Last Hero of the Month

Reminder – tomorrow is Change for Change. Bring in $5 to switch up your workout.

We started with a Canadian Hero. We will end with a Canadian Hero. Thank you all for honoring the fallen.

We’ve seen some tough workouts this month. We’ll see a few more in September, but expect it to be toned down a bit. We’ll be focussing on technique and lower intensity workouts in the coming month. I hope you enjoy.


9 rounds for time of:
7 Squat cleans (185/120# or heavy)
8 Burpee box jumps (36/24″)

*25 min cap

133 thoughts on “Last Hero of the Month”

  1. Joanna and I are away until Monday. Please post any cancellations (less than 2 hours) on the site. After Monday, please call or text moi. Merci buckets!

  2. Valerie Arseneau

    Mob + 15 jumping Jacks
    WUx2 + more mobility

    7 squat cleans @ 65#
    8 Burpee box jump @ 24”

    Time : 23:51

    I did this at Biometrics on the 10th @ 58# at 24:15. My goal this time around was to pace better and I did! That resulted in a 7# and 24 seconds PR!

    Chris served in Afghanistan the tour before Ship. I have a weak spot for Hero WODs.

  3. Mobility + 15 Jumping Jacks
    WUx2 (strict pullups – blue band, ring dips – red band) + 10 wallballs + 20KBS @ 53#

    Practice squat cleans while setting up for WOD

    WOD: “Ship”
    9 Rounds
    – 7 Squat Cleans @ 110#
    – 8 Burpee box jump @ 34″

    Reached time cap of 25mins at 7 rounds + 5 cleans

  4. WUx2

    Strength – Worked on Squat Cleans @ 135#

    WOD: “Ship”

    9 rounds for time of:
    7 Squat cleans (105#)
    8 Burpee box jumps (24″)

    Time–> 20:51

    This was my deload WOD but still not an easy one. Took everything I had to give!

    Excellent work morning crew!

  5. WUx2

    Strength – Worked on Squat Cleans

    WOD: “Ship”

    9 rounds for time of:
    7 Squat cleans (55#)
    8 Burpee box jumps (20″)

    8 rounds + 7 squat cleans @ 25 min time cap

    1. It was nice to see all you 6 amers today! It definitely makes getting up early a lot easier!

  6. Practice squat cleans

    7 squat cleans @ 85#
    8 Burpee box jump @ 24”

    8 rounds + 1 squat clean.

    WOW this WOD was crazy haha. Both movements were tough. It was nice to have a heavy WOD.

  7. Mobility
    WU x 2 + 15 Jumping Jacks
    Strength: Practiced squat cleans @ 35# (much more practice is needed. Thanks for your help Marie-Noelle!)

    WOD: “Ship” *25 min cap
    9 rounds for time of:
    – 7 Squat cleans @45#
    – 8 Burpee box jumps @ 20”

    Time: 22:05

    Great work everyone!

  8. Mobility
    Wu x 2
    No strength, practiced squat cleans, and box jumps at 36”.
    Wod: ship
    9 rounds
    7 squat cleans @ 185#
    8 burpee box jumps @ 36”
    Did 1 box jump at 36 barely made it after the squat cleans, dropped to 34 then second round dropped to 30 for remainder. Squat cleans got heavy especially combined with the box jumps
    7 rounds 5 squat cleans.
    Great class Marie, great work 6 amer’s! 🙂 have a good long weekend!

    1. Valérie Arseneau

      doing the WOD at 185 is nuts enough that no one will pick on you for dropping to 30″ which is still high!

  9. Mobility

    Strength: Squat Cleans

    WOD: “Ship”

    9 Rounds:
    7 Squat Cleans @ 75#
    8 Burpee Box Jumps @ 24″

    = 7 Rounds + 5 Burpee Box Jumps

    Wow this was challenging… Great Job everyone!!

  10. Ok peeps, 1st of all I want to apologize for those who have been getting the emails stating you were NOT in class when actually you were… My [email protected]$*ing iPad is being a douche… So unless your name is on the board you’re burpee free.

    2nd of all, I want to give golf claps to all members. Who have gone above and beyond their comfort zone this month with the hero wods. Seeing everyone’s effort this month has been truly inspiring!

    Keep up the great work!

    1. ” My [email protected]$*ing iPad is being a douche” … sounds like the new Apple campaign right there.

      Thanks for the great coaching this month Marie-No, and not letting us slack off on our form just because we were tired/it was heavy etc.!

    2. Thanks Marie No and all the coaches who pushed us hard this month and pushed our fitness up a notch or two along the way. It was a hard but rewarding month for sure.

  11. Mob + WU

    Squat Clean 3-3-3-3

    WOD (scaled 155# & 30″ box) = 6 rounds + 4 cleans @ 25 min cap

    Good one. Took my time on cleans to practice technique & not wreck myself for this week-end. Started box jumps at 32″ they felt shaky, with two hip-extension movements, so switched to 30 after 2-3 reps. Glad to have another benchmark for the future.

  12. Vanessa Champion

    Mobility + 15 jumping jacks + WUx2

    Practice squat cleans (1st time doing them)

    WOD: Ship
    9 rounds for time
    7 squat cleans 50#
    8 burpee box jumps 18″

    7 rounds + 1 squat clean

    I did the first round with 55# and 20″ box but I quickly realized that was too much as I fell over. Thanks Rob for switching the weight and box for me

  13. Mob + 15 Jumping Jacks + WU X 2

    Practiced squat cleans

    WOD: Ship
    9 Round for time
    7 Squat cleans @ #45
    8 burpee box jumps not sure the size of the box…
    Time : 23:34
    This one was tough but they are all tough…I’m happy I am part of a gym that recognizes our fallen soldiers.
    Marie No…nothing else to say other than I heart you! You are a great coach! Was happy I made it in to your 6am class.

  14. Mobility

    Practiced Squat Cleans

    WOD: “Ship”
    #70 Squat Cleans
    20″ Burpee Box Jumps

    8 rounds+ 3 Squat Cleans

    I am really happy I got over 8 rounds…that was my goal. Tough workout, but loved it!!

  15. Vacation WOD (at the lake)
    Coach: Charlie (he picked number 3, intro)

    AMRAP 10 minutes
    5 push-ups
    10 sit-ups
    15 squats

    Amber: 10 rounds and 7 sit-ups
    Davis: 10 rounds and 5 push-ups

    Coach Charlie: yelling…come on daddy push harder… Come on mommy faster! Yeah mommy beat daddy!!! 🙂

    *pretty fun

  16. Mob / WU + Jumping Jacks

    2 Strict Muscle Ups

    (Squat) Cleans x 5
    120 – 130 – 140 – 150

    9 Rounds for time (cap 25 min) of:
    — 7 (Squat) Cleans @ 135#
    — 8 Burpee Box Jumps @ 36″

    Score: 7 rounds + 5 Cleans

    A good benchmark for next time. Good WOD.

    BIG Congrats to Daphne on nailing her first (and second) Muscle Ups!!!

    1. You to mister, I kept looking to my left and saw you nailing your squat cleans one by one and thought I had to try and keep up – good effort!

      And big congrats to Daphne!

    2. WOW Blake. Heavy squat cleans and sky high box jumps! I get nosebleeds just thinking about them. 😉

  17. Mobility + jumping jacks
    Warm-up x1 ( misread and thought is was only 1)

    Wod: “Ship”
    7 squat cleans @ 120 scaled to @75
    8 box jump burpees (24″)
    Time: 18:41

    Got my 1st muscle up on rings!

    Cash out: happy dance!

  18. MOB and jumping jackies
    WU X 2

    Practice squat cleans

    WOD: Ship

    9 rounds for time, 25 minute time cap

    7 squat cleans @ 40 lbs
    8 box jumps @ 12″

    8 rounds and 3 box jumps (so close)

    A big shout out to Chantal and Maria who are grinning from ear to ear after their certification training. Your enthusiasm is infectious!

    1. and a shout out to you Jackie your progress is amazing! You look fitter and fitter each time I see you 🙂

  19. WU x 1

    Thanks Gillyon for the muscle up progression and the bar muscle up progressions demos! I have work to do.

    WOD: Ship

    9 rounds

    7 squat [email protected] 95lbs
    8 burpee box [email protected] 24′

    21:18 or 22:18 I think, but I will double check tonight at the gym.

    I loved having you beside me today Gillyon doing this WOD. I felt like I was going to die trying to keep up with you on the burpee box jumps…damn girl…you look amazing!

    Thank you Rob for coaching and for simply just being you!

    1. Loved loved loved WODing with you. You pushed me through those cleans.
      Tomorrow should we wear black sport bras? Hehe

  20. Mobility
    WU X 2

    Practiced squat cleans
    WOD: “ship”
    9 rounds for time:
    -7 squat cleans (modified to power cleans-pulled groin) @40
    8burpee box jumps


    Great job 6 am crew and thanks Marie Noelle for the great coaching!

  21. Mobility + 15 Jumping Jacks

    WU x 2

    Strength: Push Jerk x 5
    75-95-105-115-95 (dropped back to work on something Jeff pointed out)

    WOD – “Ship”
    9 Rounds for time (cap 25 min) of:
    – 7 (Squat) Cleans @ 105#
    – 8 Burpee Box Jumps @ 24″

    Score: 6 rounds + 5 Box jumps

    1000m Row

    Thanks for coaching Jeff and your help with my Push Jerks.

  22. Mob
    15 jumping jacks

    Squat cleans

    7squat cleans @ 50lbs
    8 box jump burpees @20in

    7 rounds +7squat cleans +4 burpees

    Great job 5:45
    Great music Jeff 🙂

  23. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Box jump practice up to 5 x 36″
    Practiced squat clean ( need to land lower in the squat)

    WOD: ship
    9rds . 25 min time cap
    7 squat cleans at 135#
    8 box jumps 32 (24″ + 2 45 plates)

    8 rds + 6 squat cleans.

    Thanks for letting me in the class last min Jeff as always your classes are lots of fun!!

  24. Mobility + 15 Jumping Jacks
    WU X 2

    Practiced Squat Cleans

    WOD – Ship

    9 rounds
    7 squat cleans @ 155#
    8 burpee box jumps @ 20″

    5 rounds and 2 burpee box jumps @ the 25 min cap

  25. mob +15 jumping jack
    pratice squat clean

    95×3 115×4 125×4
    wod ship
    9 round for time
    7 squat clean @125#
    8 burpees box jump 24 in
    7 round + 5 squat clean

  26. Wod: “ship”

    7 squat cleans @ 70
    8 burpee box jumps @ 30″

    Sprained my wrist last night so went super light. Hurts a bit but wrapped it tight and it was ok.

  27. Warmup
    50 no show burpees.
    WOD with 85lbs

    What a sweaty WOD.
    So much fun WODing next to you Corinna. So strong!!
    Thanks Rob for the great coaching.

  28. Mobility + 15 Jumping Jacks
    WU X 2

    Practiced Squat Cleans went up to 135

    WOD – Ship

    9 rounds
    7 squat cleans @ 115#
    8 burpee box jumps @ 24″

    8 rounds and 1 burpee box jump at 24:32 min. I LITERALLY couldn’t do a singe rep more haha. That was tough, I still feel slightly light headed.I had a few no reps in the squat clean which made things more difficult, just couldn’t keep my back straight enough to prevent tilting forward on the squat up. Jeff, Corinna, Amanda, Ron, Lance, thanks for the push, I probably would have stopped at 6 hadn’t it been for you guys haha!

    I tip my hat to all who did this workout and whoever did this Rx’d… Amazing!! Great class Jeff.

  29. Mob + 15 jumping jacks
    Wu x 2

    Squat cleans 3’s

    Wod: Ship

    9 rounds:
    7 heavy squat cleans (95#)
    8 burpee box jumps (20″)

    6 rounds + 1bbj

    That was heavy. First round squats were unbroken, rest broke as 4 + 3. First Box jumps in weeks that i was able to jump down so progress noted. Tough week for me: too much work, not enough sleep. Shows in the gym

  30. Mobility
    WU X 2 did for the first time 15 unbroken pull-ups.:)

    Practiced squat cleans

    WOD: “ship”
    9 rounds for time:
    -7 squat cleans ( started at 130 wasn’t feeling it ) equalled on third round to 95
    8 Burpees box jumps started at 36′ scaled to 30 ( plus did 8 box jump no rep forgot to do the Burpees)


    Wasn’t their mentally tonight….. Thanks Ron for the push at the end! Needed it!

    Thanks for coaching Jeff, and the help Amanda , Corinna.

  31. Wod @ 6:45 pm = nervous all day. There is a reason I go at 6 am… SO I decided that I need to get out of my comfort zone more.

    WU x 2
    Practice squat clean (3x)

    WOD Ship
    7 squat clean @ 95#
    8 Burpee box jump @ 21”

    7 rounds + 2 burpee at the 25 min mark. Weeouh.

    P.S. Laura K. and I are starting a MOB. Any newbies need to be push pressing 65# and self mutilate in the face. Email [email protected] for our next meetup.

    1. Please do not replace my Nanos with cement shoes. The gashes (so called cat scratches) on your neck have changed you!

  32. Mob


    9 rounds for time of:
    7 Squat cleans (130#)
    8 Burpee box jumps (24″)

    *25 min cap

    5 rounds 3 squat cleans

  33. Mobility + 15 Jumping

    WU x 2

    squat cleans 3 sets @ 95# 1 set @ 135

    WOD: “Ship”

    9 Rounds

    – 7 Squat Cleans @ 135#
    – 8 Burpee box jump @ 30″ scaled to box steps due to foot

    7 rounds + 5 squat cleans

    Wholly sweaty WOD, thanks for the push Chris.

  34. I am two days behind due to work, but I ran the 5km at the gym tonight.
    I had a whopping 38 seconds to spare to get under the 35 min mark.


    1. Ps. Congrats Lance on your first Mu. You made it look easy. It was cool I was there to see it. Yay!

  35. WOD with 85# squat cleans and 24″ box jumps
    7 rounds + 5 SC
    (Common score today it seems…..weird)

    Squat cleans were really heavy and box jumps were really high. Who knew that a burpee could be the rest in a WOD?

  36. Mobility
    WU x 2

    Strength- practiced squat cleans

    7 Squat cleans (45#)
    8 Burpee box jumps (18″)
    6 rounds + 1 burpee box jump

  37. Mob +15 Jumping Jacks
    Strength: practiced Squat cleans to 70 i thin k

    Wod: Ship
    9 rounds for time of:
    7 Squat cleans 65lbs
    8 Burpee box jumps 12″
    Completed 7 rounds + 7cleans

    I could of done higher with the box jumps but since was my 1st real attempt i kept it low.

  38. Did this for Change for Change on Aug 30

    WU x 1

    Squat clean practice to 120#

    WOD “Ship” @ Rx
    9 rounds of:
    7 squat cleans @ 120#
    8 burpee box jumps

    8 rounds, 7 squat cleans + 3 burpee box jumps at the 25:00 cap.

    DANG! So close. Only 5 BBJ’s away….

    Note to future self: fewer single cleans and more sets of 2′s and 3′s and you will finish this!

  39. Forgot to post this one
    Mob+15 jumping jacks
    Squat clean practice

    Wod: ship
    9 rounds
    7 squat cleans 125#
    8 Burpees box jumps 30″
    25 min cap
    7rd + 7bbj
    This workout drained me, or maybe it was because it is day 4 in a row. What a week.

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