March 12 workout

11 rounds of:
11 Wall ball
11 Med ball lunges
11 Med ball cleans

Some of the crew sporting their new CrossFit Marina gear
Some of the crew sporting their new CrossFit Marina gear

31 thoughts on “March 12 workout”

  1. A med ball WOD….disgusting!

    I am glad it is my rest day…but I might run the 5k (Last saturday WOD).

  2. There is a trailer of “Every Second Counts” featuring OPT on Crossfit HQ. He looks like a machine….can’t wait to see that movie.

  3. damn ..i have to teach spin tonight :o)

    also making cookies for my spinners as they are at the half way point :o)

  4. fun!

    i was late posting yesterday, so about mc d’s… ice cream. every now and then. And on the road, if i’m stuck, I’ll grab scrambled eggs. Everything else makes me sick.

    RE: Jeanette @ the Games… since I can’t compete, I’m putting $25 in the pot.

    Krista… where can I grab those bike drills?

    nice to see you all last night 🙂

  5. janine – the bike drills are at (they list WODs for run, bike, swim and c2)

    sean – where are our cookies?? 🙂

    oh – and a follow up to the McDonalds video yesterday – check out these delicacies….

    wow! the sandwich of knowledge and the bacon cheese pizza burger give me heartburn just looking at them.

  6. by the look of the feedback i think we will be able to get Jeanette to the games with a new outfit …of course i get to pick out the outfit :o)

    cookies for you …may drop some off before spin :o)

    now i’m off to Mc D’s for a large pootine and bigmac achocolate milk shake


  7. Krista – those are some serious meals. I could go for the deep fried grilled cheese sandwich though… Yummmm! God, I haven’t had a grilled cheese in AGES. I forgot about that little gem.

    Janine, you’re adding fuel to the fire!!!

    Cookies tomorrow Sean. I’m teaching a BellyDance class tonight and I won’t be at the gym either.

  8. welll in Newfoundland they eat deep fried fat …yuck …but i guess it is huge there

    ohhh k folks …cookies friday night …for those that workout Jeanette :oP

    lets get that fire going folks ….Jeanette is going represent us …yaayyyy :o)

  9. Is anyone going to the First Annual Bacon Conference? March 28 @ 3pm at the Atlantic Ballet Theatre (upstairs from St James Gate).

    Admission is $5 if you bring a bacon-themed dish / $10 if you just want to eat bacon.

    + 1 non-perishable food item (not bacon) to be donated to Mobile One Food Bank.

  10. Kevin – I will make everyone’s life miserable if I can’t have cookies. I only three vices, and cookies are one of them.

    Listen folks, it just occurred to me that the Qualifier is only one week after I get back from France. And I don’t know what kind of shape I’ll be in after 10 days of international debauchery. Are you sure you still want me to compete on behalf of CF Moncton…. hahaha!

  11. 16 post already and it’s not even 11AM!
    Mmm bacon conference…interesting!
    Cookies on friday…Yay!
    Jeanette representing CFMoncton at the CFgame even after eating a lot of cheese…Yahoo!

  12. and the French Pastry! Mmmm…these are SO GOOD! And the chocolate crepe! Ok, a little bit of them won’t hurt! 🙂

  13. Pierre, I won’t have a problem staying away from the bread… it’s the Cheese, Wine, Kouing Amman, and Moelleux that I’m preparing for 😉

  14. I just received my 1.5 pood KB…man that’s a lot heavier than the 1 pood that we got at the gym. Can’t wait to do a WOD with it.

    I will bring it in tomorrow!

  15. Warm-up x3
    Push-ups; Sit-ups; Squats; Double Unders;
    Good Mornings(15#)

    Strength: 3-3-3-3-3
    Deadlifts: 95-135-155-175-175

    WOD: 11 Rounds
    11 Wall Balls (14#)
    11 Med Ball Lunges (14#)
    11 Med Ball Cleans (14#)

    Time: 30:11

  16. Warm up x 3
    Burpees, deadlifts, squats, situps

    Strength deadlifts

    WOD 11 rounds
    11 wall ball
    11 med ball lunges
    11 med ball cleans

    time 25:01

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