More Squats??

Back Squat (135/95#)
*200m Run after each set
20 min cap

800m Med Ball Carry


13 thoughts on “More Squats??”

  1. Mobility and Warm up

    Back Squat (115/85#) (From the Rig)
    *200m Run after eachset
    20 min cap

    **Completed in 14:40 mins


    800m sand bag carry (40#)
    (no med ball because of shoulder)

    Thanks Ingrid!!

  2. Jordan Sanipass

    Back Squat (95#)
    *200m Run after each set
    20 min cap

    800m used a sandbag

    First time doing squats in 2 months so I took it easy!

  3. 15-12-9-6-9-12-15
    Back Squat (65# because of Tuesday)
    *200m Run after each set
    Time: 13:11

    800m Med Ball Carry – used 40# sandbag

    Thanks Ingrid!

  4. Catherine Wilson

    Warm Up & Mobility

    Tried to do the BSQ, but my right arm felt pain when trying to lift the bar from my back to my front.

    Goblet Squat @35lbs, managed to do 1 round, then 3 in the 12 – 9 without weight.
    Moved to 25lbs until the last round of 12 then did 6 with 6 without.
    Last round 5 with and 10 without.

    No running, so I rowed 200m after each round.

    400m Medicine Ball, 6lb, in hindsight, I probably should have done a sandbag to evenly dispute the weight.

    I dislike being injured.

  5. 15-12-9-6-9-12-15
    Back squats (55#)
    *200 M run after each round


    800 M medball carry (14#)

    Thanks Kevin

  6. 15-12-9-6-9-12-15
    Back Squat 135#
    200m Run after each set
    20 min cap

    800m Med Ball Carry
    With 30# D-ball

    Thanks Kevin!

  7. 15-12-9-6-9-12-15
    Back Squats 65#
    200 m run

    19:00 mins on the dot. Squats were s l o w.

    Thanks for waiting for me for the med ball carry Ang!!

  8. 15-12-9-6-9-12-15
    Back Squats 85#
    500m bike

    Went ok until the 2nd round of 12. Had to put the bar down cause I was feeling lightheaded. Round of 15 I got stuck on rep 6 and had to bail 🤦🏼‍♀️. Took weight off and finished the last 10 reps at 65#


    Cashout with 20# ball

    Thanks Kevin

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