“Modified Helen”

3 rounds of:
50 Lunges
21 Kettlebell Swings
12 Pullups

Chantal T on the bar

48 thoughts on ““Modified Helen””

  1. Warm up times 3

    strength OHS 15-20-30-35 (struggled to keep the bar up so I focused on form at 30 for a few more reps)

    WOD modified Helen: 3 rounds for time
    50 walking lunges
    21 KBS 30#
    12 pull ups (red band)

    time: 11:40 yikes! That felt hard!
    Good job on the workout eveyone 🙂

  2. CFWU x 3

    Strength – Push Jerk

    WOD – “Modified Helen” # Rounds of
    50 Walking Lunges
    21 KBS 40#
    12 Pullups

    Time: 10:30
    Best pullup day I have had in months, my right hand is torn up, but a great way to start the week!

  3. I have been away since Friday and I want to thank everyone for their words of encouragement and praise. I suprised myself and I like what the Paleo Challenge did for me and I plan to continue with it as much as possible. Thank You Kevin for the idea, the planning and the follow up. Have a great trip to Cuba

  4. not to confuse matters…but…I’m scheduled for 6:30 and will trade for an earlier if something opens, if not I’ll keep it

  5. And so it begins…

    Owen, you can take Ang’s 4:15.

    Dan, either you or Mel can have the 6:30 from Owen.

    Gill – You can run rain or shine!

  6. CFWU x3
    Strength – back squat x5

    WOD: modified Helen
    time 8:48

    cash out (thanks for the reminder sonia) 🙂 1 min plank on hands, 1 min plank on elbows, 3 HSPU (yellow/red band combo)

    awesome job everyone!

  7. Deadlifts – 1RM

    hmmm… deadlifts are so much easier on CFT day.
    Must be the cheering!

    WOD (53#):

    Pretty happy with that!

  8. CFWU x 3
    Back Squat x 1 – 95, 125, 145, 165PR, 170PR

    Modified Helen
    3 sets
    50 lunges
    21 KBS 35#
    12 P/U (Yelow band)

  9. Squat Clean with Guy (3RM)

    WOD: modified Helen
    50 lunges
    21 KBS (1pood)
    12 pullups
    Time: 8:53 min
    Did the lunges and KBS straight. Probably should have done heavier KBS. But still no grip at the end!
    Thanks Marc! Trying to catch you, was great motivation!! 🙂

  10. CFWU x2

    No bumper plates at home so.
    Bench Press x5

    WOD: Modified Helen
    3 Rounds
    50 Lunges
    21 Kettlebell Swings
    12 Pull ups

    Time: 9:14

    1 min Plank

  11. Strength 5×1
    Push press 95-105-115-125(PR)-130(failed)
    Squat clean 115-125-135-140-145(PRs for SQUAT cleans)

    Modified Helen
    3 rounds:
    50 walking lunges
    21 KBS
    12 Pullups

    Time: 11:32

    Did this in the fall in 11:31, but with 400m run and 35lb kettlebell. This time went first round 53lb KB, 2nd round about 15 reps with 53lb, the rest with 35, 3rd round 10 with 53 the rest with 35… and all my pull ups were chest to bar (cause the coach told me too !!!!) So happy with the result, time was almost the same but the work was increased.
    Good job everyone:)

  12. wupx3
    Deadlift x3
    3 rounds
    50 lunges
    21 kbs(25)
    12 p-ups(red)

  13. Warm up x 2
    Squat Clean with MC
    5x 65-80-95-105-115 Thanks for the coaching you guys.

    WOD: Modified Helen (This strangely sounds like school.) Teachers will get that. 🙂

    50 Lunges
    21 KBS (40#)
    12 Pull ups (red first round, green next two rounds)
    Time: 12:19

    Bon voyage Kevin & Jo

    1. Guy…. you squat cleaned MC?
      ummmm… cool!
      (Don’t hit me! I’m a delicate flower!)

  14. Warm up x3 (KBS instead of pushups)
    Push Press x5:

    WOD: Modified Helen
    3 Rounds of
    50 Lunges
    21 KBS (25 lbs)
    12 Pull ups (Red band)
    Time: 11:01

    Have a good trip Kevin and Jo!

  15. Jeff Buddy you’re making my posts too easy…

    Deadlifts – 1RM

    WOD (40#):

    Great job 6:30 crew!

  16. WU x 3

    Front Squat 1-1-1-1-1 / 55-65-75-95-100 (PR)

    WOD – “Modified Helen”
    3 rounds of:
    50 Lunges
    21 KBS (35#)
    12 Pull Ups
    Time – 13:38 😀
    Super work everyone!
    Kevin & Jo – Have fun!

  17. WUx3
    Strength = Back Squat x 3
    105-115-125-135-145 (PR for Reps)

    Legit Helen

    Run 400m
    21 KBS (35#)
    12 pullups

    Time: 11:08

    I could have been faster if I’d done the lunges, but I hate Hate them! I’d run in the cold, wind and rain anyday….. but for time… maybe the lunges next time around. Next time I meet Helen I want to be Sub 10.
    Great work 6:30 crew!
    Nice to see all the new faces!

  18. Warm Up x3

    Front Squat x1

    WOD: “Helen”
    3 rounds of
    400m run
    21 KBS (25)
    12 Pull Ups (green)

    Time: 11:13

    Welcome to all the new members!

  19. Warm-up x2 with weight for OHS and Good Mornings (15 and 35 pound)
    Clean 5-1-1-1-1-1 (45-65-75-95-115(f)-105(PR))
    WOD: modified Helen
    50 lunges
    21 KBS (1pood)
    12 pullups
    Time: 10:35 min

    Good job everyone !

  20. Squat Cleans x5
    95-135-155-175-180 (PR for reps!)

    Thrusters x5
    135-145-155-160-160 (PR for reps!)

    “F’ed Up Helen”
    50 Lunges
    21 KBS (70#)
    12 Chest to bar Pullups


    Great job to our new military boys, Mike, Scott and Greg! Awesome effort by those that chose to run in the cold, wet weather!

    Adios amigos! Try not to destroy the gym while I’m gone. I’ll sure I’ll hear some of you scream my name while I’m away. Hit the workouts hard! And get lots of PR’s!

  21. CFWU x 3 (KBS instead of the PU)
    strength – Front Squat 5’s
    125-135-145-155-165PR for reps
    WOD – Mod. Helen’
    3 rounds of :
    50 lunges
    21 KBS 53#
    12 pullups
    Good job 5:30 crew

  22. Front squat 5RM –> 95-135-155-185-205 (PR for reps

    Modified Helen –> 6:30
    3 rds of (modified for my shoulder):
    50 lunges
    21 one arm kbs (35#)
    12 jumping pullups

  23. CW x 3
    Front Squat 65-95-120-130-140(fail)

    WOD: Helen
    3 rounds of:
    21 KBS (35lbs)
    12 pullups
    Time: 9:17

    This was my first time trying Helen….and I LOVED IT! 🙂 Much better than Eva.

  24. Warm up X 3
    Push Press @ 3 reps

    WOD: Modified Helen
    3 rounds of:
    50 Lunges
    21 KBS # 35
    12 Pull Ups (Green Band)
    Time: 12:27
    Once again, I fall prey to the dreaded pull ups…GRRR!

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