Lactic Acid

This is about a myth that just won’t die.

I hear people talk about the sore muscles they have from a workout, days after, and they blame it on lactic acid. Sorry, but that’s not what’s causing the soreness. Lactic acid is a by-product of intense exercise, but it’s cleared from your system very soon after exercise stops (returning to normal levels in 1 hour). Recent research shows that your body actually uses lactic acid as an energy source. When you feel a tingly sensation in your muscles WHILE you’re working out – that’s lactic acid at work.

So if it’s not lactic acid that causes your muscle to be sore for days, what is it?

DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and it’s caused by small micro-tears in your muscles. It leaves you with weak and tender muscles, and a shortened range of motion. It typically occurs 24-72 hours after exercise. The main cause is eccentric contraction (the lowering of a pull-up or deadlift), when the muscle lengthens while under a load.

These micro-tears are actually a good thing. Your body tries to repair these areas, which leads to new and stronger muscle tissues.

Want to speed up recovery? Get your blood flowing. Massage, hot baths, low-intensity work. Ice baths have mixed effects in different studies (try it though).

So now you can stop telling your friends (or correct your friends when they tell you) that your muscles are sore from lactic acid. And now you know.

2 rounds with a 2 min break between each round

AMRAP in 5 min
10 Lateral Jumps
10 Mountain Climbers
10 Lunges

Compare to March 13/12

Kevin doing his first ever sled pull
Kevin doing his first ever sled pull, which probably caused some DOMS

21 thoughts on “Lactic Acid”

  1. Please cancel my 10:00 am class today. I am registered for the 11:00 class but can’t seem to cancel it on the site.

  2. Mobility
    Wu x 1
    Rons walk, jog, run warm up.. Nice change!! Good race gillyon.
    Strength front squats
    185/ 225/ 245/ 265 x 4/ 275 x 3 pr of 10 lbs
    Wod 2 rds 5 min amrap
    10 lateral jumps
    10 Mt climbers
    10 lunges
    First round was 8 rounds and 2 lunges
    Second round was 8 rounds even
    Total of 502
    Great class Ron!
    Great work everyone!!

    1. Recalculated score with Mt as 2 count instead of 1 is 417!!
      Also registered for the hopper!! 🙂

  3. Warmup
    Walk, jog, sprint
    OHS (3) 15-35-55-65-75 (pr). Pretty sure I can go heavier.
    Worked on HSPUs. Got 5 in a row rx’d.

    WOD – 590 reps. (1st – 10 rounds. 2nd – 9 plus 10 MC)

  4. Mob wux1 (red band ring dips)
    walk jog sprint

    WOD amrap 5min x 2
    10 laterals
    10 mtn climbers x2
    10 lunges

    score 162+138=300

  5. WU x 1
    Walk, jog and sprint

    Practiced 30′ inch box jumps..felt good.. more a mental block than physical.

    Front Squat x 3
    Went light…worked on keeping elbows and chest up and pushing knees out on the way down and up.

    WOD: AMRAP 5 minutes x 2: 2 minutes rest between rounds

    10 Lateral Jumps ( 1 count)
    10 Mountain Climbers ( 2 count)
    10 Lunges

    First round: 6 rounds + 10 jumps= 190
    Second round: 6 rounds + 5 jumps= 185

    Total: 375

    This WOD would most definitely be considered a goat WOD for me. To be honest, in the past, I sometimes shipped WOD’s with Mountain Climbers and Lateral Jumps.

    I would not give myself an RX on this WOD today because my kness did not always touch my elbows, but my goodness I wish I had a camera to compare my range of motion just from even the last year. Goes to show, do the things you hate and you will see improvement!

    Thanks for the push Jeff even though you did not know it!

    Great class Ron!

    Good job everyone!

    1. nice job on the wod Corinna.. and you’re welcome for the push, and I did know it! thanks in return for pushing me! lol..

  6. ******************** IMPORTANT MESSAGE *****************************

    Hey there 10am class, I made a mistake and your score for the mountain climbers should have been counted “2 touches counts as 1 rep”. The score for the side laterals and lunges stay the same. Make sure you change your score because if we do this again ya might be a bit disappointed with your results.

    Sorry for the mix up.

  7. WU x 1
    Walk, jog, sprint

    Push press x 5
    135,155,165,175,185 (5# pr)


    Round 1: 7 + 4 mtn climbers
    Round 2: 6 + 7 mtn climbers

  8. WU X 1


    Foam Roll/Lacrosse Ball


    Rd 1 = 5 Rounds + 1 LJ = 151 reps
    Rd 2 = 4 Rounds + 10 LJ + 10 MC + 1 Lunge = 141 Reps

    Total – 292 reps*

    292 is score with one touch MC’s. 241 is total counting MC’s as 5 instead of 10,

    Last time: 204 reps total

  9. Strength Backsquat x 5

    WOD 2 rounds AMRAP 5 min

    10 lateral jumps
    10 mountain climbers (2 count)
    10 lunges

    Total : 382 reps

    Good one, had a nice few days rest. Fun one to come back to.

  10. mob

    foam roll, lacrosse ball love..

    back squats x 5
    95-115-135-155-185 (did these as pause squats, concentrating on form. Felt awesome on these!)

    wod Rx
    6+3 jumps
    6+10 mountain climbers


    really liked this wod! great job by everyone this morning and thanks Ron for coaching!

  11. Mobility
    Lacrosse ball on lev scap and hips
    WU x 1
    Burgener x 2
    Strength: Snatch practice to 65#. Kept light to work on form.

    WOD (modified for Achilles)
    5 min AMRAP of:
    10 KBS @35#
    10 Mountain Climbers (2 count = 1 rep)
    10 Lunges
    Rest 2 min
    Complete 2 rounds

    Round 1 – 5 rounds + 10 KBS (160reps)
    Round 2 – 5 rounds + 2 KBS (152 reps)
    Total = 312

  12. Mobility
    WU X 1
    walk-jog-sprint 400 m

    Push press – 1 clean then 5 reps

    WOD :
    2 rounds AMRAP 5 mins w 2 mins rest between each round

    10 lateral jumps
    10 mountain climbers (1 count)
    10 lunges

    1st round – 6 even
    2nd round – 5 +2 lateral jumps

    Total reps : 332 ( with 1 count) 277 total counting MC’s as 5 instead of 10

    Thanks Coach Ron!

  13. Mobility
    WU X 1
    Walk-jog-sprint 400m

    Strength: Deadlift X 5

    WOD :
    2 rounds AMRAP 5 mins w 2 mins rest between each round

    10 lateral jumps
    10 mountain climbers
    10 lunges

    1st round – 5 even
    2nd round – 5 + 10 lateral jumps

    Total reps : 260 ( with MC’s as 5 instead of 10)

    Thanks for coaching Ron!

  14. Mobility
    WU x 1 + walk, jog, sprint
    Strength: Push press 5x 55, 65,75,85,90

    WOD: 2 rounds AMRAP 5 minutes with 2 min. rest b/w each round

    10 lateral jumps
    10 mountain climbers
    10 lunges

    1st round – 7 rounds + 6 lateral jumps (oops was doing opposite knee to elbow.. much slower thanks for pointing that out Ron 🙂 )
    2nd round – 7 rounds + 3 squats

    Total: 449 or 374 (as counting 25 reps per round)
    Great class Ron. Thanks for the pointers on my pullups 🙂

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