I made a post on FB the other day about my deadlift and how my back feels amazing. A few people asked about what’s different now. So, a little backstory…

For the last 7 years, I’ve been dealing with chronic back pain. My L4-L5 discs suck and hurt a lot. The pain has prevented me from working out, being active, and occasionally leaning over the sink to brush my teeth was next to impossible.

I’ve found diet helps. When I get rid of sugar, my back feels better. But the mornings were still rough. I couldn’t lift much in the mornings because of the stiffness.

The last 2 months have been different. I started taking CBD oil and quite skeptical at first. I didn’t notice any different after taking it every night for 2 weeks. Then during week 3, no more pain. Week 5, that’s when I hit 350×3 without a belt on my deadlift.

Every day isn’t 100%, but it’s damn close.

If you’re interesting in trying it, this is where I bought it from –

The first one I tried was Tropical Tornado. I’m now trying Essentials by Savage.

If you try it and it works for you, let me know. Would love to chat about your experience.

1 thought on “Magic?”

  1. I have not used CBD for pain management but I have used it with great success to help manage/relieve anxiety.

    I take a daily medication for anxiety/depression and my first and foremost recommendation in this area is always to talk to a doctor and ask for a psych to help.

    I use CBD as a supplement only and only as needed during times of elevated anxiety/panic attacks. It has helped me tremendously during these times.

    For me it works extraordinarily well and I was very skeptical to believe the hype.

    I have used it on days where I am more anxious than normal and I have used it during a full blown anxiety attack. It has worked quickly, it feels like the weight is lifted from my chest and it allows me to rest peacefully.

    Again, my own condition is well managed with daily meds and overseen by my doctor (for many years!!)

    But also again, as a supplement for those one off times, it has helped so much and relieved a lot of pain.

    I have recommended it to close friends who do not have histories of mental health issues but who have suffered during the red phase of covid with dealing with some heightened anxiety and they have found relief as well.

    It’s definitely something that’s worth a shot if you are on the fence about trying it.

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