Don’t forget about the Mascara and Muscles event starting today at 2pm!

5 rounds
400m Run
15 OHS (95/65#/60%)

*20 min time cap

Compare to July 30/15

Option 1 – 3 full rounds

Option 2 – 5 rounds with 200m Runs


8 thoughts on “Nancy”

  1. Hey! I’m not signed up for the M&M event @ 2pm… I will try and make it… Can i sign up on the spot?

    1. Possibly, if there’s another person who needs a partner. Would love to see you there anyway.

  2. Mobility and 3km run- filled with light jogging and sprints. Fastest sprint ~750m @ 3:33min/km

    Wod RX: 14:57
    PR from 2014. Was 16:06 with 40# OHS


  3. WOD Rx:
    PR of 1:40 – Thank you to Remi, the pace bunny

    One of my fav wods! Although around round 3 I really question why…
    Amazing Saturday class, thanks Kevin

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