June 2 workout

50-40-30-20-10 reps of
Double Unders

17 thoughts on “June 2 workout”

  1. I’m in Fredericton for meetings today, so I dropped by CrossFit Fredericton this morning for a little workout.

    Worked on the press.

    Then did modified Erin.

    19:08 (or something like that) – Got ya Pierre by a few seconds!

    I really don’t like that pullup bar. Ripped my hands to crap.

    Thanks for the pointers on the press and cleans Tony! Appreciate it!

  2. race night in Dieppe for the Mikes bike shop cup ….time to play cat and mouse Krista


  3. Not sure if the 630 class is showing full or not but if anyone else is looking to go, my spot is available as I have to cancel tonight! Enjoy Annie everyone…

  4. Ok, Jeanette wasn’t the only one that did Annie tonight. Where are all the other results?

    Great job on your first official workout Brenda!

    Rachel and Nathan – It was great meeting you. Hope to see you on Saturday morning.

    I stayed after and did some overhead squats.
    125×5 (matched pr from May 13)
    135×4 (pr for reps)

  5. Hi everyone! I’m in Calgary since yesterday, we are having a great time.. 🙂

    Nice picture of me,.,, I look like a pro!

    I will be excited to workout again and see you all when I get back.

    Kevin, could you give me a workout that I could do at my mom’s house daily (With no equipement) ?

    see you all soon enough!!! 🙂

  6. cat and mouse wasn’t very fruitful for me tonight – my (lap #2) superman catapult over the bars in the switchback section left me pinned under my bike half clipped into my pedals for a bit (thank goodness for camelbak’s otherwise i’d have a sore back too :), then there was the ‘add insult to injury’ crash on lap 3 – not feeling the love

    overall 4 laps of a 2.5km course, lap times between 12:30 – 13:19

    not to self – no ‘twins’ WODs the day before races – no juice left in the legs and the upper body too stiff to maneuver the bike.

    nice work on the OHS jeanette!! and annie of course, but you always rock her out of the park

  7. Strength: squat clean 5-5-5-5-5
    I wanted to do 105, but it didn’t felt good, probably because of the 75 squats clean did the day before!! So I am still stuck at 95!

    WOD ” Annie”
    Sit up

    Time: 12:14

    I did double under the first 50 and 20 of the 40 (took me almost 9 min), the rest was single under. I think I am becoming worst with double unders! I really need to practice them!!

    Krista – You didn’t told me that biking was an extreme sport!! I hope your not too sore this morning!!

    1. i’m just as bad on the DUs MC! last time i did Annie i did all doubles but it took me about 17 minutes or something like that.

      just a bit of a swollen elbow today – nothing to complain about.
      A dude sean and i know is in the Halifax ICU from a weekend sprint finish crash that has left him with broken scapula, clavical, few ribs, nose, partially collapsed lung and nasty road rash. i will not complain of my lowly sore elbow.

  8. i dragged my fat clyesdale ass around for 45 minutes …need to get back in shape


  9. Krista we were there for the Crit and it was a very nasty crash! Poor Don..long recovery.
    It really freaked out the riders but all went well after that! Glad you are fine too:)

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