New Years Eve

Last workout of 2014!

With a partner, split up the reps any way:

*Weight is 96/65# or around 60% of PP

31 reps of Box jump 24/20″ [January]
28 reps of Deadlift at 95/65# [February]
31 reps of Burpee [March]
30 reps of Lunges [April]
31 reps of Push press at 95/65# [May]
30 reps of Pull-up (scale – jumping) [June]
31 reps of Power clean at 95/65# [July]
31 reps of Sit-up [August]
30 reps of Back squat at 95/65# [September]
31 reps of HR Push-up [October]
30 reps of Double under [November]
31 reps of Thruster at 95/65# [December]

365 reps, 1 for every day in 2014

An appropriate picture for today – the many PRs from December. A great display of all the handwork and dedication that goes on inside the walls of CrossFit Moncton. Happy New Year and here’s to another excellent year at the gym!


41 thoughts on “New Years Eve”

  1. Congratulations on all the PRs in December, and congratulations to all CFM members for another year filled with dedication and hard work. Cheers to the new year!

  2. Partnered with Darrell “A-Game” Dryden.

    Rx’d in 9:40

    And a lovely 100 kick out cash out.

    Happy New Year everyone! Have fun and be safe. See you next year!

  3. WOD @ 45# with Debbie 🙂

    14:22…which was about 20 minutes faster than I expected.

    And then 100 kickouts. Because fitness!

    All in all, an AWESOME way to end the year – super “fun” workout with an incredible group of people.

    Happy NYE, ya’ll!

  4. Great wod to end off the year, a nice big class with lots of great people and energy, and I got to partner up with my crazy burpee loving friend Maria! 🙂

    WOD rx’d: 12:28

    Happy birthday Crystal! xo

  5. Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend Crystal! Thank you for the extra fitness (translates to more wine tonight lol)

    WOD Rx with Amanda my not so crazy about thrusters friend! 🙂

    Time 12:28

    Cash out 100 kick outs to close out the year! A lot of fun today!

  6. WOD as Rx with Amy!
    (Except jumping pull ups for me)

    Time: 13:53

    Cash out: 100 kick outs that felt longer than the wod

    I loved the workout today! Great time to try du’s in a wod with 30 between partners 🙂

    Amazing job to everyone today. Happy new year to you all, have a fun a safe night!

  7. Love the workout! Sad to miss this… just getting over that sinus cold I got for a good deal on boxing day 😉 I hope 2015 treats you all well! Safe partying tonight, peeps 🙂

  8. Thanks to all of the nooner crew for doing my birthday burpees, it was epic to watch! I wish I could of said it was only 19 you had to do…but sadly no! lol!

    WOD RX!!!! With my lovely amazing buddy Mel! Thanks for being my partner and being you!

    Time: 14:53

    Happy New Year CFM family and thanks for the awesome tunes Ron!

    Cashout 100 kick outs…waving my fist in the air at you Mr. Wood.


  9. M+WU+10 wall balls+10 KBS+4 laps with sand bag

    WOD with me mum 🙂
    Used 45lb
    Scaled pullups to jumping pullups

    Time: 15:56

    Cashout:100 kickouts

  10. 36 Birthday Burpees!
    4 laps with a sandbag

    Partner WOD with Tiff at 50#
    12″ box
    Jumping pull ups
    Push ups from knees
    90 singles
    Time: 19:08

    Cashout: 100 kickouts

    Happy New Year!

  11. Mobility
    Group Mobility

    WOD as Rx with Cara
    (jumping pull ups for Cara)

    Time: 13:53

    Cash out: 100 kick outs

  12. WU X1 + sand bag laps & wall balls

    It was fun to do a partner with my girl Julie 🙂 Weight was at 40#. All movements were split pretty even. First back squats & thrusters for me in a long time & they felt great.

    Time – 14:49

    100 kick out cash out…worse than the WOD, I think.

    Happy new year. Looking forward to another great year at CFM in 2016.

    …and happy birthday Crystal. Can’t say I’m sorry I missed the burpees.

  13. Mobility + WU + 36 Bday Burpees!

    WOD – Rx for weight but with jumping pull ups


    Happy Birthday Crystal! Loved being your partner!!

    Great tunes, great workout, great year! 🙂

  14. Partner WOD with Laura and Tania (two people working first, the the third…odd number in the class)

    Box step ups
    Single skips

    Time: 17:18

    Damn you thrusters at the end…

    Happy New Year!

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