Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Good mornings
50 Sit-ups

Compare to June 2/10


46 thoughts on “Micheal”

  1. WUX2
    Strength-Deadlift x5


    Three rounds for time of:
    Run 800 meters Scale 400M
    30 Good mornings
    30 Sit-ups


  2. First time ever doing a 7am class I believe, it was fun!

    WU x2

    Subbed strength for some stretching

    WOD: ‘Michael’
    Three rounds for time of:
    Run 800 meters
    50 Good mornings (35#)
    50 Sit-ups

    T = 27:55

    I liked this one!

  3. Sorry to the 6am class. I screwed up the numbers and you only did 30 reps.

    Consider it a treat??

  4. WUx2
    Shoulder press: (x5)

    3 rounds of:
    * 800m run
    * 50 back extensions 45#
    * 50 sit-ups

    Time:18:38 I think

    Double under practice: 71 (pr)

    Welcome to the Crossfit Fam Mat Youden!! Great push at the end Amanda and Matt!!!

    1. Thanks Johnny….And thanks to all out at 6 am this morning….I had a great first WOD!

      WU x 2
      Shoulder Press: (x5)

      “Michael” (Scaled)
      3 Rounds of :
      *400M run
      *30 Good Mornings
      *30 Sit-ups
      Time: 15:45

      Thanks again

  5. Couldn’t pass this one up, we did the WOD at home
    skipped strength
    WU x 2

    Good mornings @ 35#

    time = 21: 30

    Our neighbors must think we are nuts 😉

  6. We woke up and saw this one, figured “What the heck”

    WuX2 (Substituted pulls ups for 15 knuckle push ups).

    3 rounds of:
    * 800m run
    * 50 Good mornings 35#
    * 50 sit-ups

    T:=23:00 even

    neighbors had a great look on his face, the other one to the left laughed as he was driving away…HAHAHA

      1. Hahaha, yea, just us doing good mornings and sit-ups in the front yard I think threw them off…They’re both well into retirement… 🙂 My front neighboor was shaking his head and laughing and the other that was driving away said “I’m tired just watching ya!” LOL

  7. WU x 2
    Strength: Deadlifts x 5
    75, 85, 95, 105, 125

    3 Rounds

    50 GoodMorn @ 35#
    50 Sit Ups


    Running was tough for me today…couldn’t get me legs moving and had a hard with my breathing – so okay with my time. Awesome job to the 4:15 crew, you guys rocked today!!!

  8. CFWU x 2

    500m Row
    Good Mornings
    Worked on Double Unders

    WOD – “Michael”
    Time: 22:28 PR by 4:15

    800m Run

  9. WU X 2


    3 rounds
    800m run
    50 good mornings (35#)
    50 situps

    Time: 20:25

    PR: 1:17 : happy with this PR

    Good work 4:15 p.m. crew!

  10. WU x 2

    Modified Michael…(thank for the break Kevin)
    3 rounds 800 m.
    30 good mornings (35)
    30 sit ups
    Time = 19:32

    My legs are still burning from Monday’s wod. The first few steps of the run felt bad, but then soon didn’t notice. Oddly…by the time I left the gym…they were stiff again. Gotta love squats!

    Thanks for the push Gilles. You kept me movin’.
    Welcome to the morning crew Mat

  11. Shoulder Press x5

    WOD: Michael


    Not too bad for a Hero workout. Mainly my goats but it was still good.

  12. WU x 2
    Modified Michael…(thank Kevin)
    3 rounds 800 m.
    30 good mornings (25# felt light next time try 35#)
    30 sit ups

    Time = 20:32 (have to work on my run to slow)
    Cashout – hip & leg stretch

    Mat nice to meet you & welcome aboard

  13. WU x 2
    strength – Push press x 1
    95×3, 115,125,135,145,150(PR 10#)

    Modified Michael…(thank Kevin)
    3 rounds 800 m.
    30 good mornings (45#)
    30 sit ups

    Time = 19:36 Nice race Heidi
    Cashout – hip & leg stretch

  14. WU X 2
    Strength: Push Jerk 5’s
    *Think I could have done more but ran out of time.

    Michael – 3 rounds
    800 m run
    50 good mornings 35#
    50 situps

    Time: 27:03

    First 800 m run was over 1 min faster than usual so progress is being made! Thankfully the GM and SU aren’t goats so they helped make up for the second and third runs. (Pretty sure the geriatric “Champlain Mall Walking Club” would have lapped me on that last run!)

  15. Mobility
    WU x 2 (all pull ups without band! Can you tell I am still really stoked about this?)

    Strength: Push Press (x3)
    65-85-105-115-120 (PR!!! YAY) 🙂
    **Gabrielle thanks for your coaching on this. Having my elbows too high was limiting my power. Dropping them a little was exactly what I needed. What a difference a couple of inches makes**

    WOD “Michael”
    3 rounds:
    800m run
    50 good mornings @ 35#
    50 sit ups
    Time = 21:39

    **I am pleased with this time. Finished the first 800m run in 3:18.**

    Great work 4:15 crew!

    1. Yay for band free pullups 🙂 and that PR on your push press! You’re impressively strong, but your technique is also very good Lora. Happy I could help, but you did those lifts all on your own 😀

  16. Super impressed with everyone’s results today! You all posted some fast times even with the heat – good job guys and gals! 🙂

  17. Even me? haha

    WU x2
    Front Squats 55/65/75/85/95 x5

    Michael – Brutal!
    Run wasn’t bad…
    Good mornings not bad…
    Sit ups are from the devil!!!

    thanks to the 4:15 crew for waiting for me and all the encouragement !
    You’ll never get that at a “regular” gym.

    1. Especially you! Make sure you took note of what you did because I know next time you’ll do even better 🙂

  18. WUx2

    Strength- Overhead FREAKIN Squats.


    These are going to be my nemesis….

    WOD “Michael” x3 rounds

    800m run
    50 Good Mornings
    50 Situps

    Time: 24:44

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