Long and hard

Eva is a workout that tests you. It tests your physical capacity, as you can see by the amount of work that needs to be done. But it also tests your mind. How are you going to break it up? Are you going to save your energy on the run? Are you going to try to do all the kettlebell swings unbroken? If so, will that kill your grip for the pullups? Will you feel like giving up after the first round?

I’m sure we’ll see many different strategies today.

And be prepared to scale. Five rounds of this would take some people over 75 minutes!

Five rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
30 Kettlebell swings
30 Pull-ups

A familiar face

56 thoughts on “Long and hard”

  1. Warmup (not the full CW though)
    WOD: EVA
    Time: 40:30 PR

    Last June I did this WOD with the yellow band and finished at 43:54. I am very pumped that I did this as rx’d and had over a 3 minute PR. I am going to enjoy this moment all day because I know tomorrow’s WOD will probably kick my butt. Crossfit is so like that. :S

    Thanks Krista for pushing me through that WOD. Knowing that you were on my butt, pushed me harder. 🙂

    1. Wow Gillyon 🙂 Way to go!!! Tough workout and you manage to pull a PR 🙂 Bravo!

    2. Great Job this morning Gillyon. You had an amazing pace going that just seemed to get stronger with every round.

  2. a quick little ditty of a warm up

    “Eva” 5 x
    800m run
    30 KBs (35#)
    30 pull ups


    the last time i did this was dec 23, 2008 with the red band with a time of 46:38 – i’m pumped!

    thanks for getting the jump on me in the first round Gillyon, making sure you didn’t get any further ahead kept me pushing to the end! very happy to have the ‘chest to bar queen’ only get out on the run 10 pull ups before i was done my round each time

    awesome push to the end everyone. Congrats Corinna on a wicked finish! and lookin’ SOOO good doing it 🙂

  3. CFWU x 2

    WOD: “Eva”

    400m run
    30 KBs #53
    30 Pullups (red band)

    I was able to do 4 rounsd in 44:56.
    If I had known that I had 4 seconds to spare I would of taking my time.
    And Eva, you and I have no future together. Sorry

    Miss you Mum! 🙂

  4. Warm up.


    5 rounds for time of

    800M run
    30 KBS #70 pounds
    30 pull ups

    4 rounds in 40:02 disappointed I didn’t finish it

    This workout was a mental goat for me, not strong in running and loading up the KBS 2nd and 3rd rounds I just wanted to lay down and die.

    Good job folks who finished it this morning!

  5. Seriously Ed! Don’t be disappointed, you did amazing! I almost took ativan reading this WOD, and I’m not even signed up for it!

    Love the Picture Heather, can’t wait for you to get back!

  6. I had to drive home using my wrists on the steering wheel. Grip is gone!

    Five rounds for time of:
    Run 800 meters
    30 Kettlebell swings (70#)
    30 Pull-ups


    First time attempting this as Rx’d. The grip was the worst for me. But happy I completed it under 45min.

    Great job morning crew!

    And congrats on the big win Kerri!!

  7. Am I going to be able to throw a softball for my game immediately following this WOD? haha

  8. CFWU x 2

    WOD: “Eva”

    400m run
    30 KBs 35#
    30 Pullups

    Capped @ 3 rounds Time: 37:55

    Had to fight off Pukie in the second round run, thankfully he stayed away.

    Tough WOD! Cardio and strength are not back yet…

  9. Warm Up

    800 m Run
    30 KBS (35#)
    30 Pull ups (1st two rounds – Kipping / Round 3 – Kipping, Ripping, Ringing & Red-banding! Oh my! / Round 4 – Red Band)

    4 rounds in 47:03 🙂

    Lookin’ good Heather! I miss you a lot!!

  10. “Eva”
    800 m run
    30 KBS (35#) All 5 rounds unbroken
    30 pull-ups: 1st round: alternated between yellow and green band; Rounds 2,3,4,5: green band.

    5 rounds: 44: 23

    You impressed the hell out of me today Gillyon and Krista!!! Thanks for the words of encouragement this morning Gillyon, Ed and Krista : ) This was a real tough work-out today for sure! I hope the next time Eva comes up I will be able to do most or all my pull-ups without the band.

    Awesome job Kevin! Great work a.m. crew.

    It was nice seeing you at CrossFit on Saturday Heather….smiles

    1. corinna – you rocked this workout! you’re super strong and your speed is really picking up too. AND unbroken KBs, nice! i got 2 rounds unbroken, but then went to 20 and 10 the final three rounds.

  11. Guys and Gals 🙂 Wow I am impressed with all of your results!!! It’s eating me up inside that I can’t be there to do it with you and cheer everyone on. I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful community 🙂 Crossfit Moncton ROCKS!!!

    1. Heather, I hope you know I carry you in my heart everywhere I go 🙂 If I could, I’d kick whatever it is you have to the curb for you!

  12. Heather (Mum)

    Thanks guys, You are bringing tears ro my eyes. I miss all of you and beleive it or not, I actually miss the workouts. I will be there cheering at the Hopper on Saturday and next year Lisa and I have a date to participate together in the Hopoer. I think Tracy will join us too. Right Tracy?

  13. Kevin, I’ve got to cancel my 5:30. Yet another migraine which I hoped would be gone by now. Sorry.

  14. Quickie warm-up

    5 Rounds
    800m Run
    30 KBS #35
    30 Pullups (all unassisted)

    Got 4 Rounds in 42:39
    I was just happy to do 120 pullups (140 including the warm-up..those have to count too lol) definately the most i’ve done so far in 1 workout..although I am now having to drive with the tips of my fingers..can’t even use my wrist because those are ripped from muscle-ups last week too lol and i need a leather strap to bite on every time i have to wash my hands.

    Awesome PR Gill! and great show Corrina..well done today!!

  15. warm-up X2

    5 rounds
    800 m Run
    30 KBS #30
    30 Pull ups

    4 rounds in 42:12; Pukie was just around the corner on this one…Eva was hard and I felt great leaving cross fit today 🙂 Great job everyone!!

  16. Warm Up x 2

    WOD: EVA
    5 rounds
    800 m Run
    30 KBS #30
    30 ring dips – green band (My right arm is still not right, so stiiiilllll subbing pull ups)

    4 Rounds in 39:48. Another great one!

  17. Workout with Crossfit Bathurst

    Warm up x 2

    Strength OHS 3s

    35-40-45-50 did not have time to try 55…

    WOD 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-10

    Thrusters 65#
    pullups green and yellow bands

    Time: 11:45 The workout was supposed to start with 10, for some reason I thought it started with 9 and when the guys told me where they were at at round 4, I looked at the board and realized I had not started where I should have. So, I would have to finish with the 10… grrrrr It’s funny how much your head comes into play with these things. I felt like I lost some steam when I realized what still needed to be done… Thank goodness for good old Crossfit cheering and encouragements from Janine, Gino and Karl 🙂

  18. CFWU x 2

    WOD – “Eva”
    Five rounds for time of:
    Run 800 meters
    30 Kettlebell swings
    30 Pull-ups

    4 Rounds 43:28
    Eva makes you very sore!

  19. That WOD kicked my ass.

    5 round:
    800m run
    30 KBS (53#)
    30 pull ups

    Time: 43:10

    Very happy with my time. A couple days ago MC posted a video about the power of your mind. I think it really helped me for this workout. I kept repeating these words in my head: “I can do this all day”. Also, I had a really fast rabbit in front of me to keep my pace up 🙂 Thanks Johan!

    1. You were awesome strong on those pullups Pat! I don’t think I changed my own pace on the last pull-ups round, so you must have pushed wicked hard on the bar to pass!

  20. CFWUx2

    WOD: Eva

    4 Rounds in 41:??

    Tried the KBS @70 for the 1st round but scaled it down to 53 for the rest. Easily top 5 most brutal workouts I’ve down at Crossfit Moncton.

  21. CFWU x 2

    WOD – “Eva”
    Five rounds for time of:
    Run 800 meters
    30 Kettlebell swings (25#)
    30 Pull-ups (green band first round, red for the rest)

    3 Rounds 36:?? (I think…)

    Very disappointed on this one. 🙁

  22. ”Eva”
    Did 2.5 rounds with the 70# KB before it started to hurt my right wrist and at the same time one of my callouses ripped on my right hand too! Tried a few more reps, and my wrist was still hurting.
    Finish the WOD one arm KB swing with 35#!

    Finish in 52:11

    I am pretty disappointed because I was on a good pace for a 45min Eva with the 70# KB!

  23. Congrats to everyone for tackling Eva!!!
    I couldn’t sit idle while you guys went through hell… 😈 …
    …so I did a 5km run at home.

    Time –> 28:31
    40s slower than my PR but my last 5k was two and a half months ago

  24. WU x2

    5 Rounds or Amrap in 45mins:
    800m Run
    30 KBS #35
    30 Pull-ups (Green)

    4 Rounds in 43:..?

    First time doing a wod with the #35 KB, that was a heavy little bugger! Can’t wait til I can attempt to do this with unassisted pull-ups, you did awesome today Joanna! 🙂

  25. I’m not what you would call a “religious sort of fellow” but Holy Gawd up there in your cloudy, drafty heaven… Eva… Really? Reeeeeally! How that thought got into someone’s sick little head and spawned a terrible devil of a work out. WHY!!!!?

    WU x 2 (On the double!)

    WOD – “Eva” (Princess of evil!)
    Five rounds for time of:
    Run 800 meters
    30 Kettlebell swings (53# for the 1st rnd. dropped to a 40# dumbell for 2,3,4)
    30 Pull-ups (Great big rip in the middle of my right hand in the middle of rnd 3!)

    4 Rounds 41:36

    Great work everyone who fought their guts out on this beast today. Next time I’ll finish her.

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