Last Paleo Day!

Today is the final day of our Paleo Challenge! We’ve seen some HUGE progress from our contestants. Many have shaved time off their 2k row, and other have shaved inches off their waistline. Let’s see how eating clean has affected their strength. If your a challenger, please post your thoughts about the Paleo diet and how it’s affected you.

CrossFit Total

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.

Now that's motivation!

37 thoughts on “Last Paleo Day!”

  1. Jamie is having a blast hahaha. Did the CFT yesterday and got a 755 total(PR by 60).
    Did paleo work? O YEAH. lost close to 20 pounds, energy overdose every day and it’s super healthy. The contest is maybe over but I’m not stopping the diet. If you never tried it, read about it on the net, books, ask Kevin or the challengers for some tips before. Start the diet gradually. That means cut your intake of dairy, bread, coffee etc. gradually. It’ll save you a few headache. My biggest tip for you is preparation. Always have your meals planned in advanced and some paleo snacks for those surprise hunger times. Thanks again Kevin for the time and idea. 😀

  2. Hey Kevin – I am going to have to cancel this morning – this head cold/flu really kicked me in the arse overnight…..thanks

  3. Well what can I say- I’ve never eaten so much in my life! My goal for the Paleo challenge was to feel better, maybe have some performance gains, and hopefully drop a few pounds. Mission accomplished!
    I feel great, like Marc energy abound, and not once did I have the afternoon crash. Not once did I feel like I NEEDED coffee (but I did have some anyway).
    I didn’t get PRs on every WOD but for the few I made it for (only a handful since March 1st) I felt stronger!
    I am the poster child for this diet- 6 WODs in 6 weeks and I still lost 15lbs and lost 3% body fat! I have a couple of suits that look rediculous and will need to be altered. Thanks Kevin for suggesting this and for everyone’s tips along the way. This challenge has made me more accountable for what I am intaking every day. I too plan to keep Paleo a part of my daily routine…

    Its chocolate time!!!! 😉

  4. Mobility and Group Warm up

    WOD CrossFit Total

    Back Squat 200-235-245PR
    Press 100-120F-110F
    Deadlift 300-355-365PR

    Total 710 PR by 15

  5. I started out great with the challenge, but the last few weeks I had a hard time not cheating on the food. I found you had to be pretty organized with your meal plan to stick with it. Overall I feel better and will stick to a Paleo/Zone mixture that works for me. I found I had more energy for the workouts, but struggled with increasing my weights. Overall a good experience.

  6. Mobility and Group Warm up

    WOD CrossFit Total

    Back Squat 195-210-230 PR
    Press 90-105-115 failed
    Deadlift 245-300 failed-290

    Total 625 no PR today.

  7. The Paleo challenge was a little rough at the beginning, started right when I was on vacation, but when I got into a regular routine it was pretty easy. As others have stated it has certainly boosted my energy levels, although I may have to agree with Jamie, I also struggled at increasing weights in workouts.

    As far as losing pounds, I don’t believe I saw any change. I have been eating much better since starting Crossfit in September (went from 200 lbs to 167 lbs). However, what the Paleo diet has taught me is to have the right foods on hand and eat as much of this as you want, but avoid the “easy pre-packaged stuff” which is full of sugars and preservatives.

    When people asked me how my diet was going, I always said it’s the easiest diet ever because I can eat as much as I want! So going forward I will certainly follow some of the Paleo principles, but my main focus will be eating healthy and Crossfit. Thanks Kevin for all the support.

  8. Great job on the Paleo Challenge everyone!! I’m really impressed by the result!!

    WOD: Crossfit Total
    Back Squat: 165-175 (match PR)-180 (f)
    Press: 70(5 under PR)-75(f)-75(f)
    Deadlift: 195-205-210 (PR)
    Total: 455 PR by 15! 🙂

  9. WOD: CFT

    Back Squat 210-230-245 PR
    Shoulder Press 140-160-165 PR
    Deadlift 250-300-315 PR

    Total: 725 PR by 35

    I have not been on the paleo diet but I have been going to the gym faithfully 3 times a week since November. I have been trying to eat better food too.Happy with today’s results. 🙂 😀

  10. Crossfit Total:

    Shoulder Press:

    Back Squat:


    Total = 690 (PR by 15)

    Each successful lift matched my current PRs. Thanks for all of the cheers on my shoulder press! Not sure it would have gone up without your help. I was really happy to do it as that PR happened a long time ago and I thought I had lost it.

  11. WU

    Back Squat 100-115-120(F)
    Shoulder Press 55-65(F)-65(F) (65# was my PR at last CFT.)
    Deadlift 135-165-170(PR)

    CrossFit Total = 340 (Down 5 from last one.) 🙁

    Great PRs today everyone!

  12. Great job to all the Paleo challengers!! Good job on all the PRs today too:)

    I did Wed WOD
    KBS (53lb)
    ring dips

    Time: 7:37 it was a good one, hard!!! But happy that I did the workout with the heavier KB for the first time:)

    Yesterday did a different WOD as well, Kevin and I (need to get some specific stuff in wods!)
    5 rounds:
    7 deadlifts (195lb)
    7 pull ups, chest to bar
    7 hanstand pushups

    Time: 12:43

    Strength –
    Front squat 5×1 finished with 155 (PR by 10)
    Deadlift – attempted to get pr with 265, but the weights didn’t even lift off the ground… probably not a great idea to attempt after the wod hehehehe!!!

  13. Stayed after and tried “Janine”

    4 rounds:
    20 SDHP (45#)
    20 Jump Squats (45#)
    20 Pushups



    Great job on the Total today! I think everybody got at least 1 PR, so it was an awesome day!

  14. Mobility and Group Warm up

    WOD CrossFit Total

    Back Squat 135-165(F)-165
    Press 75-85(f)-80
    Deadlift 215-225-235

    Total 480 PR by 20

    For me paleo is going to be a new lifestyle, overall I notice a increase in my energy level. Like mention by others I also found that you had to be very organized with your meal which can be hard to follow when you have a busy schedule. I also notice some improvement for the workouts at the gym. Great job to all the paleo challengers and thanks Kevin for organizing this challenge!

  15. wup
    Crossfit total
    Backsquat 115-130-140(pr)
    Press 55-65-75
    Deadlift 135-175-185(pr)
    Total 400 pr by 50 yay!

    Paleo was not easy, but worth it. Because you need to prep for your meals your not able to snack on fast, easy food that is’nt healthy. I have more energy and strenght. I don’t have any afternoon lows any more, I lost inches, I took pills for reflux and I don’t take them any more. I feel much better and healthier!!! I will continue to eat this way. (With a few exceptions) Thanks Kevin for the challenge it made me try so much harder that if I was to do it on my own. Congrats to all the participants keep up the good eating!!!

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