A much needed strength day

Overhead Squat – 3RM

Weighted Pullups – 3RM

Tabata Grasshoppers

Compare to Aug.7/15

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39 thoughts on “A much needed strength day”

  1. WU and mob GWU

    OHS 3RM
    65-85-95 fail on 115

    Scale #20 weighted push-ups
    Reps 3/6/9/9

    Tabata grasshoppers
    Total reps 66

    800m run cash out

    Mentally the thoughest day for me, nagging elbow and shoulder wanted to quit after warm up just all around crap attitude!

    Thank you Patrick for working with me and giving me the push to finish strong on the grasshoppers and for helping me pick the right exercise for my conditions today! Great help!

    1. Nice work Greg, trust me from experience just show up and put in work. Not everyday is a pr day but an opportunity to better yourself none the less!!!

  2. Overhead Squat – 3RM

    Weighted Pullups – 3RM
    3 sets just bodyweight, 8# (x1 rep)

    Tabata Grasshoppers: 67 reps

    Thanks Patrick!

  3. Overhead Squat
    kept it light @ 75#

    Weighted Pullups – 3RM
    3x 15# 3×20# 3×25# 2×30#

    Tabata Grasshoppers: 96 reps

    Fun strength day, thanks Patrick!

  4. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Group Mobility

    Overhead Squat – 3RM (nice sharing the bar Laura)
    35-55-65-75-85# (matched my previous 3RM. Ran out of time to try for more)

    Weighted Pullups – 3RM
    BW, 10#, 15#, 20#x2, 20#x2

    Tabata Grasshoppers (2 count)
    126 reps

    Thanks Patrick. Good work everyone.

    1. Great job Kelly I love the grasshopper count wow! And reaching your 3RM was very well done. I am sure you will crush this target next time!

  5. M+WU
    Group mob

    OHS 3RM

    Weighted pullup progressions, can still get single strict pullups

    Tabata grasshoppers
    104 reps

  6. MOB + WU (500m row)
    Group Mobility

    Overhead Squat – 3RM
    45#-45#-65#-65#-65#…need more warm-up/flexibility to lift heavier

    Weighted Pullups – 3RM
    Ring Rows – horizontal – 10# – 10#- 25# – 25#

    Tabata Grasshoppers (2 count)
    81 reps…hips about as flexible as shoulders

  7. Best day ever!!

    OHS x3
    135-165-185-205-225 (PR!)

    Weighted Pullups x3

    Tabata Grasshoppers
    12-12-12-9-8-7-7-10 = 77 reps

    So much sweat for a strength day!

  8. OHS x3
    65 85 105 115 125 135 145×2 (Haven’t done these in a long time. PR for multiple reps and was easy to get overhead, yay!)

    Weighted pullups x3
    BW 5 10

    Tabata Grasshoppers
    60…note…remove lifting shoes before doing grasshoppers. They really weigh your feet down.

    Post 10 min row

  9. Ohs 3r

    Pull ups x3
    Boîte et horizontal x 3 x 4
    Pull up négatifs x3 x 4

    Tabata grass hoppers
    103 (Started strong, than…)
    Once again humbled by a 4 min workout!

  10. Mobility and Wu x 1
    Group mobility and Wu
    OHS 3 rm
    No go with the shoulder.. Practice light snatches, for landing low and fast..

    Weighted Pullups
    50/70/90/110/120/130 x 2
    These felt great, last set was putting a little extra stress on the shoulder

    Tabata grasshoppers (69)

    Great class Patrick and great work 6 amer’s!

  11. OHS 3RM – 145-170-185-190#

    Weighted Pullups 3RM – BW – 20 – 35 – 50 – 60#(x2)

    Tabata Grasshoppers = 83 (11-10-10-10-10-11-11-10)

  12. Mob + Group WU

    OHS 3RM
    35-55-75-85-100 Behind the neck Jerk needs work…
    No PR for me today but happy I came in!!

    Weighted Pullups:
    BW-BW- Negatives x3

    Grasshoppers: 102 Reps

    Thank Kevin!

  13. 3RM OHSquat : 3 X 135#
    Still very shaky…

    Practiced sets of 3x negative pullups


    72 reps

    Fun class! Thanks Coach Kevin 🙂

  14. Mob, WUx2
    Group mob

    OHS 3RM
    35(WU) – 55 – 75 – 85 – 100 – 105 (x2)

    Theoretically I should be able to hit 115 based on my 1RM, but legs were not 100% today, so didn’t want to push it.

    Pullups…tried negatives, they were rough. So, did ring rows at far more horizontal than I’ve ever tried, and they felt hard, but good. Need to work on these way more often.

    Tabata Grasshoppers
    Total = 84

  15. Open Gym

    Sumo Deadlifts x 5
    225 – 225 – 225 – 225 – 225#

    Snatches & OHS x 3

    45-65-95-115-120(1 snatch – didn’t bother squating it) – 125(f for snatch)

    120# is PR for snatch

  16. OHS x 3 to 155#
    No PR but I am glad the shoulder could handle it.

    Did X-over Symmetry instead of Pullups

    Tabata Grasshopper
    63… ugh.

  17. Mob
    WU x2

    Group WU & Mob

    OHS x3

    Horizontal Ring Rows x3
    1 set from floor
    1 set from 12″ box
    2 sets from grey box

    Tabata grasshoppers
    79 reps

  18. mob wux2
    group mob
    OHS X3RM ( front squat )
    95# 5 set

    weighted pull up( ring row) 3 RM
    10-20-25 3 set
    tabata grasshopper
    15-10-11-10-10 = 56 rep
    had to stop back was cramping up

  19. OHS x 3

    Strict Pull Ups x 3 – opted for no weight in favour of:
    1st set with reverse grip
    2nd & 3rd set with front grip
    4th set, jump up with 10 sec hold on way down

    Tabata grasshoppers
    76 reps

    A great one to come back to after being gone for the past 2+ weeks. Challenging, but not a too painful! It was fun to work out with the 5 p.m. crew for a change.

  20. OHS 3RM
    Last recorded 3RM I could find is 120# so this may or may not have been a 35# PR…and it felt good!

    Weight pullups x3

    Tabata GH
    71 Rx

    These were sad, took a lot of breaks and holy sweat fest.
    Thanks Kevin!

  21. Overhead Squat – 3RM

    Weighted Pullups – 3RM
    Reverse pull ups and reverse ring rows from box

    Tabata Grasshoppers

  22. OHS 3RM
    35# – 40# – 45# – 50# – 55#

    Weighted Pullups (not yet!)
    Practiced negatives – wow, I may not be able to lift my arms to type tomorrow.
    Lost count on how many reps… 10?

    Tabata grasshoppers : 69

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