Looks can be deceiving

I know what you’re thinking. Not for time? How hard can that be? First off, do the math. It’s a lot of reps. Secondly, you’ll still have to finish it within the time of the class. Lastly, not everything has to be for time. When you got for a hike, it’s ok to do it for fun and enjoy it. When you shovel your driveway, it’s ok to take a break every now and then. And just like CrossFit, we can still get a lot of work done without the clock telling us to go faster. Enjoy today – it’s a fun one!

Build up to a heavy Power Clean

Not For Time
1-10 reps
Power Cleans (heavy)
Strict Pullups (x2)

The Power Couple
The Power Couple

47 thoughts on “Looks can be deceiving”

  1. WUx1 +400M Run

    Heavy Power Clean

    Not For Time
    1-10 reps
    Power Cleans @135
    Strict Pullups (x2)

    Made it to 8 Cleans and 9 Pull-ups at the 25min cap

  2. WUx1 +400M Run

    Heavy Power Clean
    135-155-175-185(felt a bit dizzy so scaled it down)-155-175

    Not For Time
    1-10 reps
    Power Cleans @145
    Strict Pullups (x2)

    all done at cap.
    Fun one

    Great job 6 am peeps!

  3. Power Clean up to 150

    WOD @ 125# and Strict Pullups
    Made it to 3 of 16 pullups

    I like things not for time 🙂 Welcome back Gilly!

  4. Worked up to 125# in the strength but cleans didn’t feel great today so I stayed there for a few reps

    WOD @ 110#, I got to 7 cleans + 5 pullups.

  5. PClean build up 105# still working on poppin’ my hips
    WOD @ 85#
    Made it to 10 Pcleans and only 10 Ring Rows
    10 more and I would of finished, but I really focused on making the ring rows hard. As Amanda says if you can do 3 in a row it’s not hard enough. 😛

    Good job nooners.

    Thanks Mario!

  6. WUx1 +400M Run

    Heavy Power Clean
    40 Warm Up
    55, 60, 65, 70, 75

    Not For Time
    1-10 reps
    Power Cleans @ 60
    Ring Rows (x2)

    I had 6 reps left at the cap, so I finished them. I never felt a time pressure during the workout, but felt that being so close…might as well do the reps.

    PS, I am a little OCD so I am sorry, I just had to do it. Fun and deceiving all at once, this workout. Thanks Kevin.

    A big shout out to our “new” 6 AMers Leslie, Matt and Kristen, who have become solid regulars.

  7. Heavy Power Clean
    Worked up to 95.

    Not For Time
    1-10 reps
    Power Cleans @ 75
    Ring Rows (x2)

    Finished round of 8 + 8 cleans.

  8. Build up to a heavy clean
    55-85-95-105-115 (previous PR)

    Need to work on getting under the bar, the bar gets a lot of height, I need to transition faster. Thanks for the help with that Steph. They felt much better during the WOD.

    WOD @ 95# and Ring Rows
    Got to 7 of the 10 cleans at the time cap.

  9. Mob
    400m run
    wu x1

    group wu

    Power cleans

    Not For Time 25 mins
    Power Clean(#80)
    strict ringrows (x2)

    *got to 8 pwr clean & 16 ringrows…got 6 of the 9 for next set at time

  10. 400M Run + WUx1

    Heavy Power Clean x2

    Not For Time
    1-10 reps
    Power Cleans @160
    Strict Pullups (x2)

    completed the 10 Cleans and 11 Pull-ups at the 25min cap BUT
    I didn’t do 2x pullups (brain fart) for rounds 1 to 8 I just did 1x so I missed out on 36 pullups
    I think I would have completed at least 8 rounds if I would have done the correct amount of pullups

  11. I don’t know about power couple , but crossfit makes us a stronger as a couple. We love our crossfit family and the life crossfit is encouraging us to live . <3

  12. WU X 1
    Work up to a heavy set
    135 X 5, 155 X3, 185 X3, 205 X 2, 225 X 2, 245 X 1

    Wod @ 185
    9 full rounds

    Life was peachy until round 8 ish, then I tore all the things. Quality of life decreased significantly after that.
    Great job ery’one.

    Thanks Chantal! Fun class!

  13. Power cleans to 105#. Stayed here and worked on getting under the bar as I wasn’t doing that well today.

    WOD with 90# and ring rows at 3 feet out.
    Got to 8 PC in 10th round. Failed a few in that round

    Thanks for the help today Steph!

    800m run with Cara

  14. Mobility

    P. Cleans: Up to 120#

    WOD: NFT

    Cleans @ 100#
    Strict Pullups x2

    @ the 25:00 Cap got to 7Cleans + 3 Pullups!

    I’m happy with that my strict pullups needs some work!

    Thanks for the class Chantal!

  15. Mob and WUx 1 plus 800m run
    P Clean 5x 55-75#, 3x 85-105#, 2x 105#
    Power Cleans 85#
    Ring Rows x 2
    Nice to be back after a 10 day break 🙂

  16. mob + 400 m run
    build up too heavy
    power clean
    95×1 115×1 135×1 145×1 145×1
    power clean ( 125#)
    strict pull up ( ring row)
    completed in 19:30 m

  17. Warmup with 400m run

    Power cleans (I’ve missed cleaning the bar. Technique was rusty)

    WOD with ring rows and 55lbs
    8 cleans and 8 ring rows

    So happy to be back. 🙂

  18. Mob plus WU and 400m run
    Heavy Power Clean
    Worked up to 75#

    Not For Time
    1-10 reps
    Power Cleans @ 75#
    Ring Rows (x2)

    Finished round of 9 plus 7 cleans.

  19. WUx1 +400M Run

    Heavy Power Clean


    1 x 135 – 155 – 175 – 185

    Not For Time
    1-10 reps
    Power Cleans @135
    Strict Pullups (x2)

    Made it to 10 Cleans at the 25min cap

    Liked the WOD, but my shoulders are feeling it now…I foresee some colourful bruising. Thanks for coaching Steph.

  20. Mobility
    400m run
    wu x1

    group wu

    Power cleans

    Not For Time 25 mins
    Power Clean(#105)
    strict ringrows (x2)(18″box)

    @ the 25:00 Cap got to 8 Cleans + 14 ringrows

  21. Power Cleans: 55-65-75-85-95-100

    1 – 10 cleans @ 85#
    2x strict pull ups
    Completed 7 cleans + 14 pull ups

    Pull ups were freakin’ hard & cleans no joke either. i was feeling pretty good about finishing my 7 out of 10 rounds, until my husband reminded me that I just barely made it past 1/2 the total # of reps. Boo! He couldn’t let me have one little victory 🙁

  22. Power Cleans to 215# x 1

    1 – 10 cleans @ 160#
    2x Strict Pullups

    Round of 10 Cleans + 1 pullup

    Yuck … but a good yuck.

    Thanks Coach Chantal! I appreciate your relentlessness!

  23. Build up to a Heavy clean
    95-115-135-155-165-165 PR
    First one at 165 was sloppy (-er than usual), need to remember to keep those elbows up and set up properly!!

    WOD @ 125
    finished 9th round

  24. Last day in Halifax presenting at a conference so at 6:30 this morning I ran Citadel Hill and the water front! Such a beautiful morning that even running couldn’t ruin it.

    1. Made me so happy to read this, I miss running citadel and the water front…before I knew what crossfit was, my version of a wod was running from the stairs up to the lookout on citadel and doing either squats, pushups or situps at the top each round.

  25. Build up to a heavy clean:
    85-105-125-145-155 (5# PR)
    Failed 155# twice before getting under it, and it still wasn’t very pretty when I got it but happy nonetheless!

    WOD: NFT

    PC @ 115#
    Ring rows on 20″ box + 10# plate (to stop lifters from sliding)

    Finished the 9 + 18 right at the cap.

    I did not anticipate the ring rows being such a limiting factor, but that’s the nice thing about doing them on a box….there’s no making the angle easier as the work gets harder….although I had a lot of no reps at the end because I couldn’t reach my chest to the rings.
    Cleans actually felt great, I chickened out from 125# but it might have been ok. Worked a lot on landing in a wider stance (Kevin recently pointed out that I was landing with my feet in the starting position) this helped a lot with getting under the bar faster.

    Great 5pm class, thanks Steph for the class and for pointers throughout the wod 🙂

    800m run/chat with Vanessa

  26. Mobility + 400m + WU X1

    Build up to heavy clean
    65×5/85×3/95×2/105×1/115×1/125×1/135x F!
    It’s a mental issue for me to get 135!!! I see the weight on the bar and I get all worked up then I fail!!

    WOD: NFT (25 min time cap)
    Cleans @ 105#
    Ring rows – started on the box for 8 reps then switched over to feet on floor.

    DNF: 3/10 cleans

    I came in today with the intent on doing 10 cleans at a heavy weight. That’s it! Surprise!! I obviously misunderstood the WOD! 🙂

  27. Pc to 90#

    Wod @ 85 with ring rows almost parallel to the floor… Finished all the the PCs at cap and i thought i had completed all the ring rows… Just realised i had not doubled the amount of ring rows… Oops… Still got a good workout!

    Oh ya… 5k bike rides to and fro..

  28. Today Paige and I joined the 8:30 class..
    It was our first class back in awhile, mostly because I’ve been having issues with my heels… Turns out I have tight calves, which pulls on the tendons at my heels.. So with regular rolling things are loosening up..
    I am so excited to get back at it and train for the Hopper!
    We worked together to find a heavy power clean.. I made it to 85#, and she made it to 90#..
    Thanks to Kevin for pointing out my turned in knees on my starting squat.. It is a bad habit I NEED to break, and my knees can tell the difference when I do it right!
    Wod (NFT ~ 25 min)
    1-10 power cleans
    x2 ring rows
    I used 65# and she chose 70#
    Although I managed to finished all 10 rounds, my arms and my grip got really tired towards the end!
    I worked on keeping my knees In position and really pushed throughout cleans..
    Paige got through into her 8 cleans..

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