Kick up

5 minutes in a handstand hold (scale = plank)

For every time you come out of the hold, there’s a 25 squat penalty.

You’re trying for the fewest sets possible in the fastest time.

Compare to Oct.25/10

Please take a moment to review the proper way to use gym chalk. Chalk should not be used as a towel. If you’re hands are dripping with sweat, bring a towel.

The mess after yesterday's chalk-fest

66 thoughts on “Kick up”

  1. For the 7am’ers – I somehow deleted all the registrations for the 7am classes this week. Please take a moment to re-register for those classes. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. WUx2
    Strength-Front Squat( Yes more Squats)
    5 minutes in a handstand hold (scale = plank)

    For every time you come out of the hold, there’s a 25 squat penalty.

    You’re trying for the fewest sets possible in the fastest time.

    Time:14:01 I did not count the reps but my legs are telling me it was ALOT.

    Good job 6am Crew!

  3. WU x2
    Shoulder Press x5
    45 50 55 60 70×2

    5 Min Handstand Hold
    4 Sets in 7:31 PR

    In Oct I did 5 sets in 10:12. Great job with the handstands/planks this morning early birds!

  4. WU x 2
    Push Press x3
    45 55 65 75 80×2

    5 Min Handstand Hold
    6 Sets time = 10:42 min

    Thanks for “forcing” me to do handstands Amanda. I’m glad I gave it a go!

  5. WUx2
    Push Jerk x1
    My FORM needs lots of work

    WOD: 8:20 5 sets
    interesting one – Great Job to everyone in my group this AM – FRank did sooo good and Trent really worked hard this AM – NICE!!!!
    Its raining out But keep it sunny inside your heart – 🙂 hahahahah

  6. WU x 2
    Clean 5’s

    5 min plank
    5 sets – Time 13:30 ( I think)

    Great job Everyone!!
    I can barely feel my legs now lol!! 🙂

  7. WU x2

    50 no-show burpees

    5 minutes in a handstand hold
    For every time you come out of the hold, there’s a 25 squat penalty.

    T = 12:58 in 6

    Last time I did this, I did it in 5, 1 min each.. I don’t know what was wrong with me this morning, my shoulders and back were really hurting and I couldn’t stay up as long.

      1. That’s what I was thinking! My joints are sore in the mornings, and I think last time it must have been an evening class.

  8. WU x 2
    shoulder press 5′s

    5 min plank
    5 sets – Time 15:36

    180 squats yesterday + 125 today = sore legs. but its all worth it.

  9. wu x 2
    Strenght – Front squats x 1
    115,135,155,185,205,215,220(PR 15#)

    WOD – Handstand x 5 min (oct 25/10)
    For every time you come out of the hold, there’s a 25 squat penalty.

    Time – 12:24 (6 set)

  10. wu x 2
    Strenght – Front squats x 5
    55,60(bad form),60,65,70

    WOD – (oct 25/10)
    Scale – 5 min. plank
    For every time you come out of the hold, there’s a 25 squat penalty.

    Time – 9:15 (4 set 1:39,2:57,4:10,5:00)
    (75 squats)

  11. wu x 2
    Strength – OHS squats 5x 65, 70, 80, 85, 90

    WOD – (oct 25/10)
    5 min handstand
    For every time you come out of the hold, there’s a 25 squat penalty.

    Time – 8:57 / 5 sets of squats

  12. WU x 2
    front squat x 5

    5 Min Handstand Hold
    scaled to 5 minute plank
    2 Sets time = 5:49 min

  13. Front Squats – 3RM
    95-125-150-175-200 (PR by 5 for reps)

    WOD —> 8:49 in 5 sets (PR)

    Oct 25th was 10:55 in 7 sets.
    Great to see so many people trying handstands!

  14. OHS x5

    WOD: 5 Min Handstand; 25 squats per drop.

    12:03 – 200 squats

    Effed up my stopwatch and didn’t start it once but I’m OK with that. Good job 5:30, static holds for time like that are not easy.

  15. WU X 2
    Clean 5’s

    WOD – Plank
    Time 5:54 in two sets (25 squats)

    Oct 25th was 10:17 with 100 squats

    800m run

    Cleans are improving (I think). At some point I’ll get that “shrug – elbows up” without thinking so hard!

  16. WU x 2

    Strength: Cleans x 3


    WOD: 5 minute Handstand

    Time: 13:16 (Too many sets for me to keep track!!!!)

    This was quite an interesting WOD for me today. I really wanted to do work on my handstands so I thought today’s WOD was the perfect opportunity for me to do just that. To be quite honest, I really did not care about the amount of time it took me to do it nor the number of sets that resulted in a penalty of 25 squats. I have been avoiding HSPU’s at all cost since I joined CFM over a year ago for 2 primary reasons. First of all, I have a fear of being upside down and breaking my neck. Secondly, I have a great deal of difficulty getting myself in the actual handstand position(against the wall). Much to my surprise I did not mind being in the handstand once I was actually against the wall!! My real struggle was being able to find the right formula that would allow me to stay against the wall. I must have hit the wall too hard with my heels at least 25 times…lol! lol! What I love about this program is that you can kill a WOD one day and be totally humbled the next; just as I was today. However, the important thing is to do continue to work on our goats.

    Good joob 4:15 p.m crew!

    1. Well said! I was also scared to get up against the wall…feels great to conquer your fears 🙂 good job!

    2. So true!!! I was disapointed on how long it took me or how long I could hold it, then when I got home I realized “wait a second, I’ve never even TRIED a wall handstand in my LIFE and I was able to do 5 minutes worth?” That made me feel pretty proud…

    3. I call you a tank Corinna for one reason and one reason only, regardless of the obstacle you move forward with no fear and quiting is not an option. TODAY PROVES IT AGAIN….. Way to go.

  17. Shoulder press 3×45, 3×90, 3×110, 3×135, 3×145
    WOD: 5 Min Handstand; 25 squats per drop.
    15:34, 8 sets

    i was up for literally 2 seconds right at the beginning and fell, so that slowed me down right away… im pretty happy though seeing as ive been gone from the gym for a week and have only done 1 hspu before, wrists are sore tho… good job 530!

  18. WU x 1
    Foam roller and stick on my thighs

    Strength Front squats (5’s)

    WOD 5 min plank

    8 rounds in 15:25

    Last time I had 7 rounds in 15:15

  19. WU x 1

    Strength:Push jerk
    5 x 65,85,95,115,130(PR)
    Still having a hard time with strength moves and not using the hips, need much practice.

    WOD: 5min Plank
    got this one unbroken

    Cashout: 25 Burpees for being late.

  20. WUX2

    Push Jerks 5s
    65,75,85,95,105 (Best so far but not a PR as I don’t know my max yet)

    5 min Hand-stand hold (25 Squat Penalty)
    T:14:22 8 Sets (2 of which was because I couldn’t get into handstand position) 200 Squats.

    So within the last 4 days and 3 WODs (Saturday. Monday and today) I’ve managed to accumulate a total of 590 air squats. If you would have asked me as little as 3 months ago if I would do this, I would have fallen down laughing. Seems almost normal now and it’s only been a month.

    1. Nice job on the squats. It’s amazing what Crossfit shows you you’re capable of. (Sometimes tho it’s better no to do the math 🙂 )

  21. WU x 2
    Back Squat 5’s
    115, 125, 140,155, 165

    WOD 5 min HS hold…scale Plank
    5:59 2 sets…..4:02 and :58 seconds…
    In Oct I did this in 5:41…..I think the diff was back then I stopped at approx 3 min and today I could barely get myself off the floor to do the squats……

    Congrats to Frank on 3:36

  22. CFWU x 1
    250m row
    Front squat 3’s

    WOD-> 13:40 in 8 or 9 sets probably. didn’t count them. Not a PR but still feeling ok about it

  23. CFWU x 2

    Strength x 5 Back Squat

    145-165-175-195-205 PR for reps


    5 minute hand stand

    For every time you come out of the hold, there’s a 25 squat penalty.

    Time: 15:43 in 9 sets (or eight too much blood rushing to my head to be sure)

    First time attempting this, did the plank last time. Great job everyone, welcome back Gerry you killed this one! Great working with Rob and Marc on the squats tonight, cause we really needed to do some more squats!

  24. Strength – Backsquat x3
    My 1 rep max was 210. Thanks to Marc and Marcel for forcing me to believe in myself when the world did not.

    WOD – 5 min handstand hold
    14:59 9 rounds of squats

  25. WU x2
    Strength – Shouler press 75 lbs

    WOD – 5 min Handstand ( plank)
    6:28 – 2 rounds

    This is my first group workout since my orientaion…didn’t know what to expect. All I can say is WOW!! Killer hold…almost made 5 min in one shot. I couldn’t get up to do my squats. Next time…hahaha

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