Mr.Joshua Gone Bad

5 rounds of:
1 minute Burpees
1 minute Situps
1 minute Deadlifts (250/175#)
1 minute Rest

Compare to Jan.9/10

Chantal #3 does pullups for the first time in a WOD


23 thoughts on “Mr.Joshua Gone Bad”

  1. mobility
    WU as a group

    Mr joshua gone bad

    183 rx

    So much sweatiness but it was a lot of fun. Note to self never do burpees or situps in sock feet tore the skin off both my big toes and my right heel… this sucks fun weekend for me! great job everyone enjoy your weekend

  2. 2 years ago today, I was born a CrossFitter. Time flys when your having fun that is true.
    So to look back at the past year, been an up and down battle for me. Struggling trough one injury after another has not made things easy.
    But the main thing i see is that by having these small injuries, although the back one I could do without, are for me better than the alternative of doing nothing.
    In the past when i go injured, I would avoid any activity till it got better. But then was very easily reinjured again when i though i was 100%.

    At least the same injuries do not come back for me as a CrossFitter 🙂 unless I don’t listen to my body and attempt to lift a 355# deadlift when the previous one I felt a lil discomfort in my back. Then go ahead to do the WOD which was back inrtensive. Not very smart but the pain now lingers as a reminder for me to learn for the next time and yes I will remember this lol.
    (Note to self :DON”T STOP DOING YOUR PLANKS!!!)

    OK enough jibber jabber, CrossFit works. Do the right things like listen to your coach, eat right,stretch often, get enough sleep, also rest accordingly and it all will improve your overall healt and well being. And very importantly, Have Fun 🙂

    Very Happy CrossFitter signing off….

    1. Congrats on two years gabe.. You are a staple around the gym, always positive and encouraging! Glad your injuries don’t keep you away from the gym cause we’d miss ya!!

    2. I’m very glad to see this post today! You’ve been with us for a long time and you’re always asking questions to help improve. You listen and execute. And that’s what makes you a pleasure to coach. Keep up the great work!

    3. Congrats on year 2. Thanks for being so welcoming to me when I joined the gym three months ago. You always have a smile for everyone.

  3. Happy 2nd Year Anniversary Gabriel! We hope to be blessed with your presence, lovely personality and positive attitude for many years to come at CFM!

  4. Mobility
    WU as a group
    Mr.Joshua gone Bad
    5 rounds minute each of burpees, situps and dead lifts (85lbs) with a minute rest after each round.
    total reps 233

    Thank you Kevin for all the awesome coaching tips regarding this mornings work out (ie.breath at the top of the dead lift). You break things down so well. Burpees may be my friend some day thanks to you.

  5. All I can say is what a great morning from start to finish!

    Thanks Joanna for the mobility warm-up. I learned a few new stretches which was awesome.

    Thanks Kevin for the fabulous teaching this morning. You broke down each movement and clearly explained when and how to breath. ” Breath at the top maybe a new T-Shirt Logan! smiles…

    I am sure a few of us walked away with new tips on how to more effectively do Burpees, Situps and Deadlifts! A job well done!

    WOD: ” Mr. Joshua Gone Bad” RX @ 175 lbs

    Burpees 17-19-18-16-16

    Situps 32-29-27-25-25

    Deadlifts 13-13-13-7-9

    (My numbers dropped significantly after round 3 when Kevin showed me a picture of my rounded back so I did my Deadlifts one at a time for rounds 4 and 5 and focused on a flat back; hence the drop from 13 to 7)

    Total: 279

    I actually quite liked this WOD! Great work everyone!

    Enjoy your tubing!

  6. WOD with 135# Dead Lifts….feeling a bit light headed so went a bit lighter than 70%.
    66-52-46-45-44 = 244 Reps,

    Tough one, long recovery time for me, but it was a good one.

    Happy weekend all!

  7. WOD @ 235 lbs Total 202 reps

    Great workout and tremendous efforts by all. No PR today, last time total was 221 at 165 lbs. I am happy to do a heavier deadlift again without any pain; took them nice and slow and concentrated on form. Nice tips on the burpees today, I think it helped a lot.

  8. Christine Bachmann

    Group WU
    Deadlift @105

    Fun WOD after the fact of course!! LOL

    Thanks Kevin for the awesome instructions on how to do each exercise efficiently..the burpees were a little easier today the way you showed us how to do it…thanks again!! :). Great job everyone!!

    1. Happy anniversary Gabe!! I’m always so happy to see you at the gym, Jeff said it best about you being a CFM staple. You’re an awesome crossfitter, you’ve set so many goals and one by one, you plow right through them. An inspiration for the rest of us for sure.

  9. Great results today. I was happy to see so many of you take my advice and apply it to the workout. I think it definitely helped with your results!

  10. ** Did this for Change for change on Aug 31/12 **
    WU x 2
    No strength – foam rolling

    Few DL’s to warm up:

    Change for change
    WOD “Mr. Joshua Gone Bad”
    5 rounds of:
    1 min burpees
    1 min sit ups
    1 min Deadlifts @ 175#
    1 min rest

    Score = 257

    Breakdown was:
    Burpees 20-18-17-15-13
    Sit ups 25-22-20-20-20
    Deadlifts 16-12-12-13-14

    I felt EXTREMELY gassed after each round of burpees which made the sit ups more challenging for me than usual. Deadlifts felt good, but my breathing was out of control. I kept the reps relatively slow so I didn’t hurt myself.

    Had the WORST headache EVER after this WOD. I must have been holding my breath on the deadlifts or just over-exerted myself. All that being said, I still really enjoyed this workout!

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