Last parking update…hopefully


HOME WOD: Complete 4 rounds: 25 Burpees then rest 1 minutes

With the narrow roads due to the snow, we almost had an accident yesterday. We cannot park on both side of Loftus or Baig. Please see the picture below which shows the acceptable street parking during for the 7am until 5:30pm. After 5:30pm, feel free to park in the main lot or across the street at the government building. If you have any questions, please let me know. I want your safety to be a top priority.

Strength – Power Cleans – 3RM

Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
135 pound Power cleans, 3 reps
6 Push-ups
9 Squats

Rest 1 minute. Repeat for a total of 5 cycles.

Compare to Aug.29/12

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 9.01.00 PM

34 thoughts on “Last parking update…hopefully”

  1. Strength – Power Cleans – 3RM

    Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
    Power cleans, 3 reps @ 85#
    6 Push-ups
    9 Squats

    total 389 reps

    PR of 65 reps and 10# more. Shane I had my eyes on you lol chased you every round 🙂

    1. Nice work Maria I was watching u out of the corner of my eye also and u didn’t seem to be slowing down any.

  2. Oly class listen up!!! We’ve got lots to do tonight and I’m coaching at 6:45 so when you arrive get your warmup in so were ready to boogie right at 7:45. In your warmup do what mobility work is needed to be “snatch ready” (that sounds wrong… I’m sorry) – hip / lat / shoulder stuff. Also once mobility is done please do the burgener warmup 3x (stick, 15# bar, 35 or 45 #) after you muscle snatch please do a series of ohs before proceeding to the drops/lands. At 7:45 come on over to the dark side and load 50% of you best snatch weight and get ready for a snatch-filled evening!

  3. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Group WU

    Strength: Power Clean 3 RM

    WOD: The Chef (Max rounds in 3 mins of)
    3 Power Cleans @ 60#
    6 Pushups
    9 Squats
    Rest 1 Minute, Repeat 5 times

    Round 1 – 4 rounds
    Round 2 – 4 rounds
    Round 3 – 3 rounds +8
    Round 4 – 3 rounds +9
    Round 5 – 4 rounds

    Total: 341
    Hollow Hold 1 Min unbroken
    Great class Patrick. Good job everyone!

      1. I don’t do change for change. I donate five bucks sometimes if we’re raising money for something even if I don’t change it but I think it’s my OCD that makes me do the posted WOD. Although, I would do it for this one. But I’m not sure I can be there that day!

  4. My first time visiting another gym:

    Real Fitness crossfit in Naples FL


    Tabata handstand holds


    Push Press

    10×1 @ 155


    3 Rounds For Time

    30 Wall Balls (18lbs)
    10 Power Snatch (95lbs)
    400m Run


    Had a good time. Nice gym, trainers seemed knowledgable. I’m looking forward to getting back to my home gym and get back into a healthy routine. Vacation eating is not good for workouts!

  5. Mobility
    Warm up x1
    Group warm up and mobility

    Strength: power clean 3RM
    35, 40, 45, 50, 55

    WOD : The Chief
    -3 power clean #55
    -6 push ups (knee)
    -9 squats
    Amrap in 3 minutes, rest 1 minute (×5)

    Total: 295
    Cashout: hollow hold for 1 minute (unbroken)

    Great class Patrick!!!!

  6. WU of 33 birthday burpees

    Strength – Power Cleans – 3RM

    Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
    Power cleans, 3 reps @ 95#
    6 Push-ups(scaled to knees)
    9 Squats

    total 302

    Glad I made it in, even though I came realllly close to meeting pukie today…

    I thought of cleaning the snow off of Darryl’s car since it was his birthday but my arms were too tired from all the burpees….

    1. Oh, and I am not counting the cash out since the total hollow hold I held might have been 17 seconds. The rest was just lying on the floor trying to breathe

  7. power cleans 3 rm to 95# (ran out of time to try 100#)

    wod with 85#
    361 reps

    hollow hold: one painfull minute!

  8. Family snow day WOD

    4 rds of 25 burpees with 1 min rest between each round

    Jackie : 11.96 seconds
    Aidan : 8 mins flat
    Ali : 10.15 seconds

    1. Oh my…. did this WOD June 7th and these were my times
      Let’s say the atmosphere is needed to do a WOD like this .. no motivation! And I like burpees

  9. mob wux1
    group wu

    power clean 3rm
    practice form with 95#

    wod the Chief
    @ 115 #
    score 367 no pr 8 less than last time

    1 min hallow hold

  10. Mobility
    Wu x 1
    Group mobility and barbell Wu
    Strength push press 3rm
    135/ 185 / 205 / 225/ 245 x 2 lost my grip and failed 3rd clean
    Wod: The Chief
    Amrap 3 min rest 1 min 5 cycles
    3 Power clean @ 135
    6 push ups
    9 squats
    Rx 445
    Miscounted at the gym had wrote 442
    Break down was 5 rds 6 Pushups, 5 rds, 4 rds 1 squat, 4 rds 3 squats, 5 rds
    Awesome Wod.
    Great class Patrick, great work 6 amer’s!!

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