Labour Day

The gym will be open from 10:30-12 today in an Open Gym format. Come one, and come all.


3 thoughts on “Labour Day”

  1. Open gym
    Wu and mob

    Back squat build up to 1RM
    Wu x5 @135-185
    5× 215 – PR #10
    1rm build up
    Failed 295 trying for #5PR

    Thanks Blake, Jeff and Shane for spotting

  2. MOB + WU

    1500m row
    The following was all over the map, but it went something like this …
    10 PC at 55-65-75-85#
    10 C&J at 55-65-75#
    5 C&J at 85-95# … these were slow. (failed to clean100# a couple of times)

    Fran 21-15-9
    Thrusters @ 65# and Ring Rows
    10:06 … Did this July 2015 in 7:54 with 55#, ugh.

    Thanks for opening the gym Ron – much appreciated.

  3. WU and MOB

    20 Pull ups


    5x 65#,85#,95#,105#,115#

    Clean and Jerk

    10×115#, 5×125#, 5×135#

    Planned to do Fran Rx with Christie

    Started out ok. 1st Rd in just under 4:30. Got 10 thrusters into rd 2 and shoulder was not feeling good. Decided to stop instead of risking injury.

    Thanks for opening up Ron!

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