Last day of 2011

2 Dips – 2 Med Ball Cleans

4 Dips – 4 Med Ball Cleans

6 Dips – 6 Med Ball Cleans

8 Dips – 8 Med Ball Cleans

10 Dips – 10 Med Ball Cleans

8 Dips – 8 Med Ball Cleans

6 Dips – 6 Med Ball Cleans

4 Dips – 4 Med Ball Cleans

2 Dips – 2 Med Ball Cleans

*Partner A does  2 Dips, Partner B does 2 Med Ball Cleans …..then switch

*Partner A does 2 Med Ball Cleans, Partner B does 2 Dips…….continue  this patteren up to 10…then back down to 2


60 Wall Ball total – while one partner is doing wall ball the other is holding the bottom of the SQUAT

60 Pull ups total – while one partner is doing pull ups the other is holding a PLANK.

60 Push ups total – while one partner is doing push ups the other is holding a WALL SIT

An Albert County CrossFitter

26 thoughts on “Last day of 2011”

  1. 11:56 I think with Johnny G. Fun WOD but terrible first after this body abuse. Sorry for slowing down the G

    1. Great working out with you Bro!! MANNNN you carried my ass with those Wall Balls!! Nice work!!! Happy New Years everyone!!!! 🙂 Play Safe 😉

    1. Sorry I didn’t get to see you again before you leave Ed 🙁 travel safe and Happy New Year!! We are all so proud of you 🙂

  2. WU with group (that was a workout all by itself!)

    Partnered with Corinna 🙂
    Time = 20:55

    Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to an awesome 2012! Enjoy your NYE festivities, and be safe!

  3. CFWU X 1

    Back Squats 5 x 150-165-180-205-225

    WOD: With David Ring Dips, Wall Balls @14

    Time: 16:46

    Great to see so many people at the gym.

  4. WU with group
    Partnered with Marco.. Awesome job partner, we seemed to work perfectly in that we both sucked equally at everything!! Lmao..
    Time = 19:34
    Happy New Year everyone

    1. I still think everyone else was cheating, cause they were way too fast!
      Sorry for slowing you down, but I am glad to have done dips without the bands in a workout.

      1. Wouldn’t have had it any other way.. Rx with big boys pants.. Enjoyed having you for a partner! TWSS!!

  5. WOD with Heather Wood! Nice work Heather! 😀

    6# Wall Ball, Parallettes, Push Ups (Knees), Pull Ups (Small Band)


  6. Group WU

    WOD with Denis (good work partner!): paralette bars, 10# ball (10f (N) / 8f (D), small band (N) / large red (D): 16:00

    Happy new year… careful out there the city is an ice rink

  7. Great partner WOD today! Awesome work as always Lora!

    I loved the positive energy at the gym today…smiles..

    Happy New Year to everyone!

    It was great seeing you Ed! Safe travels.

  8. Tried WOD at Crossfit Dieppe today
    Holly Crap! What a nice way to finish the year!!! 🙂

    Group warm up

    Tabatta pull up bar hold (8 x 20 sec hold / 10 sec off)
    10 burpees if you drop the bar (thank god I did not do any)

    1 x Power clean – HP Snatch – OHS – Burpee
    2 x Power clean – 2 x HP Snatch – 2 x OHS – 2 x Burpee
    3 x Power clean – 3 x HP Snatch – 3 x OHS – 3 x Burpee

    10 x Power clean – HP Snatch – OHS – Burpee
    800 m row
    10 x Power clean – HP Snatch – OHS – Burpee
    9 x Power clean – HP Snatch – OHS – Burpee
    8 x Power clean – HP Snatch – OHS – Burpee

    1 x Power clean – HP Snatch – OHS – Burpee

    I used a 55# before rowing, dropped down to 45# after rowing and was really disappointed to quit after the set of 8 as I just couldn’t move anymore and puckie has been teasing me for a while…
    Time: 65 minutes something

    It was the longest WOD I’ve ever done. REALLY hard but fun! 🙂

    Thanks to Daniel for being so welcoming and encouraging. He also helped me improve my clean technique. Great help!

    I wish we’d have long workouts like that now and then at Crossfit Moncton.

  9. Tried a WOD at CFD 🙂

    Group warm up and then tabata bar holds tougher than I though it would be!!! My elbow did not enjoy that one 🙁

    WOD ascending reps from one to 10 of
    PC (55lbs for all exercises)
    burpee (no jumping because of healing tibia)
    Row 800m then descending reps from 10 to 1 of the same exercises

    Time 62:31 – screwed up in round 3 and 4 and forgot to do OHS so I had to add then back into my following round 🙁 once I was done my row and got to the round of 7 reps (about 45 minutes in lol) I wondered if I had it in me to finish… So glad I stuck it out! It was tough but I loved it 🙂 it was fun to workout with the crew from Dieppe too, though I will admit I missed my peeps from CFM 😉

    Have a great NYE everyone!!! Be safe, but have fun 🙂

    1. Great Job Girls, you were simply awesome today! I Loved the look we all had during the WOD…LOL indescribable. Enjoy the boost of ENERGY! LOL

      1. Yeah… A look of I think I’m going to die and if I’m already dead, is this what hell is like? Lol I’m so sore today it’s crazy!!

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