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***There’s a new addition to the sidebar. I’ve added a search feature which allows you to search for the same workouts that have been done before. For instance, if you type in ‘800’, it will bring you to all the workouts that included an 800m run. You can then check to see your last time/load/rounds to compare with your efforts today.

Four rounds, each for time of:
800 meter run

Rest as needed between efforts.


28 thoughts on “New sidebar”

  1. CW x 3
    Strength and Technique: OHS

    Four rounds of 800 meter run
    3:04, 2:52, 2:53, 2:57

    * Thanks Bryan for letting me chase you.

    1. I might be strong…but you are fast!! Your time is a minute faster than my!! Awesome work!!

      1. MC, how about you give me 1/4 of your strength and I will give you a 1/4 of my speed…then we would both be forces to be reckoned with. 😉

  2. Heather (Mum)

    CFWU X 3
    I graduated to the red band in pullups today.

    Strength 1-1-1-1-1
    Shoulder Press 45-50-55-Ran out of steam.

    Run 800 4 ounds
    6:45, 6:28, 6:32, 6:31.

    Welcome Hilary to Crossfit.

    1. I found it was taking up a lot of room on the side. Is it a feature you used frequently?

  3. Clean 1-1-1-1-1
    185 (F)
    185 (F)

    WOD: 4 800m Run
    2.40 2.45 2.53 3.07

    Just didnt have the power this morning. Burned out on the last run at the start, Dam Hills…. Maybe its because I didnt have Gillyon to run away from

  4. Warm up x3
    strength 1-1-1-1-1
    95-135-145-155-165(new PR!)

    800m run x4

    Woot last round i knocked off 4 seconds from my first round very happy with my results. Good job Ellisa on beating me in the last round i couldn’t catch you.

  5. WU X 2
    Strenght 1-1-1-1-1
    Deadlift (75-85-95-105-105)

    RUN 800 M X 4

    4:31 (Tried to prevent cramp)
    3:40 (Tried to follow Patrick + I knew I didnt have to save anything for the next round) 🙂 🙂


    Warm up x3
    strength: Push Jerk 1-1-1-1-1
    95-115-125-135-145 (new PR!)

    800m run x4

    I was there early enough to catch Tim’s awesome performance 🙂

    Elissa, good job on that last round 🙂

    Lance, you are much faster than I thought 🙂

  7. Wow…impressive time in the hot weather everyone!!!
    It was hot to play beach volley tonight…and swimming!! 🙂

  8. STRENGTH–> Push jerk 1-1-1-1-1

    1- 3:16
    2- 3:13
    3- 3:31
    4- 3:13

    Everyone pushed really hard on the runs…I was really impressed with the times they pulled!!! Good job guys.

    And since I know that Tim won’t post his times…I will do it for him because he did an EXCELLENT job tonight!!! He pushed himself really hard… way out of his comfort zone!! Here is his times:

    1: 5:18
    2: 5:36
    3: 5:31
    4: 5:06

    His goal was to get around 6 minutes….he did LOT better than his goal!

    1. Awesome Job TIM!!!!

      -Great times for everyone. I was thinking about the night crew…that must have been tough.

  9. It was really really hot!!! 😀

    But we need to train in different climates to make ourselves better!

  10. Hey Kevin W, maybe you could have the archives sidebar option as a drop down instead of bullets? just an idea.

  11. Wow Tim! I bet you would never have thought youd run an 800m in almost 5 minutes a month ago. Great job man, keep it up, youre only getting better!

  12. Kev- the monthly archive isnt used often, but when you need it, you need it! Especially if there is a WOD we havent done in awhile but you KNOW we did it Nov 11th, for example. Much easier to navigate right to it then filter through the search results…
    Not a biggie either way- I’d’rather have vacuumed floors 8)

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