Newsletter Day!

Check out July’s newsletter, featuring Jackie Cantin!

Reminder that Saturday’s workout is at Queen Elizabeth School playground on 31 Lynch St.


Five rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
30 Kettlebell swings
30 Pull-ups

Compare to July 3/12


66 thoughts on “Newsletter Day!”

  1. Valerie Arseneau

    WU x1

    3 rounds @ 35# KBS
    Time: 38:37

    Added a red band for the pull ups mid-round 2.

    Eva destroyed my hands along with my ego. Ripped both my hands and it got the best of me. This was harder mentally for me. I wanted to cry during my pull ups in round 3.

    I need to figure out how to fix this as Battle of the north has KBS + Pull ups in a WOD….

    Awesome article Jackie!!

  2. Ok sooo yesterday I got a message from maddy about CFM anniversary and the posts. I spent my small afternoon break reading the post and crying… And actually made a reply. Now I can’t find it…

    Unfortunately I don’t have time to re-write it. But I just want to say that reading our members stories was truly inspiring and motivating. You guys are my fuel as we get into the final leg of the tournament- hold medal game vs USA.

    Kevin, Jo, trainers and members, thank you fit everything you’ve been and done since January 2012… Without you guys I seriously do not think I would be in Finland today representing our country. You dedication and passion to help individuals grow is awesome!

    Happy 5th anniversary and may there be many more to come!

    I really miss you guys and can’t wait to get home and go for a hard wod with everyone!!!

    1. Heather & Julia

      Good luck as you come to the end of your time in Finland. I’ve known you were a winner since the day I met you across bar, so go hard. We love and miss you and can’t to have you back to share all your stories!!

  3. Jackie Cantin


    WOD: Eva
    800m run
    30 [email protected] 30
    30 pullups with green band

    4 rounds: 44:43

    Hot, hot, hot! Followed the WOD with a dip in the pool with all my gym gear on (except the sneakers!)

    Have an excellent weemend everyone. It will be well deserved after this WOD!

    1. Jackie I loved reading the newsletter!! You are an amazing athlete, we are so happy to have you at CFM. I teared up a little at the part where you talked about things you are proud of. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you push jerk your canoe onto your car!! Talk about functional fitness at it’s best!! Keep up the good work!

    2. Awesome article Jackie! I’m luck to be part of your 6am peeps. Watching your progress is truly inspiring. I must say, it was pretty cool seeing you running down the street by the YMCA, as if the OLY session was a warm up. Keep up the progress!

    3. Jackie, I loved reading your article. I remember just 4 months ago when attending my first regular class, I was greeted by your warm welcome…it meant alot to me as I was out of my comfort zone! Thank you! I aswell am happy to be one of your 6:00am peeps. It’s great getting to know you…Great Job!

    4. Loved your article. Love the canoe push jerk…that might give Kevin new ideas for WODs…yikes! You are an inspiration. Getting so strong and are looking fabulous!

    5. Great article Jackie. You are one fearless chick. I had no idea you are a marathoner too…kudos. Push jerking canoes, I love it. Now that is functional fitness. We need a photo of that on the web site. Great job on Eva this morning too.

  4. Mobility
    WU x 1

    WOD: Eva (she is evil)
    800m Run
    30 KBS @ 30#
    30 Pullups (blue band to start quickly switching to green band)

    4 rounds: 40:35

    Wow this was tough and it is frustrating knowing you are not going to finish the 5 rounds.

    Great article Jackie 🙂

  5. Amazing newsletter! Crazy progress, Jackie!

    Barely a warmup…mostly me swearing and pacing. So nervous for this WOD. In a sick way I love it, but I get pretty jacked up for it.

    WOD @ 35lbs KBS

    Not a PR. Did this 2010 with a time of 40:30 and last summer 44:41 (I think). Happy with the improvement from last summer though. Great job to everyone that attempted this WOD. That Eva is a nasty lady.

  6. What a great article Jackie! Thank you for sharing. I had no clue you ran marathons before. That explains why you can outrun me while talking while I’m panting like a mad dog. I wish you many more great years at CFM, and Push Jerking the canoe is certainly a cool thing to do!

    1. Jackie Cantin

      I might pass you while running, but if I ever catch you on the amount of weight you are able to lift, I will feel like superwoman. You are one of my inspirers…and you make me laugh too. Glad we are morning buddies!

  7. Wu x1

    Wod @ 53# kbs

    At time cap 45min finished 4r +25 kbs.

    Happy with my running and KB snatches which left no excuse for pullups. Needed a hand tear before finding a half decent way to do the pullups aka no swinging on the kip.

    Note for next time: close hand grip and kip straight up and down momentum for pullups.

    Some happy this was done in the AM. Have fun PM!

  8. Wux1
    WOD. Eva. 5 rounds
    – 800 m run
    – 30 kb’s 70lbs
    – 30 pull-ups
    In 42:57 rx. 4 rounds
    Rob Brydges

  9. Mobility
    WU x 1

    5 rounds
    800m run
    30 KBS @ 30#
    30 pull-ups (old yellow band)

    3 rounds 34:27

    Really wishing I had gone out for round 4, but I let Eva get the best of me. Next time Eva, next time…

  10. Mobility
    WU x 1

    5 rounds
    800m run
    30 KBS @ 35#
    30 pull-ups (blue band rd 1, then blue + skinny) – Grrrr! I hate you pull ups!

    4 rounds 42:36

    Eva is an ass kicker!

  11. Mob
    WU x 1

    WOD – Eva

    5 Rounds:
    800m Run (rowing for me)
    30 KBS @ 25 #
    30 Ring Rows

    Time: 3 Rounds at 32 mins

    I felt like Pukie was going to have a visit with me and while I’m trying to figure out where I’m going to go to do that, I feel my inner crybaby coming out too!! I put my big girl panties on and told myself to suck it up! Pukie and my inner crybaby went away, I think I scared them!

  12. Nooner!! HOT HOT HOT!

    5 rounds
    800m run
    30 KBS @ 35#
    30 pull-ups

    4 rounds 40:59

    I’m a sweaty mess!! One day I will finish this….amazing to whomever gets through this tough lady! Awesome work nooners 🙂

  13. Mobility

    WOD: “Eva”
    5 rounds:
    800m run
    30KBS #25
    30 Pull ups (green band)

    4 rounds 43:36

    It was sooo hot at the 8:30 class. I can’t imagine all you folks doing it this afternoon!

  14. Mobility
    Wu x1

    WOD: Eva
    800m jog
    30 kbs (53#)
    30 pull ups

    4Rds in 45.15

    Great job 315 and 415 class.

  15. Mobility, WUx1 (black band pull-ups)

    WOD – Eva
    800m run
    30 kettlebell swings (30#)
    30 pull-ups (scaled to ring rows, pull-ups would have murdered me lol)

    3 rounds in 35:00 exactly 🙂

    This was a killer in the heat! Great workout though 🙂

  16. Mobility
    Wu x1

    WOD: “Eva”
    5 Rounds
    800m jog
    30 KBS (53#)
    30 Pull ups (Green & purple)

    3 Rounds in 40:14

    Good job 3:15 & 4:15 classes. Thanks for all your encouragement.

    Thanks for coaching, Rob.

  17. Lee

    Wu x1

    WOD: “Eva”
    5 Rounds
    800m Run
    30 KBS (#25)
    30 Pull ups (Green & purple)

    4 Rounds in 44:23

    What a good Newsletter!

    Thans for your effort.

    Today was so hot that I had to drink too much and I was too full to run.

    when I was running on 4th round, I saw my dead grandpa and He called me at the end of the tunnel.

    thanks for coaching me how to Pull ups more well, Rob.

      1. thank you Amanda.
        It would be a hall of fame of my family, so I sent the pics to my parents and friends.
        they said I need a haircut. I agree what they told me.

  18. great newsletter!
    WU x1

    3 rounds @ 53# KBS
    Time: 38:10
    this WOD kicked my ass. 1st round felt good. everything went downhill after that. I had take take breaks through my runs and KBS and pull ups were very broken. I think I was experiencing heat exhaustion 🙂

    good luck to all tough mudder participants!
    have a great weekend everyone, enjoy the sun and heat!

  19. Mob
    WU x 1

    No strenght… aka a really long WOD!

    1000 m row
    30 KBS @ 30#
    30 Pullups (black)

    3 rounds – 36:29 mins

    Oh my grip! And this was the closest i’ve come to ripping my hands. Oh my $&[email protected]!

    It was strange only being 4 in the 5:45 class!! I know that alot of people in our usual crew are gone to the Tough Mudder and Mud Hero… Or…? Great job Gab, Frank & Ryan!!


  20. WU x 1

    KBS @ 35
    Pull ups with med. blue band

    Time: 44:??…. Didn’t look at my time, but know it was just under 45 min. Perhaps Kevin can. Check the board and let me know.

    No pr, but I used a smaller band. I don’t think Eva and I will ever be BFF’s.

  21. Hats off Jackie, great article. Keep up the great work!


    WOD ‘Eva’
    Did 4 rounds @ 38:17
    At 45 min time cap had 800mrun + 18KBS

    Cashout: Stretching

    Then did another 800m light run with 6:45 1st round.

    Great job evening folks, was a scorcher!

    Have a great weekend fella CrossFitters!

    1. Also was a PR. Last I done this was May 27th 2011 had 4 rounds and 800m run at the 50minute time cap.

  22. Mobility
    Wu x 1
    Wod : Eva
    5 rounds
    800m run
    30 kbs @ 70#
    30 Pullups
    Rx 44.10
    Happy to finish this, running really killed me especially after doing yesterday’s Wod.
    Great work 6 amer’s.
    Good luck to all the tough mudders! Kick some butt..

  23. First time I did Eva, I think. Only did 3 rounds today and I don’t know my time. Doesn’t matter, should have had 4 rounds. Next time.

    Notes for next time:

    Used 45# kettlebell today; weight was manageable but handle was too slippery.
    Don’t move away from the kb or the pullup bar.
    45 minute cap
    Today: Temp: 30, Humidity: 38. Lunch time wod.

  24. mob wux1
    wod Eva
    5 round
    800 m run
    30 kbs 53#
    30 pull up
    3 round
    time 32:05
    last time 34:33
    pr 2:28
    Eve still got the best of me

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