My Throbbing Box

With a partner,
Run 200m with box
150 box dips
150 box jumps
150 box press
150 box lunges
Run 200 m with box

*all done while partner holds a plank

Maybe if I post a picture of Leesa, we can get her to start coming to classes again?
Maybe if I post a picture of Leesa, we can get her to start coming to classes again?

17 thoughts on “My Throbbing Box”

    1. Leesa…we miss your smile…please come back! Laura promises to make you your favourite paleo treat…

  1. mobility
    Group Wu CF dodgeball

    WOD partner with jeremy

    one partner had to hold plank while the other worked

    Time: 24:35

    Nice long workout great job Jeremy glad to be your partner. Great job this fine morning everyone.

  2. mobility

    Group warm up

    Partner wod with Lance

    time :24.35

    always fun trying to keep up to Lance.. great class!

  3. Partnered with Jennifer C

    Time: 26:??

    Great morning and awesome WOD! Awesome work Jennifer….I apologize if I seemed gruff, but the planks were killing me! lol!

    Great work everyone!

  4. I JUST noticed you guys had to run WITH the boxes this morning. LOL! Holy that sounds funny, AND awful!

  5. Mobility
    Group WU – CF dodgeball

    The HORRIBLE box

    Partnered with Rob – Poor you! Did my best but Rob did a lot of the work! Oh…Planks! Very tough workout…

    Time: 24:26

  6. I’m definitely enjoying the Sat. workouts these past couple of weeks. This one was a tough one and aptly named. Night, night CFrs.

  7. Group warm up-Team Dodge Ball (I thought the goal was to get hit the most. lol)

    Partner wod with Julie

    time :24.45

    It was great working out with you Julie, I’m glad your planks were up to par because mine weren’t the best. 😉

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