Market tomorrow! Woooo!

AMRAP in 7 minutes of:
21 Double Unders
14 Pushups
7 Squats

Pat was kind enough to design a CrossFit Moncton background for your computer or laptop. You can download it here:

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Tomorrow is Saturday. It’s my favorite day of the week because I get to visit the Moncton Market. That is where I buy my eggs. Not like the crappy eggs from the grocery store. I mean free-range, anti-biotic free, grain fed chicken eggs! And YES, you CAN taste the difference. You can get a dozen for $3.

I also choose to purchase my meat from the market as well. More specifically, I get mine from Stephen Taylor’s farm. In the picture below, all of that came to under $25. And again, you CAN taste the difference!

The market also offers many fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown by local farmers. So please take the time to stop by the market for some fresh, local food!

38 thoughts on “Market tomorrow! Woooo!”

  1. Kevin, I won’t be able to make it this morning. My shoulders a little sore so I think I should rest it. I’ll see you tomorrow. Sorry for the short notice.

  2. Jason - CrossFit Fredericton

    Umm wallpaper even. Rule one when posting: have coffee and be wearing glasses. It will help greatly.

  3. CFWUx3
    Strength Push Jerk 45-55-65-75-85

    WOD AMRAP 7 minutes
    21 double unders(63 singles)
    15 push ups
    7 squats

    6 rounds + 63 singles
    I really liked this workout, felt good. πŸ™‚

  4. warm up x2

    Shoulder Press 3-3-3-3-3


    WOD: 3 rounds + 18 Double Unders

    Yay double unders something im good at:D

  5. CFWU X 3
    Strength 3-3-3-3-3
    Push Press
    WOD AMRAP in 7 min. of:
    21 DU’s or 63 singles
    14 pushups7 squats

    3 rounds plus 63 singles

  6. Warm up with a couple muscle ups
    strength 3-3-3-3-3 OHS

    WOD AMRAP in 7 min. of:
    21 DU’s
    14 pushups
    7 squats

    3 rounds Flat.. DUs are slowly getting better…. :S πŸ™

  7. Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3
    95-115-135-145-155(pr for reps)

    WOD AMRAP in 7 min. of:
    21 DU’s
    14 pushups
    7 squats

    4rounds + 5 squats

  8. CFWU x 3

    Strength – Shoulder Press

    WOD – AMRAP in 7 mins of
    63 Single Unders
    14 Push Ups
    7 Squats

    5 Rounds and 23 Skips

    I thought 7 mins was going to be a waste of time, I stand corrected!

  9. CFWU x 3
    Strenght 1-1-1-1-1
    Push Jerk 55-65-75-85-95(PR)

    WOD AMRAP in 7 mins of
    21 DU (63 singles)
    14 push ups (knees)
    7 squats

    4 rounds + 13 push ups

  10. I’d just like to add that both the Moncton and Dieppe market is home to Springbrook farms too – they have AWESOME grain fed / antibiotic free chicken and eggs, apple fed pork, bacon, and for a limited time organic red angus beef. all their meat is excellent! Degenherdt’s (the german butcher) is at both markets as well and have great bacon and sausage – ones that don’t spit and catch fire on the bbq cause they aren’t filled with crap. mmm. i can’t wait until tomorrow either!

    i’d like to most a massive ‘annie’ PR too from yesterday – 9:32. the last time was over 17 minutes, i’ve finally started to figure out those elusive double unders.

  11. Cfwu x 3 (ring rows 7,10,10)

    Strength 5’s Push Press

    WOD amrap 7 min
    21 d/u (sub 63 s/u)
    14 push ups
    7 squats
    4 rds even

  12. Strength
    Back squats 5X3 135-145-155-160-135(for 5 reps instead)

    AMRAP 7 min
    21 DU
    14 push ups
    7 squats

    5rounds and 21 DU

  13. CFWU x 3

    Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 / 95-105-115-125-135

    WOD – AMRAP in 7 minutes

    21 Double Unders
    14 Push Ups
    7 Squats

    3 rounds + 21 Double Unders + 5 Push Ups + 1 Big Whiny Ouuuuccchhhh for all the push ups!

  14. wupx3
    strength x1 press 45-50-55-65-70(pr)
    wod: amrap in 7 mins
    63 double unders
    14 pushups(knees)
    7 squats
    4 rounds+53 single unders

  15. Warm up x 3
    Strength: push jerks 3 reps @ 45lbs. All 5 rounds at 45 lbs (resting the neck & shoulder for a few days.

    WOD: AMRAPS in 7 minutes
    21 Double unders
    14 pushups (knees)
    7 squats
    3 Rounds + 20 DU’s.
    This was waaaaaay harder than I thought it would be! Since this was a “Kevin Wood” invented work out, I should have known as much.

  16. Back Squats x 3
    95-135-155-170-180 (PR for reps by 30#)

    WOD: AMRAP in 7 mins of…
    21 Double Unders
    14 Push Ups
    7 Squats

    5 Rounds + 10 DUs

    When I got home I did 100 situps and 2 minutes of forearm plank (1 min each).

  17. Push Press 3 reps

    wod: AMRAP in 7 of:
    21 double under
    14 push ups
    7 squats

    3 rounds + 10 Double unders + 1 pushup (It was hard to keep up with Jeff…you gettin a lot better on those double under!!!)

  18. Warm-up X 2
    Push Press : 45×1, 55×2

    Wod: AMRAP in 7 of:
    63 s/u
    14 push-ups
    7 squats

    4 rounds + 40 s/u

  19. WU x 3

    Strength = Push Jerk
    Both Wood coaches (the nice one and the evil one) worked on form with me for a while. Thank you, I feel really solid about them now.

    WOD = the Kevin Wood special!

    AMRAP in 7 Minutes
    63 singles (DUs are not there for me yet)
    14 pushups
    7 squats

    5 rounds + 11 pushups.

    My singles were pretty much seemless tonight. 63 came WAY faster than I figured.
    I wrote off a pair of old shorts on my last set of Squats, but that’s cool because Kevin just ordered me a pair of sweet crossfit shorts at 40% off!

    P.S. while this was still a tough WOD… I think it could be increased to 10 minutes…. just sayen…..

  20. Liam :

    P.S. while this was still a tough WOD… I think it could be increased to 10 minutes…. just sayen…..

    You’re not going to make very many friends that way Liam!

    1. Whaaaaat? but I’m friendly! I like people… people like me… It’s just that it’s true. Okay okay… maybe 9 minutes?

    1. I totally agree with Liam. I really liked that workout and I felt I could go longer. Maybe some days would not feel that way, but today I did. πŸ™‚
      P.S. I usually hate Kevin Wood originals!

  21. Warm Up x3

    Push Jerk: 1-1-1-1-1

    AMRAP in 7 min:
    63 Singles
    14 Push Ups (only first 13 without knees)
    7 Squats

    5 rounds + 34 singles

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