Levels of Importance

Take a look at the 10 components of fitness. There are 2 on the list that many people see as the most important. Can you guess? You’re right – strength and endurance. And while CrossFit states that he or she is the most fit who is balanced among all the components, I beg to differ. You can’t maximize your cardiovascular endurance if your calves are so tight, you get shin splits when you run. You can’t maximize your strength if your hips are wound up so bad that you can’t reach depth in a squat. You can’t demonstrate coordination and balance in a snatch if your shoulder’s range of motion won’t allow you to get the bar overhead.

Everything hinges on mobility/flexibility. You hopefully brush your teeth every day. Why? Because it’s good for you, and it’s a habit. Make mobility and stretching a habit. Why? Because you’ll maximize your abilities and it’s good for you.

Strength – One-arm OH Lunges x 10 steps

Row 2k

Compare to April 15/10


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  1. Mobility + WU x 1 8 strict reps

    1 arm overhead lunges x 10 steps

    WOD 2000M Row

    Cashout: Bunch of stuff
    -10 strict bar to back of neck pull ups
    -2 strict as slow as possible up/down pull ups
    -10 strict smallest finger grip on block pull ups

    – First two double unders in a row. Was able to do up to 10 in a row after.

  2. Mobility
    Warm up x1
    Strength: 1 arm overhead lunges x10:15, 20, 25
    WOD: 2000 meter row: 9:04

    Cash out: barbell roll
    Great job everyone….great class Mario!

  3. Mobility
    Wu x 1
    Strength oh lunges x 10 steps (5 each leg)
    40/ 53/ 70/ 70
    Wod: row 2k
    I wanted to quit at 1000m wowsers! Should do more of this.
    Great work 6 amer’s, and great class Mario!

  4. WU x 1 (strict, 8 reps) + 10 KBS + 10 wall bals

    Strength – One-arm OH Lunges x 10 steps (5 each arm)

    WOD: 2000m row
    Time: 7:22.9

    – 8 Pullup negatives
    – 60 Double Unders
    – 40 Double Unders
    – 8 Pullup negatives
    – 10 Shoulder Press (45#)
    – 10 Shoulder Press (45#)

  5. Good work this morning 6 & 7 AM. The rowing was very consistent, everyone started on a good pace and not much slowing down after. No one broke down on technique as well. A+

    Also, awesome race between Daniel & Blake, finished 0.2 sec of each other! Great work.

  6. WU-ish. Came late.

    One-Arm OH Lunges x 10
    30 – 35 – 40 – 45 – 53

    WOD: Row 2k
    7:35.6 (23 sec PR)

    Nice race Daniel, I knew it was going to be close but not THAT close!

  7. Wu x 1

    OH lunges x 10

    Wod: 2k row
    8:32. no PR but a good one. (PR is 8:23.8 from October’s end of paleo)

    Took the remainder of the time to do some barbell smashing on the quads and lacrosse on the calf/achilles

  8. Mob
    WU x 1

    Strength: one arm OH lunges x 10 steps ( 5 each arm)


    Those were a lot harder than I thought they would be! My arms were still sore from Sunday’s WOD, maybe that had something to do with it!


    2k row

    Time: 10:02- unfortunately not a PR, PR was set back in October at 9:40…..I guess that’s what some time off will do to a person……

  9. MOB, WU x 1

    WOD: 2K row

    Time = 7:23.8

    Was a little short on time so I had to leave right after and never got to work on the cash outs.

  10. Strength:
    1 arm overhead lunges x 10 steps

    WOD 2000M Row
    6:39.7 – damn near killed me, started sprinting at 700m left…bad idea.

    Good class Kevin.

  11. Wu x 1
    Strength oh lunges x 10 steps (5 each leg)
    40/ 53/ 70/ 70

    WOD: Row 2k
    Time: 8:18.7
    started off too slow. First time doing the 2k row

  12. Mob + Warm Up x1

    Backsquats 7×5 @ 190 (3 week side project)

    1 arm OH Lunges x 10
    35#, 50# Had some shoulder issues that wasn’t compatible with these. Probably better reason to do more at lighter weight.

    Row 2k: 7:57 (PR is 7:42)

    Lots of impressive times on the board!! Good job guys!!

  13. Mob + WUx1

    One-arm OH KB Lunge – 10 steps

    WOD: Row 2000m = 7:30.5 (PR by about 1:30… no idea where that old PR comes from)

    2×10 GHD situps (2nd set 10#)
    2×10 GHD Hip Ext (2nd set 10#)

  14. mob.. WU

    overhead walking lunges

    thanks for talking me into the last one Amanda! lol..

    row 2k
    7:05.3.. this hurt alot, I had the damper set at 8 which is what i would normally do for a 500, what I figured out at the 1500 mark was it doesn’t work for 2k! lol..

    15 minutes of DU practice..

  15. Mobility

    Strength – One-arm OH Lunges x 10 steps

    WOD: Row 2000m 8:49.2


    2×10 GHD Situps (10# Ball)
    2×10 GHD Back Extension (10# Ball)

    Thanks Amanda Great Class!

  16. OH Lunges 10 steps

    WOD: 2K row

    Time = 9:25.3

    First 2k row, I’ll know for next time give more!

  17. Mob + WU x 1 (8 reps)

    One-arm OH lunge x 5 steps each side
    0# – 20# – 20# – 25#

    2000m row : 8:12:6

    My strategy was to find a nice easy pace (2:10 / 500m) that would put me somewhere under 9 mins. But then Miss Amanda came up to me when I had about 500m left and told me that I wasn’t pushing hard enough “Maddy would you please row harder?”. At first I said no because I didn’t want to push my knee too hard, blah, blah, blah… But really my knee was feeling fairly well so I cranked it up a bit to a 1:36 pace. Just wished I could have kept that pace for the whole last 500m. Next time! Still a 26 sec PR from my post-Paleo challenge benchmark last March.

    Thanks for the push Amanda 🙂

    1. Valerie Arseneau

      lol! I love Amanda’s technic to push people. I can picture her saying that. I believe she’s said something similar to me once. “ummm Val, please put more weight on that bar.”

  18. Mob

    Strength- one arm OH walking lunges
    20/25/30/35/35- funny how they gas the crap out of you. A slow movement like that!

    2k row—9:12 and it sucked all 9:12 minutes!

    Worked on wall balls 8lbs -20 reps
    And mobility on hips

    great class Amanda !

  19. WU x 1 (8 strict reps)

    One-Arm OH Lunges x 10

    40 45 50 53

    WOD: Row 2k

    Time – 8:09.4 (PR 13.1 sec)

    Thanks for the push at the end Frank.

  20. mob
    one arm lunges

    row 2000m
    7:10.4 pr of 20sec over paleo wod

    2min amrap 24″ box jumps vs Tom
    39reps good thing Tom lost count or he might of won.

  21. Wu x 1

    Single hand overhead lunges

    Single hand overhead bottom up kettle bell lunge?
    35# x 5

    Double 70# Russian kettle bell swings x 5

    2k row
    Score: 7:07.8 (7 sec pr)

  22. WU x 1 (8 strict reps)

    One-Arm OH Lunges x 10

    WOD: Row 2k

    Time – 7;39.4 (first time rowing 2k)

    Worked on DUs and managed to string together 12 in a row!

    Great class Amanda! Thanks with the DUs pointers!

    1. That was awesome. I said: “Spencer, stop doing double-single-double. Try just doubles.” I gave him a quick tip and left him to practice them. And then out of the corner of my eye, I see him firing them off like he had been doing them for years. Like they were EASY. Nice work Spencer, CrossFit looks good on you! 😉

  23. WU x 1 (8 strict reps)

    One-Arm OH Lunges x 10

    WOD: Row 2k

    Time – 7:00.6

    Thanks for the race jack!

  24. Mobility

    Strength OH lunges
    I messed up the first set & forgot to change hands. Oops
    2K row- 9:37
    Cash out 2:32 planks & practice doubles

  25. Mobility
    WU X1
    Strength: OH Lunges

    2K row 7:36:4

    2 Muscle ups EMOTM for ~ 8mins

  26. Mob, WUx1 (35# OHS/GM and jumping pullups)

    Strength – OH lunges
    20 – 25 – 30 – 30
    The hardest part was keeping the weight balanced and locked out overhead…these were pretty neat though!

    WOD – 2k row
    Time: 7:53.6
    (4 second PR from end of October!)

    Cashout – Accumulate max plank hold in 5 mins: total 3 minutes in plank

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