Last Day!

Today is the final day to register for the HOPPER!

Run 5k

Every time you cherry-pick a WOD, a kitten dies. Lace up them shoes and let’s run!

*If you’ve never done a 5k, do 3k. In order to “qualify” for the 5k, your 3k needs to be under 20 minutes.

Compare to June 25/15

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60 thoughts on “Last Day!”

  1. 5K
    29:38 (PR over last year’s 30:50).

    Nice job on the running this morning to everyone. Lots of new PR’s I think. Thanks for the class Shane!

    1. Thanks Jackie I am inspired to try a 5 k tomorrow morning. Let you know how that goes. Need to work off my lobster supper!

  2. Warm up & mob x1 plus 400m jog

    Group mob
    Run 3km
    Time 20:38

    30 wallballs #20 (practice)

    I’m quite happy I was able to run the loop without stopping on the first trip around. Thanks for the class Shane.

    1. You were right there with us for quite a while Adam. I was feeling pretty good for you and I knew you were on track for a great run. Awesome job!!

  3. Only had about 30 mins this morning so did a 3k at home – 23 mins on the dot. A little slower than my last few, but legs were very sore today.

  4. First time running 5 K… I probably killed a lot of kittens in the past as I avoided any 5k that ever came close!!

    Wasn’t sure how to pace so went little slower at the start and speed up a bit in the final stretch.

    My dad had a slight heart attack yesterday (he’s doing OK), so had a little extra motivation.

    Thanks for the class Shane! And for the pacing Heidi!

  5. MOB + WU + 400m Run

    Group MOB

    3K – ~17 min…~3min improvement
    5K – 31:47

    Thanks for the 3K pace Jackie.

  6. Mob
    Group WU + mini running clinic.

    WOD: 5K
    Time: 28:38
    I had every intention to row today, however, after that mini clinic, I felt obligated to apply it. There were 100m spurts where it all came together and felt great, but then my brain would remind me of the current reality — that I was running and everything would feel horrible again.
    Steph was my Pacing angel! So glad you were there today, Thanks for letting me leech off you :D.

    Thanks Kevin!

  7. 5K
    (16sec PR)

    I am happy with the improvement, my pace on the 3km was faster than May 20th, and I am only 24sec off for my best time on 2012, small victories 🙂

  8. 5k run
    24:55 (48 sec pr)
    25:43 en 8/2013

    Pretty pumped! Have been chasing sub 25 minutes for years!! Yay!!!

    5k bike warm up and cool down

    Lots of good efforts and PRs today!!

    1. Yay! I forgot to ask you your time Natacha. We set our goals and we both achieved them…you, sub-25 and me sub-30. Great work!

  9. 5K run


    Last 800m run was probably the worst part…mucho hot! Merci Alex pour la compagnie!

    1. 5Km

      Tried to keep up with Mel…

      Came in a second behind her.

      Proud to have done it “unbroken”

      Thanks for the tips and tricks Coach Kevin

      Merci pour la push Mel!

  10. 5km


    Less than a minute off my PR, but it felt awwwwwful. Don’t know why, my mental game was in the dumps. I was sad when Kevin flagged me to continue to the 5k.

  11. MOB WU 400m Jog

    3km Run

    Time – 21:34 (lots of side stitching) but was able to match the same time as April so yay progress

  12. 3k 21:46 (pr is 19:09)

    Starting getting nervous towards the end of the 3k. Happy to have ended the run and sad to have missed doing 5k all at the same time 😕

    Running is a big time mental game for me, looking forward to working on this again and getting my time back down.

  13. 5km:

    PR of 1:14 from last June and I felt like shit every step of the way. Still feeling that vacation abuse, almost barfed.
    So thankful for having Remi the Rabbit to try to chase the whole way though!

  14. 29:41

    I really just wanted to get into the 5k cap. Last time (of all 3 times ever) was 38:59.

    I’m doing this again very, very soon.

  15. Francis Landry

    3k run – 18:03
    I was running slow as my knee is still sore.
    Stopped at 3k. I would have completed the 5k at around 30 minutes on the pace I was on.

  16. 5 km run – 29:10
    Compare to 2015: 28:34, so no PR today.

    The run felt good, bu was happy to be done. Mario on my heals kept me moving, and then he zoomed by me at the end.

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