Lab Day

Lab sessions are at 11am, 12pm and 1pm.

*Hint – I don’t recommend doing OHS or Deadlifts today.

Cashout – Max Wall Balls in 2 minutes

Big congrats to Mike and Renee from CF YQM for their awesome showing at Regionals this weekend!


11 thoughts on “Lab Day”

  1. Lab day: Mob + WUx1 then worked on squat cleans for the hour (up to 160#, 15# PR). Thanks for the tips Blake & Mario!

    1. Congrats Ryan! That’s a huge PR, and by the looks of things you’ll be getting another soon!

  2. WU x 1 + 2 min skipping

    Lacrosse ball mobility


    2 Km Row

    Time: 8:21

    AMRAP in 7 min

    3 burpee
    3 wall balls
    6 burpee
    6 wall balls…

    15 burpee + 10 wall balls

  3. Valerie Arseneau

    Love Labs!!! (the dog and the crossfit class!)

    Came in directly from freddy to do some MU progressions with Steph.
    Need to work on my grip. Worked on transition with the band with the false grip and locking out.
    Played around with some handstand walks too. Got 2 mini steps!

  4. Thanks for opening the gym today Mario!

    My rowing needs work.
    5k row- tried to maintain a 2:20min/500m pace.
    time= 23:53

  5. Mobility and Wu plus some skipping
    Did the benchmarks for the lifestyle challenge.
    Row 2000m 7.38.6
    I set the rower according to the way Kevin had shown me according to the drag test. Keeping the pace I wanted too felt really good.
    Amrap 7 min
    3 burpees, 3 wall balls @ 20# increase by 3 reps each round.
    I was pretty sure I did all of round 15 plus all 18 burpees in the next round. But Joey has me second guessing myself and I may have actually been on my 21 round. I may have done the 12’s twice….may have to redo this…grrr.

  6. Mob + WUx1

    Lifestyle Challenge Benchmarks:

    1) Row 2000m = 7:18.1 (PR by 12.4 sec)

    2) AMRAP 7 mins: 3-6-9-12-etc…
    – Burpees
    – Wallballs 20#/10′
    = 6 of 18 WBs (PR by 15 reps)

  7. Mobility

    Power Cleans:
    1×105 (PR)
    1×110 (PR)
    115 Failed a bunch of tries lol

    Practiced Muscle-ups with Val!!

    Worked on Handstand Walks 20 ft is my new PR!!!

    Fun Day!

  8. Came in and practiced hand stands. With Mario’s help, I got to practice some hand stand push ups!!! First time doing the push up part! My best was 2 with a 45# + 10# plate + abmat. Thanks Mario!

    Also worked on 1 rep max for Front Squats
    65# x 5 – 75# x 4 – 90# x 3 – 100# x 2 – 105# x 1 – 110# x 1 – 115# x 1 – 120# x 1
    Got a PR by 15#!

    Practiced DU as well for 15 min. Got 2 with 1 skip in between twice. Gotta keep practicing these!

  9. Tried some Clean & Jerks with the axle bar… very interesting!

    135 – 165 – 185 – 205 – 215

    Practiced some Wall Balls & DUs as well.

    Thanks for opening up the gym Mario!

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