KB Test

TGU x3/side
12 min

Kettlebell Test


16 thoughts on “KB Test”

  1. TGU x3/side
    12 min
    3 Sets of 35#

    Kettlebell Test
    16 Snatches/minute.
    Started to get the “swing” of this much easier this time haha

  2. TGU x3/side
    12 min
    20# and stayed with this …

    Kettlebell Test
    14 RKBS / Minute = Purple 1

    Thanks Julia

  3. TGU x3/side
    12 min up to 35#

    Kettlebell Test
    Snatches at 20#for technique (was probably too light)

    Thanks Blake!

  4. TGU @ 12# – stayed light because there’s something weight going on with my left side, throwing my balance…so focused on quality. 3 sets of 3 per side.

    WOD @ 50# single-arm RKBS
    Completed 20/minute – Purple III (up from Purple I)

  5. TGU x3/side

    Kettlebell Test
    Attempted Brown II – EMOM for 10min – 53# KB Snatch x14/min EMOM
    Score: Got 5 rounds in and quit… gassed.

    Finished with rounds 7,8 and 9 @ 35# and round 10 @ 53# again.

    Big level jump between single arm RKBS and the KB snatches. Next time… attempt and in between level @ 45# and gauge from there.

  6. TGU x3/side,12 min: 10-15-20# KB

    Kettlebell Test: from Purple to Purple 1 (14/min one arm RKBS @ 35#) – A pleasant surprise yay!

    Thanks Julia

  7. Turkish get ups
    Kettlebell test
    Tried to go for 21’s at 53#
    Failed at 7 and a half rounds. Previous was 19 @53#
    I’ll try 20 next time
    My breathing/cardio was the issue.

    Good job everyone.

  8. TGU x3/side

    Kettlebell Test
    One arm Russian KBS with 53#
    18 per min
    Purple to purple II

    Thanks Kevin!

  9. TGU x3/side
    12 min
    25#,30#,35# x3

    Kettlebell Test
    Single arm RKBS @ 53# 24/minute for 10mins.
    Level up from purple to brown I. Last time I tried this I messed up my back and was out for a week, 😅

  10. TGU x3/side

    Kettlebell Test
    Redid Brown 1. Went well. Scared to try the snatches until shoulder is better.

    Thanks Ingrid

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