Many Thanks!

Thank you to everyone that helped at the 6th Annual Hopper Event! I’ve heard lots of great comments, and it was all because we had a great crew to make sure it went off without a hitch. There were close to 75 volunteers working tirelessly all day, so thank you to each and every one of you.

To all the first time competitors, you made your coaches proud. We’re glad you trusted us when we said you wouldn’t regret signing up. We had many members with clean PRs in the morning. And many more pushing their limits for the “Leg Massacre”. Coaches are very happy with all of you.

It’s always stressful to put together such a huge event. And leading up to it, I question myself as to why I keep doing it. But once the day arrives, and seeing the CrossFit community together, the cheering and support, the smiles, laughs and high fives… it’s 100% worth it. We try our very best to make sure this is the best CrossFit event in the Maritimes.

Thanks for your support! We love you!

Push Press x5

3 x 800m

*Rest exactly 2 minutes between rounds. Score is total time to complete all runs.

Compare to May 28/14


Leg Massacre
Leg Massacre

16 thoughts on “Many Thanks!”

  1. Ha! The leg massacre for sure! I haven’t got out of bed yet… Not sure how t will feel 😀

    Kevin and Jo, credits go all to you! You put this event together, planning all the details. We volunteers only follow your plan. I am amazed of how well it was organized, rolling smoothly and on time! What an awesome event

    1. Hahaha stay in bed! I’ve been up moving since 7 thinking it would help…not even a little bit

  2. I’m out of bed and I can assure you it’s not pleasant! Lol. I attempted to foam roll…I’ll try again later. Awesome day yesterday!

  3. I never want to see that WOD again! Haha couldn’t believe when I pulled the front squats after the 30 air squats… Then Nathan had to go and pull the thrusters! Damn thrusters.. Haha

    Overall, I had a great day and very happy I signed up! 🙂 thanks for all the organizing Kevin and Jo!

  4. It seems like this year the Hopper event ran better and smoother than ever. Personally I had a great time, whether it was competing, coaching or judging.

    Good job to our first timers and thanks to Kevin and Joanna for organizing such an event.

  5. Each year when something new or different is added, I admit to thinking “I don’t know if I like that” and each year it’s exactly the right thing! As much as the coaches might be proud of the athletes, I’m doubly proud to say “I’m Crossfit Moncton”. Kevin you’ve built something amazing here, both in the box and with the Hopper. That’s why we bring the people we love to your door…we believe in you, trust you and would follow you just about anywhere – well maybe that last part could wait til we get our legs back

    1. A hike will be really good to help loosen up your muscles! I’ll be staying active today to keep the soreness away!

  6. I admit to having some post-sign up anxiety about the Hopper this year but that all seemed to fall away once I arrived on Saturday. What fun it was for me (yes my heat was early) to enjoy watching all the other competitors and take the time to chat with those you see often but never have time to connect with. I have volunteered through the years at many tournaments, meets and school functions so I get how difficult these things can be to organize…..I am so proud and appreciative of Kevin and Jo for their time and patience it takes to pull this event off so smoothly….amazing job! -Thank you

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