More congratulations are in order

Marie-Noelle came to us back in January. She was looking to spice up her training and improve her game on the football field. On April 28th, she had her first tryout for Team Atlantic. Some highlights from that tryout include – she was the only one who ran their 40 yards under 5 seconds, as well as the shuttle under 5 seconds each time. She also obtained a 98 inch long jump and a 44 vertical jump. She completed 42 push ups in 30 seconds to top it off. After another tryout in May, she proved to be one of the best in the Maritimes and was awarded with a position on Team Atlantic!

She will be playing in Montreal the first week of August in an attempt to make Team Canada. CrossFit Moncton is rooting for you Marie-Noelle!


30 Snatches for time

Compare to Sept.30/10

Marie-Noelle shows great focus and dedication to her goals

69 thoughts on “More congratulations are in order”

  1. WU x 1
    2 mins skipping

    Burgener WU with a twist

    Snatch Strength
    75×1 Fails

    At 75, my head wasn’t co-operating in terms of timing.

    WOD: “Isabel”
    30 Snatches 55#

    Time: 5:44

    1. * reminders for next time.
      1) I did not try going heavier as my technique was a priority. Thank you for the tips, Kevin. So try 60 and 65 next time.
      2) Still not feeling the greatest. So..I will be “Chantal fast” next time. 😉

      1. Good work on the WOD Gillyon. Way to stay focused on technique. It will pay off in spades 🙂

  2. Warmup

    Power snatches
    35×3 45x 3 50×2 55x 2 60×1 65×1 70×1 75(F) 75 x 1
    Really happy with this! Thanks for the tips Kevin

    WOD @ 50#
    Time = 4:04

    Fun morning!

  3. WU x 1
    2 mins skipping
    wu x 1
    Burgener WU (group)
    strength – Practice snatch x 3
    15, 25, 30, 35, 40 (really light headed this morning)

    WOD: “Isabel”
    30 Snatches (30#)

    Time: 5:11

  4. WU x 1
    2 mins skipping
    wu x 1
    Burgener WU (group)
    strength – Practice snatch x 3
    45, 65, 75, 80, 85

    WOD: “Isabel”
    30 Snatches (85#)

    Time: 4:25

  5. Power Snatch
    135 – bunch of 1’s
    145 – bunch of 1’s

    Isabel at 135#

    4:55 (1 min slower but 20# more – pr?)

  6. Skip 2 mins
    WU x 2
    Power Snatch –
    3x 35
    1×95 F
    1×95 F

    Isabel @ 65#


  7. 2 mins skipping / WU x 1 (worked on handstand/pushup progression a little)
    Group Burgener WU

    Snatch practice
    70(5) – 90(5) – 95(3) – 2x 100(3) – 2x 105(2) – 115(1)

    WOD: “Isabel”
    30 Snatches @85#
    Time: 3:12

    Everything is still sore from yesterday. Is “sore-er” a word?

    1. Nice work on the the WOD Blake. You can say “sore-er”…I think we’ll all know what you mean 😉

  8. Wux1
    skipping for 2min
    65×3 95×3 115×3 135×1 135×1 145 fail
    Wod @ 115

  9. Mobility
    Wu x1
    2 mins skipping

    burgener warm up

    snatch practice

    WOD “isabel”

    30 snatches #95

    Time: 3:55

    Short but a good one still feeling yesterdays so glad it was fast:D

  10. Valérie Arseneau

    Bday burpees for Lora
    2 mins skipping

    burgener warm up

    snatch practice
    5x 20-25-35-40-45 3×50

    WOD “isabel”

    30 snatches #35

    Time: 3:21

    Could of done a higher weight but wasnt feeling comfortable enough with the technic so I decided to play it safe.

  11. Strength: Power snatches

    3x 45, 55, 60
    2x 65, 70
    1x 75, 80, 85
    And I felt like I could keep going but was running out of time so I tried a 90# but rushed it and failed it. Next time 🙂

    WOD: Isabel @ 55#

    T = 4:01

    Probably could have gone a little faster but wasn’t willing to sacrifice form for speed.

  12. Mobility
    42 Bday burpees
    2 mins skipping

    burgener warm up x 2

    snatch practice
    3x 65-75-85-95-105-115

    WOD “isabel”

    30 snatches @ #100

    Time: 4:17

    1. Way to tackle the heavy stuff Darsey!
      Looking forward to getting my form up to snuff and do the same!

  13. The French Connection

    42 Birthday Burpees

    2min Skipping

    Burgener WU (stick, 45# bar)

    Power Snatch
    65×3 – 75×5 – 85×3 – 95×3 – 115×2 – 125×2

    WOD Isabel @ 115# = 3:37

  14. WU x 1

    42 birthday Burpees. Happy birthday Laura!

    Tried to beat my 180 double under PR, but wasn’t feeling it today.

    Burgener Warm up with stick and 45 lb bar

    Snatch: 45-55-65-75-85-95

    Thanks for the tips on how to get my butt lower in the deadlift position Jo. It really helped!

    WOD: Isabel @ 75lbs

    TIme: 3:07

    Sept/10: 5:32 with 65 lbs

    2:25 PR. Happy with that!

  15. Lora Happy Birthday….thanks a lot for the 42 Burpees. It was quite the party! Laura

  16. Happy Birthday Lora –
    WU – 42 birthday burpees 🙂

    Burgener Warm up with stick and 35 lb bar

    Snatch: 35-40-45-50-55 (3’s)-60 (5’s)
    65-70 (3’s)
    65 jump shrug x 10

    WOD: Isabel @ 55lbs

    TIme: 2:51

    Probably can go heavier next time if I can fix my shrug – Still bending my elbows too early so jump shrug til it sticks!

  17. Olympic Lifting Class

    If you have not signed up for one of these you owe it to yourself and your body. Heavy lifts are so much easier on your body when you actually do it properly. Big thanks to Kevin and Joanna for this initiative. I learned three improvements on my squat clean and by the end of the class I think I could fool most folks in to thinking I knew what I was doing. Take home message, its all in the hips.

    1. sorry to bust your bubble.. but you weren’t fooling anyone! i saw a few kids walking by outside that said something about a bear cub and a football, wasn’t sure what they meant but it didn’t sound complimentary! lol..
      just kidding.. you had me fooled! 🙂

    2. also.. the oly class sucks!.. if you haven’t been to one of these i wouldn’t waste my time.. (jeezus sheldon its hard enough to get into this class without you bringing a bunch more people out! )

  18. Amazing results Marie-Noelle! Congratulations and best of luck in August (although you’ve worked too hard to need luck!)

  19. and i second sheldon’s comments.. the OLY class really is that good.. love that this has been added to the schedule along with mobility! will take advantage of these every week if i can.. and bachmann i know you are sitting at home scouring over all these posts.. you should get out of the closet and post your 180 DU PR for today! impressive! :0)

  20. Mobility
    2 min skipping
    Burgener WU (as group)
    x1 with dowel
    x1 with 45# bar (OMG!)

    Power snatch practice (10’s…working on fixing crappy form)

    WOD “Isabel”
    30 snatches at 75#
    Time = 5:12

    Whoa…that was humbling. Did this in December in 4:35 with the same weight. That being said, I know my form was better tonight than in December. Spent a lot of time trying to correct some bad habits (pulling off the floor, pulling with arms) and getting full extension of hip and a good shrug with my shoulders. Still have lots of work to do, but I feel I’m heading in the right direction 🙂

    THANK YOU ALL for the birthday wishes and especially for the birthday burpees! You helped make my day extra special!

  21. Olympic lifting class

    Worked on hanging squat clean technique.

    Thanks for all the tips tonight Kevin and Jo.

    Just like Sheldon and Jeff S said this class is amazing and lots of info to take in that help greatly on improving the Olympic lifts. I’m pretty sure me and tall cleans won’t be friends for a little while though.

  22. The olympic lifting class is brilliant! Breaking the movements down and learning drills to work on different segments of the lifts is really helpful. Even though there is a lot of information being shared, the 6:30 group did phenomenally. Thank you Keving and Jo for putting this together!

    Thank you to everyone for the encouragements, fist pumps, high fives, hand shakes and support. I am confident I would not have done as well at the initial try-outs if it had not been for Kevin, Jo, Crossfit Moncton gym and all it’s dedicated members. You guys keep pushing my limits every workout!!! Even though I am the one having to perform out there in August, I tell you, it will be a collective effort as all the Crossfit Moncton members who I am proud to workout with every day will be part of my accomplishment. Thank you again and see you at the gym!!!

  23. You get so much out of the Olympic Lifting class in one hour its crazy!! How can your lifts not get better with the tips, and tricks. I didn’t realize how bad my cleans were until last night! ha Lots of work to come but really enjoying the Oly classes.

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