New kicks?

NOTE: Monday is Change for Change. Bring $5 to switch up your workout.Β 

If you were one of the 30+ people that bought some new minimalist shoes, this post is for you.

With running ‘season’ fast approaching, be cautious with your new kicks. Because there is basically a thin piece of rubber between you and the road, there is no cushioning to absorb shitty heel-striking. You’re going to want to adopt a method of running called Pose. Check out the quick explanation video below. There are a ton of other videos on YouTube. Search for anything with Dr.Romanov or Brian MacKenzie.

Some tips to keep in mind…

  • Build up gradually – start by only running 2-3 minutes per day in them. Add a few minutes each week. DO NOT start by running a 5k. You will be crippled.
  • Stretch more – you’ll need to stretch out your calves a lot more. Check the stretching section of this site, foam roll or try the stick.
  • Practice – try running barefoot on a grassy field (free of debris) or a track. It will force you to run properly and hopefully transfer over to when you’re wearing shoes.

Hopefully this helps. If you have any questions, let me know.


21-15-9 reps of:
Deadlifts (225/155# or 65%)
Handstand Pushups

Compare to Nov.9/12


20 thoughts on “New kicks?”

  1. mob
    WU x 1

    practiced DU ( single x3 then DU x1)

    WOD : Diane ( Scaled)

    Dead lift @ 135#
    Pike push ups ( from 18 ” box from toes)

    time 5:06 ( last time 4:03 – DL was 95# and pike pu from knees)

  2. MOB


    Strength : Push Press

    65 85 95 100 115

    WOD : Diane


    DeadLift : 135
    HSPU : scaled to pike push up from toes

    Time 440

  3. Mob, WU, etc.

    Strength: OHS @ 5 x 15-20-20-25-30

    I did the WOD this AM with 50# for my DL, but I should have been using 65-70#. Some BAD math, there! Whoa…

    I hear Change for Change calling my name… :-S

      1. 7:17

        I didn’t bother posting it because it was based on using the wrong (much lighter) weight. πŸ˜›

        I was pretty happy with it, thinking, “That felt pretty good! And I’m not feeling dead at all.” and then I realized on the way home that I messed up. Ha ha!

  4. Strength OHS

    65-75-80-85-90 (PR for reps)

    DL @ 125#
    HSPUs w abmat and 10# plate (first time kipping)

    Time= 9:07

    A min and a half slower than last time, but used 25# more on my deadlifts.

    Really impressive results on 13.4! Great morning at the gym.

  5. Mobility
    Wu x 2
    Strength back squats
    185 / 225 / 275 / 285 x 5 / 305 x 3. Felt a little bit heavy so stopped at 3 didn’t want to mess up the Wod..
    Diane rx’d 7.22
    Second set of hspu’s got hard 9’s took 2.30 to complete one at a time. Lol. Have to work on them a bit more. First 10 felt great. Fun Wod. Great work everybody. Good job on 13.4 everyone, great improvements.

  6. Wu x 1

    Ohs x 5

    Wod: “Diane”

    Deadlift @ 225
    Handstand push ups

    Rx’d in 7:36

    4:35 pr from November.

  7. Wu x 2

    Ohs x 5 with 3 sec hold
    100-115-120-125-130 pr for form.

    Wod: β€œDiane”

    Deadlift @ 185
    HSPU with abmat PR. Used abmat and 25# last time there was HSPU.

    Time 10:25
    Half of the last set of HSPU were no reps but with Marcel tips they should be a lot easier next time. Thanks Marcel.

  8. Strength: OHS
    5x 70-75-80-90-95

    WOD w/ abmat and 125#: I didn’t get my time but thanks to Sarah and Maria I think I’ve got it narrowed down to 8:00ish.

    Last time was 13:38. I’ll take that!!!

    Need to spend just a bit of time on RX handstands cause they’re a bit too hard for wods but the abmat is getting pretty easy. That feels awesome to write! πŸ˜€

    Fun morning at the gym. Great job from the 13.4 athletes today too.

    1. Awesome point of the day was the two of us standing looking at the wall then looking at each other and we both say “Let’s go!”

      Love it.

  9. WU x 2

    Foam rolling & lacrosse ball

    WOD — Diane


    Dead lift @ 225# used 185 still nursing back

    HSPU used 25# & Ab Mat

    Time: 8:34 I think…

    Great job everyone who tackled the Games WOD again!

  10. Warmup
    Worked on mu stuff

    WOD @135lbs and abmat
    11:22 (I think) I just know for a fact that it was a faster time than Dave A. πŸ˜‰

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