Monkey Business

For 15 minutes
30 sec of Ring Inverts
30 sec Rest

Andreia's first workout was the Games WOD 12.2!

88 thoughts on “Monkey Business”

  1. Kevin I am sorry about the last minute notice but I need to cancel the 7 am class today. I was just called into work for an early morning meeting tom

  2. WU x 2

    Strength: Push Press
    5x 95-115-135-150-165

    For 15 minutes
    30 sec of Ring Inverts (scale v-snaps & sit-ups)
    30 sec Rest
    Total: 172 (77 v-snaps + 95 sit-ups)

  3. WU x 2
    Strength 3’s


    for 15 min
    30 sec of Ring Inverts Scaled (T2B, V-snaps / sit ups)
    30 sec rest
    Total:162 (V-snaps & Sit ups)

    Skill: Box Jump, I got a lil bit nervious again today, I almost didn’t do it but thanks Pat for coaching me and making sure I did not leave without doing them :), and helping me with the cleans as well.

    1. Good job Elba!!!! Thanks for all your support! This is becoming really exciting for me….

  4. WU x 2
    Strength 1â€ēs
    95-110-125-140-155-165 pr10#

    for 15 min
    30 sec of Ring Inverts
    30 sec rest

    Forearms get some tense from the grip.

    HSPU- making progress, used 45# plate and mat, total aprox 7 reps.

  5. Heather (Mum)

    WU X 2
    Strengt X 5

    15 min. of situps 30 sec. then 30 sec. rest
    165 reps

  6. WU x 2
    Back squat 95, 105, 115, 120, 120 (f), 95
    176 sit ups
    1st wod with Coach Pat. Thanks for the help + encouragement!

  7. I found it odd that I wasn’t really sore after my vacation, but it has caught up to me. Either that, or I was run over by a truck. I’m taking today and tomorrow off. Maybe Friday too. lol

  8. Strength Push Press X 3
    Wod Rx’d
    for 15 min
    30 sec of Ring Inverts
    30 sec rest
    Total: 71
    It was a lot of fun in the first round or two, and then it got really hard.

    1. I’ll take the bet too! I bet we’ll see double unders. If we’re both wrong, we’ll both do burpees on Sat after WOD 12.3… If you are wrong, I guess you owe Darsey 25 burpees + 25 for me…
      Anybody else want to take that bet?

  9. Oh wow! This is my first ever crossfit pic 🙂 90 snatches in 10 mins… Guess not too bad for my first class right in the games! Many thanks to my judge Heather for the support 🙂

    1. Nice pic Andreia and big, big props to you and Diane, can’t imagine having last saturday as first ever crossfit workout!

  10. WUX2
    Front Squat
    150×3 160×3 170×3 180×3 200×3 205×3
    77 reps, form was poor

  11. WU x 2

    Strength: Cleans x 5
    95-110-120-125-135 (PR for reps)

    for 15 min
    30 sec of Ring Inverts
    30 sec rest
    Total:61 reps

    Started strong but the last few rounds were brutal. Had a few ‘no reps’, but happy to do my first Rx’d workout!

  12. WU including box jumps cause rebounding is my weakness.

    86 Double-Unders. (PR by 16) 😀
    Realized at about 50 or 60 I wasn’t breathing. …It helps!

    WOD (Rx’d):

    Total —> 100

    Nice work Corinna and Jeff L.!

    1. Awesome job Jeff. That’s really awesome consistency!
      I bow to your double-under…ness.

  13. Darrell :
    Front Squat
    150×3 160×3 170×3 180×3 200×3 205×3
    77 reps, form was poor

    Do you have any other type of form? 😛

  14. Thrusters x 5 -> 45-45-55-55-65-65-65

    WOD – 66 reps (Perfect form so…I think I beat Darrell.)

  15. WU x 2

    Strength – Front Squats X 5 75-85-95-105-115


    For 15 minutes
    30 sec of Ring Inverts (did sit-ups instead of ring inverts)
    30 sec Rest
    Total: 152

  16. Jo and I will be at the gym again tonight at 9:30 to hit WOD 12.3. Feel free to come judge, watch or cheer.

  17. No strength
    Stretching and foam roll

    “monkey business”
    15 minutes
    30secs on ring inverts
    30 secs rest

    Score : 127

    1. That’s insane…you probably spent more time upside down than upside right on in that WOD!

  18. Deadlifts 5x 95#

    Did hanging knee raise for the first half of the WOD then switch to row for calories
    Total: 100 (36 hanging knee raise/64 calories)

  19. WUx2

    Strength – Back Squat X5

    Between sets, did a few Pistols and did 3 strict HSPU with 25# and cushin.

    WOD (Rx’d):

    Total —> 93

    Stretching, foam roll, lacross ball and wall squat hold

    Great work evening folks!

    1. At first I thought you meant “during the 30-break in the WOD you did” … and that would just not be right…

      1. Hahaha, if I had that much energy, then would have put it to good use. Needed all for that WOD!

  20. WU x 2

    Strength: Shoulder press (x5)

    WOD “Monkey Business”
    Scaled (Toes thru rings x5 sets then v-snaps x10 sets)
    Total = 188
    (shoulder was hurting too much to do all with toes thru rings)

    Cashout with foam roller/lacrosse ball on shoulders

  21. WUx2
    Strength – Back Squat x3 ( little weak after last nights WOD)
    Practice DU..
    WOD (Rx’d):
    Total —> 111

    1. Nice work on the WOD!
      Thanks for helping with clean up, very very appreciated! Funny how they go from playing on rings, doing KBS and running around….to pukie!! Never expected that after 48hr hiatus…and he’s normally so good at making it in time 🙁

  22. WU x 2

    Strength: back squat x 5
    145-175-195-225-245 (10# PR for reps)

    For 15 minutes
    30 sec of Ring Inverts (scaled with toes through rings)
    30 sec Rest
    Total: 119

  23. WU X 2
    Strength, OHS: 5 X 75-85-90-95-100
    Thanks to Rob and Marc for helpin me out with the effin things.

    WOD: Toes through rings, 119 reps.

  24. Workout 12.3
    Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 18 minutes of:

    15 Box jumps (M 24″ box / F 20″ box)
    12 Push press (M 115 lb / F 75 lb)
    9 Toes-to-bar

  25. Hiked 8 .5 km with my dogs at the Dobson Trail which was an awesome start to my day!

    WU x 2

    152 double under’s in a row.

    15 minutes: 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off. Tried the ring inverts, but the feeling of being upside down almost made me shit in my pants so I opted for the toes to rings.

    Total :144. I have a big ass rip on my left hand after this WOD which made me wish I had done sit ups instead!

    75 minutes of hot yoga. The salty sweat felt really great on the rip on my left hand!

    Great day to be alive!

    1. Holy Crap….very nice, active day Corinna!! Sucks for the rip 🙁 ….especially with that T2B in 12.3!!
      You are inspirational for the DU’s….sweet!!

  26. WU x 2

    Strength: back squat x 5
    100-120-130 Had to stop – pain in right leg

    For 15 minutes
    30 sec of Ring Inverts (scaled sit-ups)
    30 sec Rest
    Total: 254

    Just saw 12.3 – looks like the fun is over – Box jumps a big no go right now so I guess I can kiss my ranking good bye 🙁

      1. I was thinking the same, just do one to stay on the board….lots did that on the burpees. And see what the next WODs bring,

  27. Just finished 12.3. Gah!

    8 rounds + 2 Box Jumps

    Gassed, throat dry, shoulders burned out, dizzy.

    Sounds like a typical WOD.

    Thanks to all the judges who came out tonight.

  28. WOD 12.3

    7 Rounds + 6 box jumps

    Thanks again for all who came to judge/keep time/cheer, much appreciated. As for the WOD…I’m just glad its over….finally. That 18 mins felt like MUCH longer……and that’s what she wished she’d said.

  29. 12.3 -> 7 rounds and 14 BJ thanks to everyone who came out to cheer or judge. Thanks Gabe for being an awesome judge.

    1. Nice!!
      Again really sorry about your pre-WOD clean up, not the most motivating 🙁 ….thanks again for your help, really appreciated!! Wish we could have stayed to cheer….

  30. Came in late, shhhhhhhhh
    WU x 1
    No strength today
    WOD: Monkey business
    15 minutes of:
    30 sec ring inverts / or scale toes to rings
    30 sec rest

    16 ring inverts
    83 toes to rings

  31. WUx2
    Strength = Deadlifts x1

    WOD: Monkey Business
    15 minutes
    30secs on ring inverts
    30 secs rest
    Total 106 (RX)

    Hard on the grip the last few rounds!
    Great work 6:30 crew!


    WOD 12.3

    5 rounds + 15 BJs + 6 Push presses —– Not sure if it was 5-6-or 7 push presses

    Well, my 2 cents/advice for this WOD is PACE!!! Just go through the motions and get through the first 5-10 minutes not allowing yourself to get overIy out-of-breathe !! I was Not sure why I came out the gates guns a blazing but that is why I like doing these wods a few times… I can improve on this!! The Press weight of 115# is a bit outta my comfort zone THOUGH I was able to do the 1st 12 unbroken – I then did Push jerks which way better….Truly after that I cannot even remember much except for Rob and the others cheering me on and me talking to myself in my head saying “give up”! Anyway, I will do better than this next time – I just hope my PACING strategy works 🙂

    Good night peeps!

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