Let’s mix it up

Start with 50 double unders, then…

6 rounds of

10 box jumps
10 v-sits
10 lunges


Andy's mean face
Andy's mean face

19 thoughts on “Let’s mix it up”

  1. Krista!

    I’ll take 6 cookies, (anytime, no rush).

    Can I freeze them?
    If so, I will take 12 cookies… 🙂

  2. janine- crossfit bathurst

    Are these the cookies from the recipe she gave the other day? Cause if so…they’re so easy to make. Why have Krista do all the work! 🙂

  3. Looks like a good WOD… I’m bitter cause I’m stuck at work tonight. Just wanted to wish everyone an AWESOME workout. See you tomorrow!

    Kevin: I’d like to substitute with something when I get home from work, maybe some burpees – sit-ups – air squats. Any ideas?

  4. Elissa, they freeze really well, i’ll do you up a dozen next time i make them (which is soon as i’m out of them too). they are a secret recipe devised by many rounds of trial and error.

  5. Megan - CF PEI

    Hey Jeanette,

    Thanks for your support! I had no other choice than to take my shoes off.. it was either that or drop the sand bag and put them back on and that wasn’t happening!

    Megan- CF PEI

  6. she stole mt cookie recipie


    i need to start selling my cookies ….a little competition for Krista

  7. bring it on sean – your cookies are great too! EVERYONE loves cookies!
    but i didn’t steal the recipe from sean, honest.

  8. CFWU x 3 (w/ 5 jumping MUs per round)
    10 Pull-Ups

    Death by Push-Jerk, 95#
    8mins + 5reps (41reps total)

    This was harder than I expected, but that’s a good thing 😉

  9. Warm up x 3

    Strength: Back Squat 7-7-7

    50 double unders and than:
    6 rounds of:
    -10 box jump
    -10 V-sit
    -10 lunges

    Time: 9:49 min

    I am pretty sure almost half of my time was because of the double unders!!
    But that was a good wod!!! 🙂
    Everyone worked hard today!! Good job!!

  10. ashamed to report that despite an AMAZING hotel gym here in PRague Ive only managed to do one semi-WOD, and it was in my room tonight. Lots of excuses- crazy schedule, jet-lag, yada yada yada…anyway Max Push ups tonight – 35 – PR. Ill take it. Will hit the main gym tomorrow which has loads of free weights, a pull up bar (yes!), rowers, and lots of other things to get me into some pain. Hope everyone is doing well at home… 8)

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