Kick-off WOD

A break from box jumps


A break from box jumps

Thank you very much to everyone that came out to support CrossFit Moncton!!!

CrossFit Moncton’s Kick-off was a huge success with 20 participants in a gruesome workout. We threw a pile of exercises into a bin, shook it up, and drew them out. Here’s what went on:


-Run 200m forward

-50 Medicine ball cleans

-40 Wall balls

-30 Dumbbell swings

-20 Box jumps

-10 Dips

-Run 400m backwards


It was a killer leg workout, but awesome nonetheless. I believe Daniel Doiron had the winning time of 11:30min. Everyone did amazing!!!


I’d like to thank Jeanette for helping me out today. Krista, for her awesome photography. Mom and Dad for helping with the setup and taking care of the BBQ. And everyone else that came out for support.


Hope you all make it back again! Bring a friend too!


Drawing the exercises
Drawing the exercises
50 MedBall Cleans and 40 Wall balls are nothing to smile about
50 MedBall Cleans and 40 Wall balls are nothing to smile about



3 thoughts on “Kick-off WOD”

  1. Thanks to Kevin and CrossFit Moncton for a great WOD and a job well done!!!
    Best of luck and keep up the great work!

  2. Yeah, I can’t wait to see Tuesdays. We need to bring money next time if we have already went correct?

  3. Yes sir. $5 for drop in or a punch card for various prices (see Fee’s section).

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