Last 11am Saturday workout

Starting next weekend, Saturday morning workouts will be at 9am.

Today’s workout is plain and simple. No fancy bells and whistles. No equipement required.

100 burpees

BUT, that’s not all. I have 2 rowing machines I’m also bringing with me, so if you stick around, you can try a 500m sprint. I’ll show you some common flaws and get you rowing more efficiently for better times.

“Performance is directly correlated with intensity. Intensity is directly correlated with discomfort.” – Greg Glassman, CrossFit co-founder with wife Lauren

8 thoughts on “Last 11am Saturday workout”

  1. Good plain and simple WOD!

    How will you carry those rowing machine!? Is your Element big enough to put them in??

    I will maybe try a 400m sprint after to see if I can beat my PR.

  2. sorry guys, no burpees for me today.

    i’m getting in a quick, early road ride before taking off to shoot a wedding in elgin. if i get a chance between first kiss and cake cutting i’ll sneak some in 😉

  3. Pierre – I plan to head over to the track in Dieppe after the workout today. You’re more than welcome to join me. I guarantee a PR for you.

    And that Element can fit another car in it!

  4. Burpees make my head hurt….

    100 burpees in 10:29

    500 M Row 1:52

    That WOD went alot faster then i thought it would. Pretty happy with my time hopefully i can get under 10 next time or closer.

  5. Yay Burpees!

    Today was an all guys day. And I didn’t take any pictures because I decided to join in on the fun.

    100 burpees – 8:41
    500m row – 1:33.8 (couldn’t let Pierre win)

    Pierre and I then went to the track for some 400m sprints. Pretty good times, based on what we did earlier.

    (2 min rest between each run)

  6. Youppi for the WOD CFmoncton and bouhhh for the WOD Crossfit! 😀

    WOD CFmoncton:
    100 burpees (7:27)
    500m row (1:35.6….but I didn`t do it the right way)

    Like Kev saids, we went to the track to do some 400m sprints.

    WOD Crossfit
    1:08 PR by 6 sec.
    (2 min rest between each run)

    I pushed hard for the first sprint…a bit too much! I was dying at the 3rd and 4th sprint.

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