Just hangin’

Hang Cleans x3

5 rounds
12 Hang Cleans (95/65#/60%)
12 Ring Dips

*13 min cap

When we ask you to touch your bicep to the top of the ring (as in the case for ring dips), that’s really the minimum standard. The ring dip is nothing more than one part of the full movement – the muscle-up. Look how low Joanna’s shoulders are in the bottom of her muscle-up. If you want to get over the rings someday, then get deep in your ring dips starting now.


48 thoughts on “Just hangin’”

  1. So sorry for late notice but I can’t make it. The 114 is closed as is Pine Glen. I even turned my car into a boat at one point 🙁

  2. Hang Cleans x3

    WOD Rx’d

    Ring dips are hard. So are squat cleans. Why is CrossFit so hard all the time?

    1. LOL!

      Someone last night said: “those flutterkicks weren’t easy”

      Nope, that’s why they were on the board 🙂

      1. But with a name like flutterkicks… it’s easy to think these ARE easy, wittle flutters of butterflies soooo cutee and soooo soft.

  3. M+WUx2
    Group WU

    Hang cleans x3

    WOD-15 min cap: 5 rounds of
    12 Hang squat cleans 60% 55lb
    12 paralettes with 25lb plate in lap
    Time: 11:07

    Left out the squat in the first three hang cleans…at least I noticed in time to redo them!

  4. Group WU

    Hang Cleans x3

    5 rounds
    12 Hang Cleans (50#)
    12 Ring Dips (feet on a box in front of me)

    Time: 10:18

  5. Hang Cleans x3

    5 rounds
    12 Hang Cleans @ 65#
    12 Ring Dips (started unassisted that last about 3 reps lol, then switched to feet behind on the floor)

    time = 9:06

    This was more difficult than I thought! SO nice to see you Gillyon, missed seeing you at the gym and you are so cute with your little belly!

  6. Mobility + WUx1
    Group WU + mobility

    Hang cleans x3

    WOD: 5 rounds
    12 Hang cleans @ 65#
    12 parallette dips


  7. The nooner! Yay!

    Hang power cleans (dumbbells) 15lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs, 25lbs, 20 lbs

    5 rounds:
    12 Hang power cleans (20lbs)
    12 parallel dips
    Time – 11:23

    Fun class with some awesome women and Nick.
    Great class Blake!

      1. I know! I was really hoping you’d be there. I’m trying for Sunday. So hopefully I’ll see you there.

  8. Mobility and Wu x 2
    Hang cleans x 3
    135/ 185/ 195/ 205 these felt good this morning!
    Wod 5 rounds
    12 hang cleans @ 95#
    12 ring dips
    Rx 7:36
    First ring dips since the games last year that didn’t hurt!! Woohoo
    Great class Steph and great work this morning Tania!

  9. Mob/wu x2
    Group mob

    Hang squat cleans x3

    WOD: 5 rounds/ 13 min cap
    12 hang sq cleans (60#)
    12 para dips

    Time: 9.41

  10. Hang Cleans x3
    55-65-75-75-75# then had time for 85#x3

    5 rounds
    12 Hang Cleans (95/65#/60%) @ 65#
    12 Ring Dips – from toes behind me on the floor
    *13 min cap

    Time: 12:57

    Just barely finished this one! As hard as this was I’m glad I kept my weight at 65# (thought I might have to drop it) and I really liked that scale for ring dips.

    Thanks Maria!

  11. Hang squat cleans 3 rm

    Wod @ 65# with assisted ring dips (feet in front)

    Felt good… Can’t imagine all those super fast times today… I thought i had a pretty good pace…

  12. Oly with Joey, thanks for lifting with me!

    Hang Clean x3
    100 110 115 115 115

    Split Jerk HD up to 125

    F. Squat x3
    125 135 145 145 145


  13. Well after 12 loooong weeks, I ran the last day of my interval running program ending with 3 x 2000 m. Funny how 3 x 2000 m today was no harder than 3 x 2 minutes that first day

  14. Hang Cleans x3

    5 rounds

    12 Hang Clean @45#
    12 Parallette Dip

    12 dips left at the 13:00 time cap. It wasn’t pretty. I still finished the WOD though.

    Whomp. Whomp.

    The bad news is: sometimes you do your very best but you still come up short

    1. Lots of people didn’t finish that wod in time Tara, it was a tough one! Squat cleans are slow going. You were very close and you did really great. Good job with the 45#!

  15. WU x 2

    Group Mobility

    1 Arm KB Hang Cleans x 3


    WOD – 5 Rounds Scaled to:

    12 Hang Cleans One Arm 50#

    12 One Arm Ring Rows

    Time: 12:45

    Pretty brutal!

  16. Mob + Wup x 2
    Group Mob + Wup

    Strength – Hang Clean x 3
    65%, 70%, 75%, 75%, 75% (1 rep max @90lb)
    3 x 60lb, 65, 70, 70, 70
    Coaches Tip = lean forward just a little in front of the bar

    WOD: 5 Rounds with 13 min cap
    12 hang cleans @ 55lbs
    12 ring dips with grey box, 25lb plate and leaning forward

    Time = 13 min with 4th round and 10 dips completed

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