Main Site Monday

For time:
75 Handstand push-ups

At the beginning of each minute perform 20 Double-unders.

Scale: 10 Rounds of 10 Pushups + 20 Doubles (60 Singles)

12 min cap for both

World record – 4:37

Congrats to former member Ed King for getting his Level 1 Cert!
Congrats to former member Ed King for getting his Level 1 Cert!

67 thoughts on “Main Site Monday”

  1. Congrats Ed!

    Strength Backsquat x 5
    85-95-105-105-105 (kept light..the lunges are really being felt today).

    WOD HSPU w/abmat and 10# plate

    DNF: 31 HSPU

    This was great practice for both my DU’s and kipping HSPU. Happy with my progress. Good job Heidi!

    2 years ago today I did my first CF class (rowing and thrusters!!). Crossfit has really changed my life in so many ways! Thank you all for being such great people. Looking forward to many more years πŸ™‚

    1. Congratulations on your 2 years, my little Miss Hercules! Lots of huge progress in the last two years and you certainly deserve it because I don’t know anyone as dedicated to their diet & health like you are. You inspire me every day!

    2. HAPPY 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! We are lucky to have you at CFM. I love how, no matter what (rough day, rough workout) you are always smiling πŸ™‚

  2. Mobility
    WU x 2

    WOD (scale): 10 Rounds
    -10 Pushups
    -20 Doubles-Scale 60 Singles
    12 Min Time Cap

    8 Round+3 Push ups -all from Toes πŸ™‚

  3. WU X 2

    Deadlits x 5
    135-175-200-210(x2) – My hands slipped and I was just not able to regrip properly to go on.

    WOD scale
    10 rounds:
    10 Pushups
    20 DU

    Did 6 rounds in 9:20 … rotator cuff started hurting again BOO. On the bright side, a little massage should help.

    1. …and mobility! Do mobility! Lots of it. Stretch your shoulder every way that you can (safely) stretch it.

  4. Way to go Ed!! πŸ™‚


    Strength – Deadlift X5
    225-245-275-295 stopped there since my back been a bit unstable of late and did not want to push it.

    WOD (scale): 10 Rounds
    10 Pushups
    20 Doubles-Scale 60 Singles
    12 Min Time Cap

    Time–> 8:11

    Great job morning folks!

      1. HSPU is it just the regualar ones we do in class, ill do it tonight at the MMA gym down here…

      2. HSPU=handstand pushup
        I’m not sure if you have done those yet, Bradley. Click on the “More” tab at the top of this page and then on the “Exercise Demos” link for a demonstration of this movement, as well as others we do often in Crossfit. Otherwise, you can do the scale of 10 rounds of 10 regular push ups (chest to the floor) + 20 Double Unders.

  5. WU x 1
    double under practice

    Strength: deadlift x 5

    135,225,315,335,345 (10 lb PR) Felt real good. Back nice and tight.

    WOD: 12 min cap

    75 HSPU for time
    20 DU EMOTM

    Score: 50 HSPU

    DUs still hindering me. One round I didn’t even make it to HSPUs.

  6. WU x 2

    Strength: Push Press x 5


    WOD: 12 min cap

    75 HSPU for time
    20 DU EMOTM

    Score: 50 HSPU

  7. m + wu x1
    42 b-day burpees

    Strength – dead lift

    WOD w/ 12 minute cap – scaled
    10 rounds of:
    -10 pushups (knees)
    -60 single skips
    Time 11:17

    800 m run/jog/crawl….thanks Lisa and Heather for keeping me company…

  8. Mobility + WUx2

    Strength – Shoulder Press
    35-40-45-50-55 < I was able to do 3 clean presses at 55. I attempted to complete my 5 three more times and couldn't quite get them. My goal is to hit 5 strong at 55 next time around!

    WOD – scaled (12 minute cap)
    10 rounds of
    – 10 pushups
    – 60 single unders

    Completed 5 full rounds + 7 pushups

    800m run – first time without having to stop part way through a post-WOD run to stretch out my calves!

  9. Mobility
    WU x 1
    800m run

    No strength (ran out of time)

    10 rounds
    10 push-ups
    20 DU (scale to 60 SU)
    12 min cap

    Score: 9 rounds + 10 push-ups

  10. Wux1. 800 run
    Strength x3 back squat
    17 hspu 10lbs plate/abb Matt
    Rob Brydges

  11. WU x 1
    800m run

    back squatx5

    WOD scaled
    10 rounds
    10 push-ups
    20 DU (scale to 60 SU)

    Time = 10:39

  12. Stopped in tonight to pay my debt of 50 burpees for missing a class.
    And got to watch the 5:45 class hitting it hard!
    Great work!

  13. mob wux2
    strengh over head squat
    65×4 65×4 75×4 75×4
    wod scale 10 round
    10 push up
    20 du scale to 60 single
    time: 7:39

  14. Mob
    WU x 2

    Back Squats x 5

    WOD scale 10 rounds
    10 push up
    20 du
    time: 10:02

  15. Mobility
    WU X 2

    Push Press X 5



    10 rounds
    10 pushups
    60 singles

    Time – 9 rounds and 10 pushups @ the 12 min time cap

  16. WUx1 and an awesome 800m run – what a great day for it!

    No strength – lots of foam rolling and mobility. My buns and legs are realllllly sore from yesterday!

    WOD rx’d: 24 HSPU’s. I was aiming for 30 but I’ll happily take 24. I still can’t believe I can do these.

    This was a really fun wod! And it was also a really fun class to coach. My 6:45 class had some nice PR’s and good form in their strength and in the wod.

  17. Mobility
    WU X 1
    800m Run

    Strength: Deadlift X 5



    10 rounds
    10 pushups
    20 Du’s scaled to 60 singles

    7 rounds and 7 Singles @ the 12 min time cap

    400m run

  18. WU x 1

    800m run…the warmth from the sun felt great!

    WOD: 64 HSPU’s ( 25lb plate and abmat)
    Right shoulder pain since last night so decided not to do RX HSPU’S.
    Double under’s felt great!

    Fun WOD!

  19. mobility
    Wux1 800m run

    Shoulder Press

    95×5- 115×3- 125×3- 135- 140-145-150-155(PR)- 160(fail)


    Total 64 RX

  20. mob
    wu x 1
    Run 800 m

    No strength – foam roll

    WOD (scale): 10 Rounds
    -10 Pushups
    -20 Doubles-Scale 60 Singles
    12 Min Time Cap

    8 rounds + 60 singles

    Really had a hard time today.. shoe laces kept coming untied.. could hardly single skip lol

  21. mob
    wu x 1
    Run 800 m

    Back Squat
    165-190-220-245-250(2) PR

    75 HSPU
    20 Du’s
    12 Min Time Cap

    12 HSPU

    Was really frustrated with low number of HSPU. Guess I got another goat to work on! Nice sharing the bar Frankie, good job on the squats! You too Jason!

    1. You shouldn’t be frustrated with that! You haven’t been doing them rx for very long, it’s a great number!

  22. Congrats on your cert Ed!

    WU x 2

    Arrived late, so no time for strength tonight.

    WOD – 42 HSPU

    Did singles & used 25# plate and AbMat.

    Really liked this WOD and starting to get the hang of kipping HSPU, now if I could only get doubles!

  23. Chantal GuΓ©rette

    I would like to start by saying that this WOD was NOT one of my favorite so I guess it was a good one haha !!

    WU x 1
    800m jog

    Strength : Back Squats
    5 x 65-80-90-100-105

    – 75 HSPU (45lbs plate and abb mat)
    – 20 DU every minute

    Time : 11:50

    I started with DU but after the 6th minute, I switch to singles…

    Ammount of HSPU every minute :
    After 1 minute – 13
    After 2 minutes – 21
    After 3 minutes – 28
    After 4 minutes – 34
    After 5 minutes – 39
    After 6 minutes – 45
    After 7 minutes – 46 (haha!)
    After 8 minutes – 49
    After 9 minutes – 53
    After 10 minutes – 58
    After 11 minutes – 68 (yay!)
    After 11:50 – 75 !!!!!!!!!!

  24. Chantal GuΓ©rette

    Sooo for the first 6 minutes I did 20 DU and for the last 6 minutes I did 60 singles !

  25. Classes on Sunday, April 28th have moved to 12pm and 1pm. Please update any classes you had booked on that day. Sorry for the confusion.

  26. WU x 1 + 800m run, it was way too nice to stay inside, and given the option, I will always run. πŸ™‚

    Strength: Cleans
    Cleans felt so much better this time around and didn’t kill my collar bone for a change.

    75 handstand push-ups
    45,10# plates + ab mat
    Doubles unders

    I got 55 handstand push-ups.

  27. Mobility
    WU x 1
    1000m “run” (it wasn’t very fast, but what a beautiful day for it!!!)

    Strength: Deadlifts (x5)
    135(10)-185-205-225-245 *not my max…stopped because back was tight

    75 HSPUs (with 25# plate and abmat for first 3 rounds then 25#+10#+abmat for remainder)
    20 double unders at the beginning of every minute

    DNF. Got to 62 HSPUs

    Oh how I wish I could kip these. Disc issues in my neck won’t allow me to put weight on my head, so I am stuck in strict handstand pushup land… forever.

  28. mob
    run 800 m ( a bit of a misnomer here, more a jog/walk/limp combo! πŸ™‚ )

    foam rolling, lacrosse ball work
    strength push press.. back a bit tight so only one set and decided another day of rest would help..

    60 singles (really happy with these tonight as I did 8 or 9 sets unbroken! πŸ™‚ )
    HSPU rx


  29. WU x 2

    Snatch x 3

    HSPU with AB mat + 10# plate
    Made it to 71 in 12 minutes…so close.

    Congrats to Ed King on his certification.

  30. WOD : Scaled
    10 Rounds
    10 Push Ups
    60 singles
    Time: 10:38 (Next time we see this I want to be attempting hand stand push ups and DU!! Two things to the long list of things to work on πŸ™‚

    So nice to be out running in the sun today! Love it! πŸ™‚

  31. 800m run 5:34 rested five minutes and did another 800m run 5:46
    Mob WU x1
    Strenth: Cleans 35 40 45 50 55 60 x 5
    Wod: 12 min time cap
    10 push ups from toes (with purple band).
    60 single skips
    8 rounds & 8 push ups.
    My push ups were saggy. I will work on this.
    Fun class.
    Nice seeing Tracie M back.

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