Keep it up

AMRAP in 7 minutes of:
Push Jerk (135/95#)

Compare to May 7/10

Jump and land UNDER the bar. Getting UNDER it will save your shoulders in the workout.

26 thoughts on “Keep it up”

  1. WUx3

    Strength: Front squats
    3x 75-80-90-100-115

    AMRAP in 7 mins: Push Jerk
    =70 (only 50#, slowly getting back into it)

  2. WUx3
    Strength: clean x 3

    AMRAP 7 min
    Push jerk (95#)

    Total – 66

    cashout – 3 min on a lacrosse ball

  3. Shoulder Press 5x

    AMRAP in 7 minutes of:
    Push Jerk (115#)

    Total: 48

    Last May I did 17 at 135#

  4. Wu x3
    Push jerks 5’s

    Amramp in 7 mins
    Push jerks #65
    total: 41

    Form on push jerks is getting better. Had a hard time getting under the bar half way during the wod.

  5. Mobility + ( hspu+C2B+FS+K2E+hspu+KBS+BJ)
    Sumo DL 5’s with 1 min rest
    WOD @ 135# -> 61PR of 18 reps.
    *Should’ve done more reps at the begining*

  6. WU x2
    Deadlift x5
    105 115 125 145 165(PR Reps)

    WOD @ #95
    26 Reps
    in May I did 31 reps @ #70..#25 more was heavy and initially wasn’t happy with not at least matching my previous score but realize at least I’m now physically able to do #95 for 26 reps which wouldn’t have even been possible before 🙂

  7. WU x 3 + 25 late burpees hehe (they are a regular part of my workout now)

    Strength: Push press (5x)

    WOD: (90#)
    52 reps: I feel I didn’t go full out today… Not sure why… I was tired but not happy with this… No biggy – get it next time. Got nervous half way thru when I felt a “tweak” in my back, and as Kevin mentioned, the wrist soreness is definitely a limiting factor.

  8. No strength work today.
    Mobility with a pain ball for 15 min.
    3 sets of 7 HSPU.

    WOD Rx’d (135#) —> 45 reps

  9. CFWU x 3

    Strength – Overhead Squat x 1

    WOD – AMRAP in 7 mins
    Push Jerks 120#

    Total: 44

    Cashout: 3 min on a lacrosse ball

  10. WU X3
    Opted to practice Double-Unders with my new rope instead of strength today.
    Feels great to finally be able to do even one at a time. Took it a step further and was able to do about 4 singles – 1 Double – 4 singles – 1 double, etc. (non-stop). Step in the right direction!

    WOD: @ 65#
    TOTAL ===> 42

  11. Front Squat 1RM –> 95(5x)-155-185-205-225 (and it was hard)
    I didn’t only lose weight last week, I also lose some strength.

    WOD w/ 135# –> 27 reps…. ouch my right wrist.

    But I am happy I did it as Rx’d.

  12. WU x 3
    Shoulder Press x 3: 45-55-60-65×2-65×1-65×1

    WOD: AMRAP 7 mins:
    Push Jerks @ 70#

    41 reps

    1. My wrists were hurting really bad. Next time I’ll use some tape for my wrists, I’m sure it will help a little. Good job everyone!

  13. WUX3
    Strength- Did some back and shoulder stretching today.

    AMRAP in 7 min of:
    Push Jerks @ 105#

    47 reps

    Cashout – More shoulder stretching, 3 minutes each side with lacrosse ball.

    Excelent job 6:30 crew! Me, myslef and I! 😉

  14. Wu x 3
    strength 5’s
    Clean 65-75-75-85-95

    Subbed for dumbell push jerks because of wrist injury. 20# in each hand.

    Total: 82

  15. WU x 3

    Strength: Clean (x5)
    *under the bar, elbows up, under the bar, elbows up, under the…..*
    Technique needs work! Go figure….

    AMRAP in 7 min
    Push Jerk (70% of max) 75#

    33 reps

    Weight felt heavy. Shoulders worn out. Loved it, but again, technique needs work.

    Cashout – 3 minutes with a Lacrosse ball. HA! Lots of moans from the 5:30 crew….

  16. WUx3
    Push Jerk
    95×5 115×5 135×5 145×5 155×5
    WOD 120#
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  17. Did a back friendly workout today. I can see this one sneaking into the regular programming.

    AMRAP in 7min
    5 Strict Pullups
    5 Pushups (hand release)
    5 Strict Ring Dips

    6 rounds + 3 pullups

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