Max Day!

Reminder that we are closed for Remembrance Day tomorrow.

Today we will spend some time practicing the split jerk (see video below).

Afterwards, we will find our max’s on the following:
Double Unders


44 thoughts on “Max Day!”

  1. WU x 1
    split jerk practice

    max split jerk: 245 lbs.
    max push ups: 70
    max pull ups: 38
    max double unders: 72
    max L-sit (seated, legs straight): 45 seconds

  2. WU x1 and row 250m

    Split Jerk – 115 (super happy! been trying to get 115 for a while)
    Pushups – 25 (awesome! more than i thought i’d do)
    pullups – 29…..great until….

    no double unders or L-sit for me after my tumble off the pull-up bar and onto the box…for those that were there this morning i’m alive but moving very slowly, thank you all for your concern 🙂 Great job on your PR’s today Corrina, pullups are looking good!

    1. I always feel like one day I’m going to lose my grip and go flying off the bar. Is that what happened to you????? Glad you are you OK.

  3. Tracy - CF Fredericton

    Eeeks! That’s very scary Joanna! I hope you suffered nothing worse than a few scrapes & bruises!

  4. You are one tough cookie Joanna. Your tumble happpened so quickly, but I keep picturing your fall in slow mo. Did you get your back checked out?

    1. I did..nothing broken just a soft tissue injury. I was expecting to hear worse after 4 hours in a neck brace at the hospital lol Sill sore and hobbling around but coulda been worse.

      1. Glad to hear that Jo. Soft tissue… pfff You don’t have soft tissue on your body. You’ll be alright 🙂

  5. warm Up x1
    250m row

    Max Split Jerk: 85lb
    Max Push Ups: 17
    Max Pull Ups: 14
    Max L-Sit: 44sec
    Max Double Unders: 10(PR) FINALLY!!!!!!!!

  6. Warm up x 1
    Row 250m
    Max Split Jerks 45-65-95-115-135-145
    Max push ups 25
    Max pull ups 10
    Max L sit 10s
    Max double unders 2

  7. WU x 1
    Row 250m
    Max split jerks: 95(PR)
    Pushups (from feet): 20 (PR)
    Pullups: 18 (PR)
    L-Sit: 11sec.
    DU: 13 (PR)

    Really happy with today!! I hope you’Re OK Joanna!

  8. 250m row = 46.8 seconds

    Split Jerk practice

    Max Day:
    Pullups = 30 (PR by 5)
    Pushups = 40
    L-sit = 21 seconds
    Doubles = 25

    1. Joanna and Kevin, take it easy tomorrow and get well soon! If you need anything don’t be shy to ask for help.

    2. ahhh…. I was thinking more like delivering bags of ice, cookies, magazines or even fluffing your pillows if needed. 🙂

  9. CW x 1
    250m row
    Split Jerk practice

    MAX DAY:
    Pushups – 26 (PR by 12)
    Pullups – 26 (PR by 1)
    L-sit – 21s
    Double Unders -56 (PR by 6)

  10. WU X 1 / 250 M Row: 57.1 Seconds

    Split Jerk Max: 85#
    Push-Ups Max: 12 (on toes)
    Pull-ups Max: 12 (yellow/green bands)
    L-Sit Max: 34 seconds (bent knees)
    D-Unders Max: 0 🙁 … someday

  11. Max Pushups on fist –> 30
    Max pullups on rings –> 40
    Max L-sits –> 18 sec (booohhh)
    Max DU –> 80 (wooohoooo) I stopped because I had a bad headache after 70.

  12. Split Jerk Max: 95-135-155-165-175(PR)

    Pushups: 41(PR)
    Pullups: 40(PR)
    L-sits: 22 seconds
    Double Unders: 19

  13. I’m very impressed with all the PR’s today! Some of you did things you thought were impossible. Congrats!

  14. WUx1
    Row 250m

    Practice Split Jerk

    Split Jerk 135#
    Pushups 31 (PR)
    Pullups 7 (Strict)
    L-sits 20sec (Straight Legs) 😀
    Double Unders 1

    This was fun
    Great Job everyone!

    Kevin and Joanna, wishing for a speedy recovery for both of you.

  15. WU x 1
    Row 250m

    Split Jerk: 125 #
    Push ups: 25
    Pull ups: 10 9(no band)
    Double Under’s: 56 round 1: 65 round 2
    Max L Sit: 10s

  16. CFWU x 1
    250 m row 40.6s
    Max split jerk – 95-135-185-205PR-215PR
    pushups:47 matched PR
    pullups:26PR of 1
    L-sit: 20 sec
    DU’s: 27PR of 5

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