Last WOD of 2013

Tabata Angie

With a partner, using 20 second work intervals with 10 sec rest breaks, complete:

150 pull-ups
150 push-ups
150 sit-ups
150 squats

*It’s basically 20 sec of work with 40 sec of rest
*May opt to do as an individual
*30 min time cap

Compare to June 2/12

Gabriel earned his 500 club T-shirt this month
Gabriel earned his 500 club T-shirt this month

29 thoughts on “Last WOD of 2013”

  1. Gabou the machine!!! Congrats 🙂

    Always enjoy WODing with you. Always fun to have you around 🙂 even if you kick my ass every single time. Hehe

  2. Group mobility & WU (fun!)

    WOD: Tabata Angie partnered with Wendy
    150 pull-ups (green band)
    150 push-ups
    150 sit-ups
    150 squats

    Time: 28:08

    Happy we finished…didn’t think we were going to make it!

  3. Fun WOD! Messed up early on and didn’t quite finish, but still an excellent workout. Thanks for partnering up Ginette.

    Congrats Gabe on your amazing accomplishment. You are an outstanding athlete who always goes for broke on every workout!

  4. It was an honour to workout on MN’s last day of coaching. Needless to say, you will be missed.

    CF Dodgeball, Over Under, and The Trust Zipper (LOVE IT)

    Tabata Angie with Jo
    Me: Rings for pullups, abmat for situps
    Jo: Red band, pushups from knees, knee raises for sit-ups


    Happy New Year!!

  5. Mob
    Wu x1
    Group wu of dodgeball and over/under

    Wod tabata Angie w/partner

    150 pull-ups
    150 push-ups
    150 sit-ups
    150 squats

    Partnered with Beukje….thanks for being a great partner…..30 min time cap reached with 75 squats to go…..would have been nice to finish, but considering I wasn’t sure if I would even come close to finishing, I think we did pretty good!

    Happy New Year everyone!!

  6. Mobility
    Group WU
    Scaled to 75, used a green band then added small red one 1/2 way through & pushups from knees.
    Time 25:09

    Congrats Gabe! Happy New Year everyone!

  7. Vanessa Champion

    CFM dodge ball!

    WOD with partner
    150 reps of pull ups, push ups, sit ups and squats

    Time: 25:46 with Jenn B
    Thanks for the tema work Jenn 🙂

    I used green and red band (for Christmas obviously) and knee push ups after 10

    1. Blue band Pull ups for the majority, finished with blue + purp.
      Push ups strict from toes (brutal)

      Good job V!

  8. WU x 1

    Dodge Ball and Med Ball Relay

    Tabata Angie: 100 reps of pull-ups(bar), push-ups, sit-ups , squats

    Time: 21:03. I enjoyed doing my pull-ups side by side whit you Laura!

    Thanks for making me work harder Terry!

    Last year: 34 minutes. Pull-ups were on rings last year.

    Great class Jeff and Lora!

    I hate good-bye’s MN. You will be missed dearly.

    1. p.s. Thank you Rob B for the awesome tape job on my hands….no rips…yeah…

      CC, the gym is just not the same without you bud. Hope you get home soon!

  9. Happy New Year.
    Wu: Dodge ball CF style. Team relay med ball. Lots of fun.
    Tabata Angie
    100 pull ups green band
    100 push ups pink band
    100 situps
    100 squats

    I went individual tabata Angie with bands.
    It was nice sharing the pull up bar with Corinna. I felt like I was playing with the big kids.
    That work out will be on my top ten list for 2013. I really enjoyed this class. Thanks Jeff & Lora for coaching. You guys helped make it fun.
    I also want to say I will miss Marie Noelle. Keep in touch with us! Our loss is Montreals gain.

  10. That was my first time at CF dodgeball!! it was a lot of fun!

    I did Tabata Angie with Shane! Sorry if I wrecked your plans to do this solo but I had lots of fun!! 🙂

    Time was 27:04

    I left my paper at the gym I think – can you post the reps we did?

    1. Awesome work Amanda and u didn’t wreck my plans. Had a lot of fun doing this Wod partnered with you!
      Pullups on rings 98/52
      Pushups 97/53
      Situps 72/78
      Squats 70/80
      Great class Jeff and Lora, dodge ball was a lot of fun. Great work everybody!
      Happy new year everyone, been an awesome year.
      Congrats Gabe!
      Good luck Marie No, u will be greatly missed glad I got to Wod with you today.
      Been an awesome year, so glad I have become a part of the CFM family. Can’t wait to see what the new year will bring.

  11. Wu x 1
    Daily squat

    Wod: tabata Angie
    100 pull ups
    100 push ups
    100 sit-ups
    100 squats

    Time: 21:18

    Thanks for working out with me Jeff an Lora. It was a blast. 2013 was a great year. 2014 will be even better.

  12. coached the 430 class.. awesome time with dodgeball!! and everyone killed the last wod of 2013.

    mobility.. quick WU then attacked the wod with jack and lora

    100 pullups
    100 pushups
    100 situps
    100 squats

    done in tabata style

  13. Fun WOD tonight! Thanks for being my partner, Chantal. You were great! I don’t do Partner WODs often (I think this is my 2nd, ever), but it was a good experience!

    150 pull-ups >> I did Ring Rows
    150 push-ups >> From knees
    150 sit-ups >> Used Abmat
    150 squats

    We had completed 141 squats (I think) by the 30 minute cap, but I really wanted to finish it and I was so glad that Chantal said we were going to finish it, no matter what!

    Time = 30:14

    1. I’m glad I got to partner up 🙂 And way to go on those last 9 squats! I knew we wouldn’t be far off the finish line!

  14. Mob, WUx1


    Partner WOD with Adam

    150 pullups from the rings at about 100 reps i switched to the bar but Adam stuck it out on the rings
    150 pushups
    150 situps
    150 squats only got 99 reps completed needed another couple rounds

    Time: 30 min cap reached

    Good job tonight Adam we pushed it right to the end next time we will get it done. First time doing pullups in a wod RX strict month did wonders for me i am not going to use bands anymore.

    Happy New Year everyone

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