Newsletter Day!

September’s Newsletter featuring a guest article by Amanda, athlete of the month, Lisa, and a pesto roll recipe.

Skill of the Week – Floor Press

Four rounds, each for time of:
800 meter run

Rest as needed between efforts.

Compare to April 25/11

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58 thoughts on “Newsletter Day!”

  1. Mobility
    Skip 2mins
    WU x 1

    Shoulder Press x 5
    45-55-65-75-85 (PR reps)

    Felt good. I was stuck at 80×5 for a while. Feels good to finally move. I think it has something to do with bringing my elbows forward a bit at the bottom.

    WOD: 4 x 800m Run
    * Rest as needed between rounds

    – 3:13
    – 3:22
    – 3:22
    – 3:00 (I think that this is a PR πŸ™‚

  2. Mobility

    Skip 2mins

    WU x 1

    Strength: Push Jerk
    5x 95-135-155-155-155 (thanks for the coaching tips Kevin)

    WOD: 4 x 800m Run
    * Rest as needed between rounds (3 minutes)
    – 4:31
    – 4:35
    – 4:20
    – 4:58

  3. Mob/ WUx1 /2 min skipping

    Cleans x 5 to 155#

    WOD (modified): 4 x 1000m Row
    * Rest as needed between rounds
    — 3:53.4
    — 3:55.9
    — 3:57.9
    — 3:51.9

    Glad to keep everything sub-4 min. Surprised myself a bit on the last one as it was a full 6 sec faster than my 3rd round.

  4. Front squat x5 to 200 pr of 5 for reps

    Wod 4 x 800 m rest (3 to 3.5 min rest )

    2:55 PR, but got broken not long after
    2:50 PR

  5. Another great Newsletter. The article let me take a step back and reflect on my pre Crossfit pushups, my chest would only make it halfway to the floor. Same for bench press come to think of it, bar would only be half way to chest. But now pushups are something to be proud of and the #s we crank out something’s are impressive.
    Lisa, I liked your interview response to the elevator question, “I take the stairs…” very nice response.

  6. Great newsletter. Nice getting to know you a little better, Lisa.
    Also, I loved your article on Chasing Virtuosity, Amanda. Something that can be applied to ALL aspects of life…not just Crossfit. πŸ™‚

  7. Mob
    24 B-day Burpees!! Happy Birthday Noah πŸ™‚
    WU x 1

    Skipped Strength

    4 x 800 m rest (3 to 3.5 min rest )


    Great job everyone!! What a WOD!! πŸ˜‰

  8. mobility
    2 min skipping
    wu x 1
    strength – shoulder press x 5
    45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70×2 (form getting better no lower back pain)

    WOD : 4 rounds
    800 m run
    Rest 3 min
    4:31, 4:12, 4:20, 4:20
    cash out – calf stretch

    1. YAY for progess on those shoulder presses, Rachel. Glad to hear the improved form has put and end to the low back pain!

  9. mobility
    2 min skipping
    wu x 1
    strength – Push Jerk x 5
    95, 115, 135, 145, 155×3

    WOD : 4 rounds
    800 m run
    rest 3 min
    4:30, 4:14, 4:06, 3:48

  10. Skip 2mins

    WU x 1

    Strength: back squat x5
    170-195-225-250-280(4) (5# PR for reps)

    WOD: 4 x 800m Run
    * Rest as needed between rounds (3 minutes)
    – 3:20
    – 4:08
    – 4:31
    – 4:26
    lower back started aching on the 2nd round

    1. Heavy back squats, Frankie! Nice work! Sorry to hear your lower back wasn’t feeling the best for the 800m runs.

  11. Mob+ Quick WU

    WOD: 4 rds
    – Run 800 m
    – Rest as needed

    3:28 / 3:30 / 4:01 … no time for 4th rd, arrived late

    Cashout – 50 super late burpees, unbroken

  12. 5 min skipping
    Wu x 1

    WOD: 4 x 800m run

    1) 2:40
    2) 3:01
    3) 3:07
    4) 3:10

    Got major stitch iny side on last run 500 m in. Could barely breathe. Oh well. Still not bad.

  13. Mob, Wux’s 1
    Two minutes of KBS at 30lbs
    Strength: Shoulder Press 40×5, 45×5, 50×5, 55×5 55×2
    WOD 1000m row x 4. Rest as needed between rounds (3minutes)

    1. 4.49
    2. 4.51
    3. 4.50
    4. 4.41
    Ran into some technical difficulties on round 3. Thanks Valerie for getting Joanna…The rower display would not move beyond 646 m regardless of rowing. It was pretty funny. I will be having nightmares about the number 646. I was huffing and puffing with no luck getting off the number. I rowed to 4:50 in hopes I was close to what it was supppose to be.
    Thanks everyone I had fun.

    1. ValΓ©rie Arseneau

      hahah! Well when I told Jo she understood Lora and she was like “ummm Lora… Im right here” to which I responded “No rowing Laura!”

    2. I agree with, Natacha. Rowing and not having the numbers move would be a huge nightmare! You did GREAT, in spite of your sinking rowboat….:-D

  14. Skip 2 mins
    10 KBS
    10 Good AM
    10 OHS

    Burgener WU x 3

    Practice snatch pull x 3

    OLY partner WOD with Jeff L

    15 rounds of:
    1 power snatch, 5 OHS
    35-35-40-40-45-45-50-55-60-65-70-70-70-70(Failed at 2 OHS)-70

    Wow, tougher than expected. Was aiming to 85#, that quickly stopped when I did 70, and the last sets were hard!

    1. Nice lifts, Chantal. I was right behind you and your were moving really FAST on the OHS’s. AWESOME work!

  15. Mobility
    2Min Skipping

    Strength : Front Squat

    WOD: 800m Run x4, Rest as needed between rounds.

    1) 3:40
    2) 4:10
    3) 4:10
    4) 4:07

    Pretty surprissed of my times much better than expected! I really need to start liking running more.

    Cash Out – Calf Stretch

  16. No strength for me today.

    4 x 800 m runs

    Rest between each round of 3:20(ish)

    First time I’ve done this WOD so didn’t really know what to expect. My goal was to be sub 4:00 each round. Good one to come back to after being away for a few days.

  17. Mobility
    24 b-Day Burpees (happy day Noah!)
    WU x 1

    push press 5rm to 75# (was aiming for 80 but 75 felt plenty heavy)

    WOD: 4 x 1000m row with 3 min rests between rounds
    tough on lower back today… glad the numbers didn’t stick!!

  18. ***Oly Class***


    2 min skipping

    10 KBS @ 35#
    10 Good mornings @ 15#
    10 OHS @ 35#

    Group Burgener WU x 3

    Practice Snatch Pulls x 3
    60-70-80-85-90% of 1RM

    Oly partner WOD with Chris
    15 rounds of 1 Power Snatch + 5 OHS

    Only got 11 rounds in before we ran out of time.

    Great practice!
    Need to work on getting under the bar faster and losing the hook grip at the top πŸ™‚

    1. Nice work on your snatch! :0) think its the best in the gym! (that never gets old! πŸ™‚ )
      and nice job teaching the burgener!

  19. Mobility

    2 min (Pr for singles for me for time.. 1:10 unbroken, doesn’t sound like much to anyone but me but was clicking my heels together! πŸ™‚ )

    10 KBS #53
    10 Good mornings #45
    10 OHS #45

    Group Burgener WU x 3 (nice work coach Lora)

    Practice Snatch Pulls x 3
    60-70-80-85-90% of 1RM

    15 rounds of 1 Power Snatch + 5 OHS (thanks for sharing the bar Trent and Lance, thought we had a pretty good rythme going but when Kevin said 8 minutes to go and we were on round 6 or 7, panic set in! lol.. every man for himself! )


    got all 15 rounds in, but would much prefered to have a bit of rest between sets at the end instead of just the time it took to load the bar! πŸ™‚

    Another great Oly class, thanks for the tip Kev about landing with my feet a bit closer, have to beat that into my skull a bit cause it does feel better.

    1. Yay for progress on your skipping! I know what a source of frustration it has been for you. Your lifts looked really good tonight. The bar was moving in a nice straight line on those snatches and you had good depth on your OHS. πŸ™‚

  20. Oly Class

    Skip 2 mins
    10 KBS
    10 Good AM
    10 OHS

    Burgener WU x 3

    Practice snatch pull x 3

    OLY partner WOD with Chantal L

    15 rounds of:
    1 power snatch, 5 OHS

    35-35-40-40-45-45-50-55-60-65-70-70-70(failed at 2 OHS)-70-70

      1. Nevermind, you made me go look at my post, and realised what I posted is wrong. I also failed the 13th round, but posted the 14th failed.


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