Lactic Tolerance!

Front Squats
-up to 115/80# x8
-up to 165/105# x5
-up to 195/130# x3
-215/145# and up x1

Upper Body Pull
-See MAP

Lactic Tolerance Test
-Check lowest of Front Squat and UB Pull, or if previously tested, try next highest level


14 thoughts on “Lactic Tolerance!”

  1. Testing Day 4

    Front Squat Test
    Started with 75# x 5, 95# x 5, 105# x 5, 115# x 3.
    *Completed 120# x 3 – level up to Blue 1 !

    Upper Body Pull Test
    5 sec Chin over bar hold – attempted but unsuccessful. Got to work on this one!! Thanks for the help Shane!!

    Lactic Tolerance Test
    21 – 15 – 9
    Jumping Pull-ups
    **Completed in 5:30mins !! – Level up to Orange 1!!

    Thanks Shane!!

  2. Testing Day 4

    Front Squat Test
    Warm-up sets: 80# x 5, 105# x 3
    135# x 5, 1555# x 5.
    *Completed 155# x 5 – level up to Orange II

    Upper Body Pull Test
    Didn’t test. Did sets of 3 weighted pull-ups with 25 lb plate
    Also practiced kip swing

    Lactic Tolerance Test
    21 – 15 – 9
    Thrusters @ 65 lbs
    Jumping Pull-ups
    **Completed in 4:39mins, missed Blue II by 10 seconds – Level up to Blue I

    Thanks Shane!!

  3. Front Squat
    135×3 – 165×3 – 185×3 – 195×3 (PR) – 215×1 (PR)

    Two levels up! WOO!

    UB Pull – tried for chin-over 5 second negatives, but they were not happening. Did a few chin-over holds of 5-10 seconds each, but my shoulders were feeling fried from yesterday.

    Lac Tol @ Orange I
    Jumping pullups

    In 6 minutes, completed 13/15 jumping pullups. Last time I just barely completed Orange in time, so not surprised. Totally happy to get the workout in though!

  4. Christie Neate

    Front Squats
    Levelled up to Purple II with 155#

    Upper Body Pull
    Worked on negatives with black band

    Lactic Tolerance Test <6 min
    Jumping Pull ups

    Was finished the 9 burpees at the time cap.
    Next time.

    Thanks Kevin!

  5. Front Squats: 80# x8 – remained same level (Yellow 3) – so happy with that result today.
    Note to self – keep elbows up & gathered toward each other.

    Upper Body Pull: repeated current level of Orange 2 – 2 sets of 5: 5 sec chin up negs
    Then for fun, decided to try one strict chin up @ tempo and got it. Levelled up to Orange 3 – big surprise there!

    Lactic Tolerance Test: levelled up to Orange 1 – yay!
    21-15-9 Burpees + Jumping pull-ups
    >> 5:32 (oops! started with JPs till i noticed others doing burpees. Caught up & made it under time cap, phew!)

    Fun test day! Thanks Kevin.

  6. Home WOD due to the gym being close because of the near by lock down

    20 min of double under practice (have the whip marks to prove it, ouch!)

  7. Front Sq
    [email protected] 55#

    Upper body pull
    Worked on/ tried 5 sec chin over bar hold

    Lactic Tolerance 6mins
    Jumping Pull ups
    Time- At cap had 9 jpu left

  8. Front Squat
    Warm-up sets: 80# x 5, 105# x 3
    225×2-245-255(matched last test)-260(f)

    Upper Body Pull
    25×5-45×3-60-85(Matched last test)-90 (chin may not have been over the bar so.. No Rep!)

    Lactic Tolerance
    21 – 15 – 9
    Thrusters @ 95 lbs-8,7,6-6,5,4-5,4
    Pull-ups-mixed but a big chuck at the start then quick singles.

    Had 5 pullups left at the 6 minute cap. Was by far my fastest Fran ever.

    Thanks Shane!

  9. Joe McSheffery

    Front squat
    Tried to match 240#. Legs didn’t quite have it in then tonight. Try again next week. Deadlifts yesterday didn’t help.

    Upper body pull. Tried to level up by two. No dice.

    Lactic tolerance
    First time doing this one with pull-ups
    Thrusters 75#
    Pull ups
    Had 3 pull-ups at cap.

    Pull ups are coming along nicely. Thrusters felt easy and unbroken. I’ll keep on keeping on

  10. Front Squat: 240 x 1 PR and levelled to Purple 3

    Upper body pull: 60# levelled up Black 2

    Lactic tolerance: 21-15-9 thrusters @ 75, jumping chest 2 bar
    4:10 finally out of the jumping portion purple 1

  11. Daniel L Davey

    Front squats-
    135×3- 185×1- 225×1- 255×1- 275×1- 285×1(pr)
    Qod as posted 6:13
    Didn’t do upper body pull test.

  12. Front Squats
    100x 5 leveled up to Orange II

    2 sets of 5 5 sec negatives
    leveled up to orange II

    Lactice Tolerance
    Jumping pull-ups

    finished at 6:22, no leveling up!

  13. Front Squat Test
    Maintained Orange II. Felt hard; need to improve depth before adding more weight.

    Upper body pull test
    25-35-37.5#, ran out of time, not maxed out. Purple I to Brown I

    Lactic Tolerance Test
    21 – 15 – 9
    Thrusters @ 65 lbs
    Jumping Pull-ups
    4:15, Blue II

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