Last Lady!

Option Strength

Push Press x5


Floor Press

AMRAP 20 min
Run 400m
Max Pullups

Post number of pull-ups completed for each round to comments.

Compare to July 18/13

Hurt wrist playing softball. Still CrossFits like a boss! #NoExcuse
Hurt wrist playing softball. Still CrossFits like a boss! #NoExcuse

60 thoughts on “Last Lady!”

  1. You can clearly see on the photo that Terry is pleased with Trent’s lack of excuses. πŸ™‚

  2. Warmup
    Push press (5) 75-75-75-80-85

    WOD rx’d – 91
    No PR (105 a long time ago)

    Great class, Mario!

  3. Mobility
    Warm up pkus 250 meter row and 200 run
    Push press: 45, 45, 45, 50, 50
    WOD: Nicole scaled to ring rows
    17, 11, 12, 11, 10, 7
    Total 68
    Great class Mario…great work Gillyon and Peter….small class this am!

    1. It doesn’t look like the evening classes are too full either. A picture of me scared them all away πŸ˜‰

  4. Great picture Trent! You know, when I found out you were one of my teammates for Summer League, I was scared :). I knew I would be pushed to my limits!

  5. WU+mobility+250m row
    Push Press x5

    AMRAP 20 min
    Run 400m
    Max Pullups green and purple band
    Total: 55 pull ups

    Pull ups are a weakness for sure. I didn’t post last year, but I remember I was using a black band then. My reps my have been higher but I like that I’m out of the black band.

    Tried the sled push today… Wow. Very hard to get going but glad I did it, even if it were slow.

    Great job today Jill on getting out of our comfort zone and using the lighter bands. No more black for you!! πŸ™‚

    And Robert, I’ll take your Juicing comments about my running as a compliment hahaha
    Long post… I’m done rambling now πŸ™‚ have a good Thursday everyone!

  6. WU+mobility+250m row

    Push Press x5


    WOD β€œNicole” AMRAP 20 min

    -Run 400m
    -Max Pull ups (black band)

    Total: 55 pull ups

  7. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Group mobility

    Floor Press x 5

    WOD: Nicole
    400m run (scaled to rowing because of shins) – gross
    Max pull-ups (green + purple)

    Total 55

  8. Heather Colleen

    WU+Mobility+250m row

    Push Press x5

    WOD β€œNicole” AMRAP 20 min
    -Run 400m
    -Max Pull ups (blue & pink)

    Total: 94

    I may have over-scaled on this, but my forearms are still on fire, so possibly not. So much fun with the girls (and Rob B, of course!)

    Awesome class – thanks Mario!!!

  9. WU + Mob + 250m row

    Push Press
    30-30-30-35-35 and 40# cause I had some extra time

    WOD – Nicole
    -Run 400 m
    Max Pull Ups (Ring Rows)
    Total 78

    Great way to end Girls Month + Lift Like a Girl Tanks!! Great Choice!
    Thanks Mario for the help! Great Class

  10. Did the last Lady in the all ladies class. It don’t get better than that!!

    Push press x 5 70 percent, 70, 70, 75, 75


    I liked the strength option

    Nicole AMRAP 20

    78 rx

    4 sled pushes –thanks BJ and Mario for putting it back. If I did another one I am sure I would have met Pukie!

  11. Fun crew at lunch today!!

    Push presses:
    85 – oops that was way too heavy – 75,75,75,75

    WOD RX’d: 54 pullups. 2 reps less than last time. I’ve been slacking off on my pullups lately so this was somewhat expected. Still had a great wod!

    Great class, thanks Blake!

  12. – Mob
    – WUx1 + 250m row

    Floor press x5
    95-115-125-135 (old PR)-145 (x2 then failure)

    Nicole: 8-5-7-6-5-5 + extra 400m run for kicks = 36 pull ups. Pull ups are definitely a weakness of mine, 8 was actually a ‘max pull up PR’ by 2 so I’m still pretty happy πŸ™‚

  13. Mob/WUx1/250m row
    Group WU

    Push Press x 5
    @ 70/70/70/75/75%

    Amrap 20 mins

    -run 400m
    -max pullups (ring rows)
    Total: 73 (5rounds)

  14. Mobility
    Group Mob

    Push Press:
    70% @70#x5
    70% @70#x5
    70% @70#x5
    75% @75#x5
    75% @75#x5

    WOD: “Nicole”
    AMRAP 20min
    -400m Run
    -Max Pull-ups

    Total: 74 Rx

    Great Class Mario!! Thanks

  15. I hope everyone enjoyed ladies month! These are some really great workouts to measure your progress. I look forward to it every year! Next up Hero Month!!

  16. Mobility

    Warm up pkus 250 meter row

    Push press x 5 reps kept weight low wrist was sore 85# for 5 sets

    WOD: Nicole scaled to ring rows


    Total 60

    Thanks Mario

  17. Mobility + WU x 1

    Back squat: 5×15 + 5×25 + 5×35

    Partner WOD:

    30 squats
    30 deadlifts
    30 situps
    30 hang power clean
    30 lunges

    I had an awesome partner, great job Chantal!

    Time 5:56

  18. Wu

    Strength Floor Press x5

    Nicole Rx
    36 – 18 – 15 – 14 – 12 = 95

    PR on max reps, previous was 34, and that was set from this wod in 2012. Pretty happy about that.

  19. Mobility + WU x 1

    Back squat: 5Γ—15 + 5Γ—25 + 5Γ—35

    Partner WOD: 6:10
    30 squats
    30 deadlifts – 30 lbs
    30 situps
    30 hang power clean – 30lbs
    30 lunges
    Thanks for your help on the hang power cleans, Steph and Chantal !

  20. Push Press
    5 x 55, 55, 55, 60, 60

    WOD: 86 (green band)

    Knee was hurting and changed to rowing half way into the WOD.

  21. MOB + WU x 1

    Back squat: 5x35lb 5x55lb, 5x65lb

    Partner WOD: 5:25
    30 squats
    30 deadlifts – 45 lbs
    30 situps
    30 hang power clean – 45lbs
    30 lunges

    Fun partner workout.

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