32 thoughts on “Let’s run!”

  1. WOD

    Some work to do to beat my PR…
    Fun morning, love the route. Thanks Kevin and good work 6 AM!

  2. For my sanity…Kevin can you post the run map? I need to sees it before I kills it.

  3. Birthday 5k run – 26:41. No gas in the tank on emptry stomach. Still felt great to get a workout in and start the day.
    Thanks Kevin

        1. Had an early morning B’day (not mine) breakfast with family. Was able to make it to the noon hour class! I mean, I had to … after watching Kevin’s FB video post. ;-P

  4. 2000m row

    5K – 31:32

    I absolutely love running but my ankle does not. So far so good but it will definitely seize up as the day goes by. 7 mins off my PR, but only my second run this year.

    Awesome job 6am.

  5. 5k run 26:19
    Felt pretty darn good, room for some improvement!!

    Thanks for the great class Kevin, and great work everyone!!

  6. “Ran” 5km
    3 degrees . Not a good excuse
    I’m fat. Better excuse

    Steady. Slow. And didn’t get killed by traffic

    Could only get 14 dU unbroken after class. Back at it tommorrow

  7. 5K run
    Time 30:00
    38s PR
    I paced a bit as it was the first run but it felt great and I had more in the tank

    Thanks Shane .

  8. 30:13.. missed a road on the way back so it was more like 4.6ish kms. So far off my PR but I’ll get back to it. Happy to be out for the first run of the year cause it means winter is really done.
    I like the route even though I did it wrong 🙂

  9. 5 km run
    First time on the new route, so will be better able to compare next time. Felt pretty good for 1st run of the season. Aiming for sub 30 next time.

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