Lift and Sprint

10 Deadlifts (185/135#)
Run 200m
9 Deadlifts
Run 200m

Continue until 1 Deadlift
Run 200m

Compare to June 6, 2009

Beth shows a good, upright position for the overhead squat

30 thoughts on “Lift and Sprint”

  1. There is no regular workout on Saturday…only the beach workout. If you plan on going to Gabrielle’s house, please sign up on the board or email me so I can send you directions.

  2. CFWU X 3 sub dedlifts for pull ups

    Strength x 5 push jerk

    70-80-90-100-ran out of time

    10 Deadlifts (185#)
    Run 200m
    9 Deadlifts
    Run 200m

    Continue until 1 Deadlift
    Run 200m

    Time 16:45

    Really liked this WOD, great job am crew!

  3. CFWU x 3
    Shoulder press 3’s
    135-145-155-160PR for reps
    WOD as Rx’d -> 11:45
    1 min. plank cashout
    Thanks for the push everyone. Good job morning crew

  4. WU x 3

    Power Cleans 3RM

    WOD @ 115# – 17:23 😀

    Great job this morning everyone!
    Did my Cleans with the Hubley Powerlifting Sisters. They should really post their PRs! C’mon man!!

  5. CFWU x 3

    Front Squat x 5
    85- 95- 105- 115- 120

    WOD: 10 deadlifts (135#) Rx’d
    200 m run
    Continue until 1 deadlift

    Time: 15:04
    I really enjoyed this work-out.
    Great job this morning Denise. Nice to have you back at CrossFit!

  6. wu x 3
    Push Jerk 1’s
    10 deadlift 185# Rx’d
    200M row
    9 Deadlift
    200M row

    down to 1 dead lift
    Time: 16:20

  7. Got sucked into helping a friend move.
    Cancel my 5:30 please.
    Wish I could join you kids for the Beach WOD tomorrow. I hope everyone has a great time and the weather holds for ya’ll!

    See ya next Friday, have a great week!

  8. This one’s for you Jane…

    WU x 3

    Power Cleans 3RM
    45-65-75-85 x 3….was only supposed to get to 60 today, but with coach Jane’s inspirational lifts, I pushed harder:) Thanks!

    WOD 85#: 15:16
    Great push Corinna!

  9. Good Mornings 5-5-5-5-5

    10 Deadlifts (185#)
    Run 200m
    9 Deadlifts
    Run 200m

    Continue until 1 Deadlift
    Run 200m

    Time: 14:04

    Chantal, you pushed me REALLY hard on this one.

    Welcome back Elissa!!! I was nice seeing you!

  10. Warm up x 3 (sub pullup for deadlift)

    Push Press 3 RM: 45-65-85-95(f)

    wod as rx’d: 18 something


    It was nice to workout with you Elissa!! I’m so glad to see you!!

  11. 6am
    warm up x3
    Strength squat cleans 1-1-1-1-1
    95-135-155-185-205f-205fx5 lol

    10- 185lbs deadlift
    run 200m
    8- deadlift
    run 200m
    1 deadlift
    run 200 m


    warm up
    cleannjerk 1-1-1-1-1

    Endurance wod
    (row 10s on : 5s off )

    Total distance

    4mins of ball drills

  12. Back Squat 1RM –> 135-225-275-285-295(failed…. that is 10# short of my PR)

    I think I went up to fast on the weights! But still, I am beginning to stall on my PRs…I will have to find another way to improve my weightlifting!

    WOD –> 12:15….. PR by 15 seconds

    Marc, your time is awesome!

  13. Warm up x 3

    Front Squat x 3 reps.
    95-105-115-125(x2, but failed my 3rd)

    10 Deadlifts (135#)
    Run 200m
    9 Deadlifts
    Run 200m

    Continue until 1 Deadlift
    Run 200m

    Time 17:31
    Deadlifts went better than I thought they would….running really sucked the big one!

    Have fun at the beach work out tomorrow everyone. Sound’s like it will be a great time, but we have a previous commitment.

  14. OHS x1

    WOD as Rx’d

    Really liked this one! First time doing it.

    For those going to the beach tomorrow, bring a bathing suit! You will be getting wet!

  15. Guys and gals you might want to bring bug spray too there’s a little hike through the woods to get to the beach 🙂

  16. Push jerk 5×5

    10 deadlifts (135lb)
    200m run
    9 deadlifts
    200m run

    Time: 12:55

    Also liked this one! Good job everyone and it was nice to see you again Elissa, hope to see you some more before you go back 😉

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