🙂

  10. Great newsletter Shane! You are always inspiring and motivating! You push me whether you know it or not 🙂 Competing with you at the beatdown and the mayhem have been some of my favorite memories at CFM!

  11. I kinda like 15 rep warm-ups. Just sayin’.

    OHS x5
    135-145-155-155-155 (snatched all)

    WOD Rx’d

    Completely unbroken with snatched reps. Needless to say, I loved this workout. Quicker to the bar should make sub-4 doable.

    Welcome to your first class Paul!

  12. WU x 1 / Group Mob

    OHS x 5
    95 – 105 – 115 – 115 – 115

    — 50 Double Unders
    — 10 OHS @ 105#
    Time: 14:10

    Doubles were a challenge (especially when you start off standing on your rope!) but I was able to string together 20+ a couple times. Wasn’t able to get the OHS unbroken but was otherwise ok.

  13. OHS to 90#, I didn’t do the last set

    WOD rx’d: 13:24

    Great job on the big noon class Blake!

  14. OHS 5 x 40,45,50,55,60# (kept it light today)

    WOD: 4 rounds
    50 double unders scaled to 100 singles
    10 OHS 35# (again, kept the weight light and snatched each set–unbroken sets)

    Time: 7:17

    I had a great time at the nooner today! Huge class, lots of support! Thanks Blake!

    1. You did great BJ! Not an easy movement when shoulders are not cooperating.

      Ask a coach to show you the shoulder/scapula band system the next time you are in and that mobility will keep on returning!

  15. Mob
    WU x1(15)
    2min skipping (did dble practise)

    Group mob

    OHS x5

    Dble practise

    4 rounds 15 min cap

    100 single (50dbl)
    10 OHS (40#)

    Time: 8.01

  16. OHS X 5. 60-65-70-70-70#
    These felt super heavy today.
    Thanks for the tips on shoulder position tonight Kevin. I’ll keep working on that.

    WOD 4 rounds
    50 DU’s
    10 OHS. Scaled my 65% down to 55#
    Time: 13:18

    DUs took all the good out of me tonight. The first 2 rounds I did 25 DUs then 75 singles because I was geting 1 du then whipping myself. Last 2 rounds I told myself to suck it up and did all 50 DUs. This literally brought me to tears. Little embarassed about that. I’ve never cried because of a wod, but it happened tonight. May as well own it.
    Thanks for putting my bar away Heather.
    Sorry for the tears.
    A new WOD day tomorrow

    1. :'(
      This WOD will pass. You will rock the next one. If we didn’t have a bad WOD now and then, we wouldn’t appreciate the ones we have success at.

    2. Ohhh my beauty I’m so sorry I didn’t know you were struggling with the wod, I wish I had checked in on you during it!!
      If it helps, I’ve cried many times in wods. And today I threw a tantrum in front of some children. I win for being a shitty person today. 🙂
      Tomorrow is a new day. You’ll get the next double under wod. ❤️

    3. Aw Vanessa I’m sorry to hear that! I had no idea when I came over and started joking with you..but you’re right, new WOD day tomorrow 🙂

    4. Good job on sticking with them for the last 2 rounds! You are rocking the WOD’s, tomorrow is a new WOD that you will crush. DU are so frustrating for me too. They will come!

    5. Aaw! I thought I was the only one with a terrible WOD! I couldn’t get my DU’s! I blame it on the rope, but I’m not sure for sure why I couldn’t get them. Round 1, I made it to 20 somehow, but it took me forever!!! I didn’t stick it through and switched to singles after. I was not happy! I was very disappointed in myself and my DU 🙁 Glad you shared this, because I know how you feel <3

  17. Mobility + WU + group mobility

    OHS x5

    4 Rounds
    50 DU
    10 OHS @ 75#


    Fun nooner!

  18. wux1
    Group WU

    Overhead Squat x 5

    WOD scaled
    4 rounds
    – 100 single unders
    – 10 OHS (95#) used lower weight because of sore knee

    Time: 8:35

  19. Mob + WUx1 (15 reps)
    Crossover Symmetry
    More mobility

    OHS 5×[email protected]#
    (kept light for shoulder/technique)

    WOD @ 65# = 5:42
    (kept light to keep mechanics and intensity up there, skipping was all over the place today)

    Volume – C2B Pullups (unbroken)
    ** start rest once cannot complete an unbroken set
    Every 20 sec – 5 reps = 5 rounds
    Rest ~2 mins
    Every 20 sec – 4 reps = 5 rounds
    Rest ~2 mins
    Every 20 sec – 3 reps = 6 rounds

  20. Jackie Cantin

    Love the newsletter Shane. CFM would’nt be the same without you.

    Morning Workout
    WU × 1 (15 reps)
    2 min skipping
    Group MOB

    Strength: OHS × 5
    25, 30, 35, 35, 35 (×4)

    Need to sit back more on these.

    50 DUs
    10 OHS @ 20#


    Evening Workout: 15.1 for Masters Scaled
    15 situps
    10 DL @ 45
    5 S2OH @ 45

    180 Reps

    15.1 (a)
    Clean and Jerk
    55, 65, 75, 80
    10# PR

    Thank you Amanda, Chantal and Mario for judging us this evening. You ROCK! Thanks to Kevin also for supporting a straggler of an athlete. Can’t wait until Friday…

    1. You did so awesome tonight, didn’t stop moving ONCE!!!

      Really great job! I was so excited today when I heard you had signed up!

  21. Congrats Shane on 500 classes and awesome newsletter! You’ve been so supportive and fun to see at the gym!

    Overhead Squats x5

    4 rounds
    50 Double Unders
    10 OHS @ 75#

    Time: 7:51

    First round of DUs I got 39 unbroken & that’s a 12 rep pr…however they went downhill real quick after that haha but did all OHS unbroken to try to compensate.

    Went a little lighter then my actual % for OHS today because my right shoulder has been sore again.

    Fun class, thanks Chantal!

  22. mob wux1 15 rep
    skip 2 min
    overhead squat x 5
    (power clean & front squat
    95×5 115×5 125×5 135×5
    4 round
    50 DU (100 single)
    10 OHS (front squat 95#)
    time 5:48

  23. Mobility and WU

    OHS x5

    4 Rounds
    50 DU’s
    10 OHS 85#
    Time: 10:13 Rx

  24. Thanks everyone for all the support! It is what truly makes CFM so great! Just being apart of this community pushes me to be better and to do better. It is why I love coming back day after day!

  25. OHS x 5

    100 singles
    45 lbs OHS

    Nice class!! It was great to see you Serena, I am glad you joined CFM 🙂

  26. 15.1 scaled -123 reps

    15.1a – 210#

    Power clean and jerk for 15.1a due to ears being plugged up and didn’t feel good in the squat when I was warming up.

    Thanks for judging Mario!!

  27. Mobility

    Group WU

    Overhead Squat x 5

    – 50 Double Unders scaled to 100 singles
    – 10 OHS (35#)

    Time: 6:13

  28. overhead squat

    used the practice bar for all sets x5


    50 DU- 100 singles

    10 OHS- i used practice bar


  29. Strength – 5 x OHS (60%-65%-70%-70%-70%)
    35#-40#-40#-40#-40# (based on 60 1rm)
    Focused mostly on technique (pinch shoulders together, stay on heels)

    WOD: 4 rounds of
    50 DU (was going to attempt 30 DU and 40 singles… that didn’t work out so much)
    10 OHS (35# – stayed light today)

    So, I need to get my own rope! 🙁 I didn’t get to 2 min of skipping, because I was looking for a long enough rope. The lack of practice ended up causing a very frustrating WOD. I struggled to get any DU in the first 2 min. When I did get them, they were not pretty and not consistent… and very frustrating. I spent a lot of time to get 20 the first round. I decided to switch to singles then, instead of doing 30. Second round was even more frustrating. I couldn’t get DU!!! I was so mad. I decided to just got with singles after trying for a few minutes. I’m sure it was clear I was not happy with my results after this WOD!

    Time: 8:52 (not happy! Sorry for venting 7pm class!)

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