(This is an excerpt from the mindset course that 5 of our awesome members are taking)

There was a study years ago (The Standford Marshmallow experiment) that had small children sit in a room with a marshmallow. They were given the option to eat the marshmallow, or if they waited (roughly 15 minutes), they could get 2 marshmallows. 

You would think that the kids with the most willpower were the ones that could delay their gratification. But that’s not really how ‘willpower’ works. 

The kids that were most successful in delaying their gratification were the ones that DID something to pass the time. 

“They made up quiet songs…hid their head in their arms, pounded the floor with their feet, fiddled playfully and teasingly with the signal bell, verbalized the contingency…prayed to the ceiling, and so on. In one dramatically effective self-distraction technique, after obviously experiencing much agitation, a little girl rested her head, sat limply, relaxed herself, and proceeded to fall sound asleep.”

What can you take away from this? People that say “I just won’t eat the chips” are taking the wrong approach. Instead of just thinking really hard about what you don’t want, you should get up and actually DO something.

So, what are you going to DO?


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